Saturday, November 1, 2008

Why the "Duke Lacrosse Decision" ad?

Attorney General Roy Cooper, in his re-election television ad, cites "The Duke Lacrosse Decision" prominently, then talks about how the law enforcement lab uses its findings to prove innocence as well as guilt. Instead of promoting the Duke Lacrosse Case, a more accurate ad would have featured the "Erick Daniels Decision," "Floyd Brown Decision," "Charles Munsey Decision," "Alan Gell Decision," "James Arthur Johnson Decision," or other decisions under Attorney General Cooper's watch where the innocent North Carolinians (who were disenfranchised, poor, and mostly of color) were convicted due to severe acts of prosecutorial misconduct. Unlike the defendants in the Duke Lacrosse Decision who did not spend one day in jail, these innocent citizens spent years in custody (some on death row) for crimes they did not commit. Unlike the defendants in the Duke Lacrosse Decision who were proclaimed "innocent" by the attorney general, these victims (who truly suffered) have received no such proclamation.
Unlike the prosecutor in the Duke Lacrosse Decision who was disbarred, fired, forced to serve time in jail, and an unsuccessful attempt was made by Roy Cooper to have the federal government investigate the prosecutor for violating the civil rights of the lacrosse defendants, the prosecutors of the other cases received no disciplinary action or a slap on the wrist at best.

When it comes to social justice and the concept "equal justice for all," Attorney General Cooper does not have an admirable record. If I were his campaign manager I would try to suppress it by not even bringing up the "Duke Lacrosse Decision." But then again, maybe he feels that a tenet of "selective justice based on Class and Color" is what the North Carolinian voting public wants.


justice58 said...

I hope the good people of North Carolina vote Roy Cooper right out of office!

Vote. him. out.!

unbekannte said...

You don't like Roy Cooper. So? Do you really think anyone gives a d--n about your opinionated racism other than the two other members of the Justice4Nifong gang?

unbekannte said...

A comment from KC Johnson's Durham in Wonderland:

" anonymous said...
Can't find a link but I feel certain the WJ supported Cooper and his Special Prosecutors (i.e. Cooper's) actions in the case against James Johnson.

Special prosecutors dropped charges in that case (unfortunately after he'd already spent 3 years in jail!) ... citing a lack of evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he was involved in killing Brittany Willis.

They're ok w/ Cooper's actions to drop charges in a case where a crime actually was committed (a young woman was murdered) .... and the accused has admitted to some (after the fact, iirc) involvement... but they're upset that Cooper didn't allow obviously false charges to go forward against the lax.

Sadly, William Barber didn't make the following statement in the Duke case:

"The state should be investigating the actions and negligence of the authorities who began this sad saga."

11/2/08 9:24 PM "

Again, do you really think anyone cares what you think?

unbekannte said...

From KC Johnson's Durham in Wonderland:

" anonymous said...
Your are the fabricator Johnson.

How much money are the lacrosse

people paying you?

11/3/08 10:49 AM"

Is this the work of one of the Justice4Nifong gang of 3? It looks like the kind of thing you have been posting in your attempts to mis-represent the Duke Rape Hoax/Frameup.

unbekannte said...

If justice58 is really Victoria Peterson, her hopes of ousting Roy Cooper are as illusory as the idea that this picture really represents her appearance.

justice58 said...

No. You're an idiot! I'm not Victoria!

And I do hope and pray that North Carolina hand Roy Cooper his @ss!

Bring it North Carolina.....

Vote. Him. Out.!

unbekannte said...

You are just as viciously racist as Victoria. The black racists in NC wanted Roy Cooper to prosecute three innocent men for a crime that never happened simply because the accuser was black and the accused were white. You should read the comments on Liestoppers about this - it is illegal for a prosecutor to bring to trial an accused who he knows is innocent. Roy Cooper was not the only one who knew the Duke Lacrosse players were innocent. "Decent(?)", "honorable(??)" "minister of justice(???)" Nifong knew they were innocent when he indicted them. Further, I say CGM knew they were innocent when she accused them.

Say, you wouldn't happen to be CGM? If so, keep it up. I would love to see the Lacrosse players sue CGM, force her to take the stand and submit to cross examination.

You know, many decent women would bitterly resent being called Victoria Peterson. Nice to see you have some decency.

unbekannte said...

I am suspicious CGM left that comment on Durham in Wonderland which called KC Johnson a fabricator.

Judging from what CGM said at her NCA&T news conference and at her book signing, she believes any one who contradicts her false story has been paid off to do so.

justice58 said...

Where did I post anything racist? I didn't. And I'm not racist. I just would like to see Roy Cooper voted out.

Please don't mention that cesspool called Liestoppers.... I don't want to spoil my day. There is no such thing as a "Declaration of Innocence" in the Judicial System. It's either guilty or not guilty at trial. There was no trial. Roy Cooper gave his opinion. It's like a nose....everyone has one!

Crystal still maintains a sexual assault occured. She will not go away in silence. That's brave to me. Actually, it brings tears to my eyes to see such strength in her.

BTW...I admire Victoria. She believes in equal justice for all. There is nothing wrong about that.

Roy Cooper....Vote.Him. out.!

justice58 said...

KC Johnson is biased as he!! and that is why his book fell flat! It sucked!

kilgo said...

So the Duke Rape Case
has spawned another internet
parasite, this creature called

This one looks like a cross
between the "Quasimodo" strain
and the pile of bilge at Frostburg.

Possessed, compulsive and persistent little buggerers these viral lacrosse pests are.

What are they so worried about?
What are they covering up for with
their endless dissembling?

unbekannte said...

I just like to encourage the justice4nigong gang to make fool of themselves. They are so cooperative in that endeavor.

Anyone who wants to vote out Roy Cooper just because he exonerated the Duke Lacrosse players instead of convicting them is a racist. The whole Duke Lacrosse thing was a racist hoax, perpetrated by "decent(?)", "honorable(??)", "minister of justice(???)" Mike Nifong because he wanted the racist black leaders the Durham Black electorate to like him.

Thank you for comparing me to Quasimodo from the Liestoppers forum. I consider that a signal honor.

unbekannte said...

Kilgo, are you really Mike Nifong?

unbekannte said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
unbekannte said...

KC johnson's book is a true, honest narrative of what happened in Durham between the March 2006 party and the April 2007 exoneration of the innocent, falsely charged Duke Lacrosse Players.

Do you think CGM was truthful? The web is replete with reviews of her memoir which describe all her lies. If her book is so hot, why is it being printed on a book by book basis.

Can you come up with any evidence, hard evidence, that what KC Johnson has written is false? If you have, why have you not made it public?

You are all trying to deny the truth. People deny the truth because they fear the truth. They fear the truth because they don't tell the truth. They lie.

What you are lying about is obvious. You claim that the prosecution and disbarment of Mike Nifong was racially motivated. So, provide some evidence. Harping about other cases is not evidence. What was there in the Duke Rape situation to indicate that Nifong was wrongfully prosecuted?

You admit he made inflammatory statements about the Lacrosse team. You admit he withheld exculpatory evidence. All the evidence in the case shows there was no crime, that Nifong knew there was no crime, and he prosecuted the Lacrosse players anyway. He was so blatant, so early in his case, about flaunting the law, legal ethics, and the US Constitution that the state bar had no choice but to act.

Do you believe the situation would have gotten any better for wrongfully accused defendants if the bar had not acted against Nifong.

I ask again, why have you not mentioned Tracy Cline, African American, now the Durham DA, who wrongfully prosecuted two African American men for crimes they did not commit?

Again I say, no one believes your gang.

unbekannte said...

You are not denying that you posted the comment on KC Johnson's blog calling him a fabricator.

justice58 said...

I hardly believe KC Johnson approved the post from a commenter calling him a fabricator. He won't allow but one voice at DWI. If a comment isn't licking the boots of the Lacrosse players, then it will not be posted. He is biased as hell. So that dog don't hunt, unbekannte. Nice try tho!

unbekannte said...

justice58, go to KC Johnson's blog. The comment is there on one of his recent posts. Where do you think I copied it from?

You have not denied being CGM herself. Nor have you denied posting the comment.

At this point, about 10:18 PM, Roy Cooper is leading his opponent by more than 650,000 votes, with 63% of all precincts reporting.

unbekannte said...

Final tally:

Roy Cooper wins, takes 61% of the vote, a margin of more than 900,000 votes.

What do you think of the good people of North Carolina Now?

Doesn't it just cram your gut, Justice4nifong, to see how much influence you have had over the good people of North Carolina, how much they think of your hero, "decent(?)", "honorable(??)", "minister of justice(???)" Mike Nifong.

unbekannte said...

This is a quote from a story regarding Mr. Cooper's resounding win:

"The 51-year-old former state legislator from Rocky Mount ran for re-election instead of mounting a bid for governor because he said he had "so many issues to tackle," and focused his camapign largely on his record during the past eight years."

unbekannte said...

This is a quote from the News and Observer:

"Incumbent Democrat Roy Cooper was well ahead of Republican challenger Bob Crumley in early, unofficial returns.
With 78 counties reporting, Cooper was ahead 60.8 percent to 39.2 percent, according to the State Board of Elections.

Cooper, 51, emphasized his record on shutting down methamphetamine labs, suing the Tennessee Valley Authority for polluting Western North Carolina's air and looking for ways to keep convicted sex offenders from preying on children.

Cooper ran an ad about his dismissal of charges against three Duke University lacrosse team members falsely accused of raping an exotic dancer."

unbekannte said...

These come from the Winston Salem Journal's web site:

"Democratic Attorney General Roy Cooper won a third four-year term last night as North Carolina's top law-enforcement officer by defeating Republican Bob Crumley."


"Cooper pointed to his record of the past eight years, saying he fought meth labs, sued to protect North Carolina from out-of-state polluters and worked to keep the state's children safe from Internet predators.

But his most publicized act during his latest term came in April 2007, when he tossed out the remaining charges against three Duke University lacrosse players falsely accused of rape. In declaring them innocent, he said at the time that no DNA supported the woman's story."

unbekannte said...

justice58, if Victoria Peterson supports equal justice for all, why did she support "decent(?)", "honorable(??)" "minister of justice(???)" Mike Nifong's prosecution of three men, whom he knew were innocent, for a crime he knew never happened. Judging from the content on the Justice4Nifong blog, I say if Nifong had tried to do that to an African American, VP would not consider him a hero.

Again, I notice VP says nothing about African American DA Tracy Cline who wrongfully prosecuted two African American men.

VP does seem to think that some justice is more equal than other justice, acknowledgement to Animal Farm.

unbekannte said...

justice58, you say "Crystal still maintains a sexual assault occured. She will not go away in silence. That's brave to me. Actually, it brings tears to my eyes to see such strength in her."

There is a difference between courage and delusion. In spite of all that came out at Nuremberg, a number of people regard Hitler as a great hero.

If CGM was raped, how do you account for all the hard evidence, now part of the public record, that she was not? Do you, like the neo-nazis, simply deny the evidence?

unbekannte said...

Kilgo, are you one of those guys hoping to get rich pushing cgm's "memoir"? If so, don't hold your breath.

unbekannte said...

justice58: "Where did I post anything racist?"

My Answer: You support a woman who falsely accused three innocent men of raping her. You support "decent(?)", "honorable(??)", "minister of justice" Mike Nifong who turned this false accusation into a racial incident, who prosecuted the innocent men because they were white and well off even though he knew there was no crime, who prosecuted these men whom he knew were innocent because he wanted Durham's black community to like him. You support vp who wanted the innocent men convicted simply because they were white. You despise Attorney General Roy Cooper (who campaigned on his record and was overwhelmingly re-elected) because he blocked Nifong's racially motivated prosecution of the innocent men.

Whether or not you actually are cgm, your attitudes are blatantly racist.

unbekannte said...

justice58:"I hardly believe KC Johnson approved the post from a commenter calling him a fabricator."

" anonymous said...
Your are the fabricator Johnson.

How much money are the lacrosse

people paying you?

11/3/08 10:49 AM"

This is the second of four comments to the post "October Events in the Case" dated November 3, 2008".

To again quote justice58 "Bring it North Carolina.....". Unfortunately for Justice58, North Carolina did not "Vote. Him. Out.!" Roy Cooper won re-election by more than 900,000 votes, 61% of the vote.


unbekannte said...

More from justice58: "There is no such thing as a "Declaration of Innocence" in the Judicial System. It's either guilty or not guilty at trial."

In "the Judicial System", one is presumed innocent until proven guilty in court in a fair, unbiased trial, beyond a reasonable doubt. Since the accused were never proven guilty, they are in fact innocent.

All the hard evidence in the case showed no crime had ever happened. Therefore, the evidence declares them innocent.

As so many people at that great blog Liestoppers point out, for a DA or an Attorney General to take a case to trial when the evidence proves they are innocent, that would be a crime.

Like the post nuremberg neo-nazis, are you denying the existence of hard evidence?

unbekannte said...

More about justice58's idea of justice, that the legal system provides only for determination of guilt or innocence at trial, not for any declaration of innocence.

The justice system does declare people innocent, whenever an individual is charged with a crime. The justice system declares that the individual must be presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt at a fair and impartial trial. Without any trial, a number of people declared the accused guilty, the New Black Panther Party, the Duke Faculty gang of 88, including farm animal Houston Baker, the North Carolina NAACP. "Decent(?)" "honorable(??)" "minister of justice(???)" Mike Nifong himself, before there was any evidence and before he had ever talked to cgm, declared that a racially motivated sexual assault had happened to cgm and that Lacrosse players were the perpetrators.

A prosecutor can not just take a case to trial. That prosecutor must have a reasonable suspicion that a crime had been committed, and that the accused had committed the crime. That is called probable cause.

Nifong placed a great deal of his reliance on the accuser's word. The accuser had a history of promiscuity, of mental instability, of previous criminal behavior. The accuser's description of what happened to her changed a number of times. The hard evidence which developed contradicted the accuser's multiple accounts of what happened to her, particularly there was no medical evidence she was assaulted, and the DNA evidence showed she had had no intimate contact with any of the men named as suspects. The process by which the accuser identified the men she accused was irregular and improper. So, in spite of the accuser's word, Nifong had no evidence that any of the men he named as suspects had committed any crime, no evidence that any crime had been committed in the first place. Nifong did have evidence that the accuser's word was not reliable. Nifong did not have probable cause to charge the defendants, let alone take them to trial. A prosecutor who charges an individual and then takes that individual to trial without probable cause violates the law and violates the US Constitution.

What happened to these accused, what justice58 wanted to happen to the accused were all gross, blatant, unwarranted violations of the justice system. I say Attorney General Roy Cooper declared the accused innocent in response to all these violations.

Justice58 shows total ignorance of the justice system, probably motivated by her anger that the accused were not subjected to an unjust, unfair trial. Personally, I think anyone who asks her for legal advice does the equivalent of playing Russian Roulette with five loaded chambers.

unbekannte said...

Justice58, I think you would be very comfortable with the justice system of the third reich. The nazi way was to declare the accused guilty then have a trial to make the guilt official.

I say that you and a lot of others in the durham black community, in true nazi fashion, declared the Duke Defendants guilty and then called for a trial.

Thanks to Attorney General Roy Cooper, re-elected to office in a landslide, that did not happen.

unbekannte said...

Justice58, I reiterate, that an accused is guilty only when proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a fair and impartial trial. You note that the case never went to trial. Did you note that all the loud, potentially violent presumption of guilt by Nifong, the pot bangers, the gang of 88 including farm animal Houston Baker, the new black panthers and all prevented a fair and impartial trial.

I say again, this is why Attorney General Roy Cooper, overwhelmingly re-elected, had to declare the Duke Lacrosse defendants innocent.

unbekannte said...

Hey, justice58, kilgo, have you no comment on yesterday's election results? What about the Justice4nifong gang of 3? Are you struck speechless because "the good people of North Carolina" did not "vote Roy Cooper right out of office!"?

unbekannte said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
unbekannte said...

This is a quote from Bill Anderson, posted 21 minutes ago on the Liestoppers blog:

"No, these are people who believe they had a right and an entitlement to a guilty verdict. Nothing has changed, and that is why I hope these lawsuits go on. If the leaders of Durham believe they have the right to falsely accuse and to engage in legal abuse, then let them pay for it."

I say, this belief, that they are entitled to a guilty verdict explains why the juice4nifong gang of 3, justice58 and her pal twobraids, kilgo and the like continue to spew their venom.

Isn't it grand they will never get the guilty verdict they think they deserve. Almost as grand as Roy Cooper's overwhelming reelection by "the good people of North Carolina".

unbekannte said...

Hey, Juiced4Nifong, care to comment about this incident? I learned about it from Liestoppers.

First, we have Ashley Canon, former ADA under "decent(?)", "honorable(??)" "minister of justice(???)" Mike Nifong. ADA Cannon prosecuted Moezeldin Elmostafa after Mr. Elmostafa would not withdraw testimony which exonerated Reade Seligman.

According to KC Johnson(DIW, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 06, 2006), Ms. Canon filed complaints against another ADA, one C. Destine Couch, for sexual harassment, and against "decent(?)", "honorable(??)", "minister of justice(???)" Mike Nifong for not acting on the matter. Ms. Cannon first filed her complaint with chief ADA David Saacks who brought the complaint to Nifong. After 4 weeks, Ms. Cannon went directly to Nifong because nothing was being done. "Nifong told her that they would talk about the matter later; and in the meantime, he would put her on a schedule that didn’t overlap with Couch." Then Nifong continued to do nothing.

C. Destine Couch is the son of Finesse Couch, then President of the Durham County Bar Association, a leader in the black community and supporter of Nifong in the DA elections.

So why did "decent(?)", "honorable(??)" "minister of justice(???)" Nifong do nothing when a trusted woman subordinate made him aware of being sexually harassed? If she was not a trusted subordinate, why would Nifong assign her to prosecute Mr. Elmostafa? Was it because the accused was black, and Nifong would antagonize Durham's black electorate if he did anything to C. Destine Couch?

I say, again, Nifong did not give a d--n about these kinds of issues, did not really give a d--n about cgm. What he gave a d--n about was the votes of Durham's black voters. He tried to win their favor by prosecuting three innocent white men for a crime that never happened.

That was the race/class issue of the Duke Rape Hoax/Frameup.

unbekannte said...

Hey, Juiced4Nifong, care to comment about the case of Michael Jermaine Burch? This comes from Liestoppers, from Quasimodo, who was quoting the News and Observer.

"Published: Feb 20, 2007 12:00 AM
Modified: Feb 20, 2007 02:41 AM
Man charged with raping Duke student at party

Anne Blythe, Staff Writer

DURHAM - Police made an arrest Monday in connection with a Duke University freshman's allegation that she was sexually assaulted at an off-campus party earlier this month.

Michael Jermaine Burch, 21, of 322 Junction Road, Durham, was charged with second-degree rape. He was held in Durham County Jail in lieu of $50,000 bail.

[Not $400,000?]


Members of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity threw a party at the rental property where one member of the fraternity and three other Duke students lived.

The party drew more than 50 people and spilled outside the duplex.

The 18-year-old accuser told investigators she was sexually assaulted about 3 a.m. in a bathroom. She went to Duke University Hospital, according to police radio reports.


Investigators have released few details about the case, including whether the suspect crashed the party or was invited.


Because of the media interest in the case, Duke administrators have found temporary housing on campus for the four residents of the duplex.


"We wanted them to be able to concentrate on their classes," said Larry Moneta, vice president of student affairs. "Right now, my priority is that the woman and her friends are getting the support they need."


District Attorney Mike Nifong assumed control of that [Duke] case several weeks before charges were filed, according to police reports.

In the latest case, police have said the district attorney's office would not be involved until after charges were filed."

This inter racial rape happened about a year after cgm falsely accused the Duke LAX players. "Decent(?)", "honorable(??)" "minister of justice(???)" Nifong certainly did not put a whole lot of effort into prosecuting this case in which the accuser was white and the accused was black.

I ask, was it because Nifong did not want to antagonize Durham's black community. If so, is it not a case of issues of race and class dampening the prosecution of a sex crime?

How can you say issues of race and class were not important to Nifong, when he pursued white men falsely accused of a non existent crime more zealously than he did a black defendant accused of a real crime?

Even as I post this, the case against Michael Jermaine Burch is going forward.

unbekannte said...

In the juiced4nifong original questionaire it is said "Although acts by other state prosecutors (withholding exculpatory evidence, fabricating evidence, fabricating false confessions, ..., coercing false statements, fabricating false eyewitnesses, and charging without probable cause) are far more egregious..."

"Decent(?)", "honorable(??)" "minister of justice(???)" Mike Nifong's prosecution included charging without probable cause, withholding of exculpatory evidence, fabricating evidence(Carl Gottlieb's straight from memory typed statement, the demonstration of the choke hold), attempted fabricating of false witnesses(attempted coercion of Mr. Elmostafa, intimidating Kim Roberts, threats of filing criminal charges against LAX players who would not testify for him), plus lying to the court, attempted undermining of the Constitutional rights of the accused, refusing to hear exculpatory evidence, making statements to inflame public opinion against the LAX players.

Your allegation, that there were no serious violations on the part of Nifong does not fly.

Fortunately for North Carolina and justice, Attorney General Roy Cooper, recently reelected as AG by an overwhelming margin, put a stop to Nifong's reckless, egregious violations.

unbekannte said...

From the Juiced4nifong gang's head blogger:

"If I were his campaign manager I would try to suppress it by not even bringing up the "Duke Lacrosse Decision".

After Roy Cooper's landslide victory(61% of the vote, a margin of more than 900,000 votes) it is obvious that "the good people of North Carolina" do not care what the pompous twits of the Juicded4nifong gang of 3 think or do.

unbekannte said...

From the juiced4nifong gang's Nifong questionnaire, a set of comparisons:

"6) The most egregious act by a prosecutor: A Comparison

Referring to statements in Sections 4 and 5, place a check in the box of the most egregious prosecutorial action in each set.

Durham Prosecutor Mike Nifong withholding non exculpatory evidence from the defense in the Duke Lacrosse case.
Prosecutors Honeycutt and Brewer withholding exculpatory evidence from the Hoffman defense team.


Durham Prosecutor Mike Nifong withholding non exculpatory evidence from the defense in the Duke Lacrosse case.
Prosecutors Hoke and Graves withholding exculpatory evidence from the Alan Gell defense team.

Durham Prosecutor Mike Nifong withholding exculpatory evidence from the defense in the Duke Lacrosse case.
Prosecutor Lyons, on Assistant Attorney General Talbert's advice, withholding exculpatory evidence trom Munsey's team."

So the Juiced4Nifong gang of 3 admits that "decent(?)", "honorabe(??)" "minister of justice(???)" Nifong did withhold evidence from the Duke Lacrosse defendants which would exonerate them. Any comparison to any other case is irrelevant. Withholding exculpatory evidence is illegal and is a violation of the defendants' right to due process under the US Constitution.

unbekannte said...

Another part of the Juiced4nifong questionaire:

"7) Injustice suffered by Prosecutor Nifong's Duke Lacrosse defendants

The three defendants in the Duke Lacrosse case (David Evans, Colin Finnerty, and Reade Seligmann) all posted bail immediately, and spent no time behind bars. According to their attorneys, the defendants suffered public scorn and loss of privacy. The Duke University president, Richard Brodhead, suspended the defendants and cancelled the remainder of their promising lacrosse season. Subsequently, they were all offered reinstatement, but Evans had accumulated enough credits and graduated, and Finnerty and Seligmann transferred to other prestigious institutions of higher learning with lacrosse teams. For reasons unknown, each of the defendants received $L5 to $1.7 million from Duke University. Although the Duke Lacrosse defendants were never convicted of a crime, NC Attorney General Roy Cooper held a news conference to proclaim them "innocent" of any crime.

Hypothetical: If the circumstances were exactly identical (but with the following differences: the three defendants were African American basketball players from North Carolina Central University and the exotic dancer/accuser, and alleged victim was a Duke University coed), do you believe the following would transpire:

(a)the defendants would serve jail time?
(b)the N, C. Attorney General would proclaim the defendants "innocent"?
(c) the prosecuting Durham district attorney would be disbarred, called a "rogue prosecutor" by the Attorney General, called the "worst appointment of my career' and a liar by the Governor, sentenced to serve time in jail by the judge for criminal contempt, and an attempt made to have the U.S. Justice Department pursue federal charges against him?"

If the accused were three basketball players from NCCU and the accuser were a white woman, the accused would have never been prosecuted. "Decent(?)" "honorable(??)" "minister of justice(???)" Nifong prosecuted the three caucasian Lacrosse players without probable cause because he wanted the Durham black electorate to like him. That would not have happened if he had prosecuted three black athletes for raping a white woman.

Fortunately, Attorney General Roy Cooper, recently reelected to office by an overwhelming margin, put the brakes on Nifong's illegal prosecution.

unbekannte said...

More from the Juiced4Nifong questionnaire:

"2) Pre-Hearing statements made by NC Governor Mike Easley

In April 2005, Governor Mike Easley had a vacancy to fill after he had appointed Durham District Attorney Jim Hardin to be a judge. Hardin and another former district attorney, Ron Stephens, recommended, to the governor, a prosecutor with nearly a quarter century of experience as a state prosecutor, Mike Nifong. According to Mr. Nifong, Governor Easley did not ask that he (Mr. Nifong) not run for that position in the future, nor did he (Mr. Nifong) give the governor assurances that he would not run for the position.

On January 22, 2007, before an assembly at New York University, Governor Easley, with full knowledge that Mr. Nifbng was going to face the State Bar's disciplinary committee, accused Mr. Nifong about lying to him about his intentions regarding running for a full term. Furthermore, he referred to Mr. Nifong as the worst appointment of his career.

Do you believe that by referring to Mr Nifong as a liar Governor Easley's remark was prejudicial against Mr, Nifong in his subsequent Bar hearing?

Do you believe that by stating Mr. Nifong was the worst appointment of his career, Governor Easley prejudiced the Bars hearing against Mr Nifong?

Does it make sense to you that Governor Easley would appoint someone to an elected position if he did not want that person to run for another term?

If Governor Easley had wanted Mr. Nifong not to run for a full term as Durham district attorney, he could have written it into the contract with Mr. Nifong. Do you agree?

3) Pre-hearing statements made by NC Attorney General Roy Cooper

On April 11, 2007, several months prior to Mike Nifong's hearing before the Bar's disciplinary committee, Attorney General Roy Cooper held a news conference to proclaim the Duke Lacrosse defendants "innocent." At that time, he stated Mr. Nifong was an "unchecked" and "overreaching" district attorney. He also referred to Mr. Nifong as a "rogue prosecutor."

Do you believe that Attorney General Cooper's comments that Mr. Nifong was an 'unchecked" and "overreaching" district attorney, and referring to Mr. Nifong as a "rogue prosecutor" were prejudicial against Mr. Nifong in his hearing before the Bar?

Are you aware of Attorney General Cooper making disparaging and caustic remarks about a North Carolina prosecutor other than Mr. Nifong? If so, who?"

First, AG Cooper was telling it like it was, and his remarks were neither caustic or disparaging. Caustic and Disparaging is a prosecutor trying to take 3 innocent men to trial without any evidence of a crime, without any probable cause.

I am not aware of AG Cooper making any remarks about any other prosecutor. I am aware of "decent(?)" "honorable(??)" "minister of justice(???)" Nifong making statements to inflame public opinion against the Lacrosse players, making statements to undermine the Lacrosse players rights under the United States Constitution, specifically right to remain silent, right to counsel, right to be presumed innocent, right to a fair and impartial trial when accused of a crime. I am aware of no other prosecutor going to such lengths to vilify a defendant prior to the case going to trial.

unbekannte said...

From the Nifong manifesto:

"District Attorney Nifong was not persecuted, prosecuted, and punished for prosecutorial misconduct, as the state would like the public to believe. It is evident that the State went after Mr. Nifong because he chose to prosecute a weak case against defendants from the “wrong families” (as David Evans’s mother correctly stated)."

The Juiced4nifong gang does not get it. The Code of Ethics requires that a prosecutor not bring charges or try to take a case to trial without probable cause. A weak case means the prosecutor does not have probable cause. If Nifong's did choose to file charges and go to trial without probable cause he violated the Code of legal ethics. What other prosecutors did is irrelevant.

In any event, Nifong did more thanprosecute a weak case. He had no case in the first place and he knew it. He filed charges against three innocent men knowing there was no crime and then resorted to illegal and unethical tactics to manufacture a case. Now he is cravenly trying to escape Justice.

unbekannte said...

To sum up the attitude of the Juiced4nifong gang of 3, standards of legal, ethical behavior should not apply to a prosecutor who is prosecuting caucasian defendants.

justice58 said...

"You have not denied being CGM herself. Nor have you denied posting the comment".

No unbekannte, I am not Crystal Mangum. But I am a supporter of hers and that will never change..period.

And No, I didn't post the comment on DIW. I'll bet you I wouldn't call him a "fabricator". I do have in mind some other choice words for him tho...

As for Cooper's win...very disappointing. I don't believe a thing he says. Just saying...

unbekannte said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
unbekannte said...


You have my pity, not for Roy Cooper's reelection to office by the good people of North Carolina.

You have my pity for supporting a woman with a history of promiscuity, criminal behavior and mental instability who falsely accused three innocent men of raping her.

It is indeed pitiful that any one would think innocent caucasian men should be branded criminals and imprisoned, simply because they were falsely accused by a black woman. Any one who thinks as you do, that skin color should be the prime determinant of guilt or innocence, should be pitied.

Gee, it only took you 6 days to get over the shock that the good people of North Carolina reelected Roy Cooper

unbekannte said...


I am sure you would call KC Johnson a few choice words. All that shows is how twisted, racist and biased you and your thinking are.

From now on I will refer to you as Injustice58, since injustice is what you advocate.

unbekannte said...


How come cgm refused to deal with the DNA evidence in the case, when she spoke at her book release event? How do you explain it? On her person DNA from no Lacrosse Player was found, but the DNA of multiple other males was. As I said to the head blogger of the juiced4nifong gang, if there was a rape, it meant that the rapist had to be someone other than a Lacrosse player, and the rape took place at somewhere other than 610 Buchanan.

Don't try the fairy tale that the DNA evidence was tampered with. If you believe that fairy tale, you know nothing about DNA testing. It is impossible to selectively clear away certain DNA markers and leave others from a person.

Even the chief blogger of the Juiced4nifong gang admits the DNA evidence was intact, that there was no tampering.

unbekannte said...


I am sure you will not believe anything Roy Cooper says.

All the hard evidence in the cgm farce/attempted frame up indicated there had been no rape. You refuse to believe that. You refuse to believe any of the facts of the case.

You are just like the neo-nazis who, in spite of the Nuremberg trials, believe adolf hitler was a great hero.

unbekannte said...

I wonder what the head blogger of the Juiced4nifong gang of 3 has to say about Roy Cooper's overwhelming reelection by the people of North Carolina. Is he still in a state of catatonia from realizing the people of North Carolina neither pay attention to his superdupercooper cartoons nor really give a d--n that he does not like Roy Cooper.

In a comment to another blog, I said that pompous twits really do not like finding out how insignificant they are.

justice58 said...


It's crazy ass Bill Anderson. Let me just say...With all due respect. You're one crazy psycho ignorant s.o.b. What you said about Eve Carson should have earned you a trip to the looney farm. Lord knows, you should have been there a long time ago. Bill, seriously, seek some help because you're a f-up s.o.b.

You're obsessing over the duke case like a total fool. Crystal cannot be silenced by the likes of your sorry ass. She has earned a degree, written a book and you can't do a d%mn thing about it. Yes, Yes, Yes, I support her. Nothing you can ever say will change anything. You disgusting filthy pig!

BTW...There is no such thing as a "Declaration of Innocence" in the Judicial System. It's either guilty or not guilty at trial. There was no trial. Roy Cooper gave his opinion. It's like a nose....everyone has one!

justice58 said...

"How come cgm refused to deal with the DNA evidence in the case, when she spoke at her book release event?
Why don't you ask her, since you're obsessed with her 24/7. Crystal Gail Mangum has your mind. You're locked into her. You're so pathetic. What a sick psycho! Ewww!

justice58 said...

Bill Anderson quoted:

"My guess is in those last hours of her life, Eve Carson came to understand that the standard political/social "narrative" given to her by her professors, as well as being promoted by members of the Duke faculty and the gaggle of leftists from the Triangle was a big lie. It was the narrative that gave us the lacrosse case and all of the demonstrations by the potbangers, and the Duke faculty members and the students."

Let me be clear---What those murderers did to Eve Carson is beyond the pale! It was a monstrous crime! But for Bill Anderson to try and tie it to the Duke Lacrosse case is madness!

Bill Anderson quoted: "Let us be honest here. There is a portion of Durham -- and that includes Irving Joyner -- that has an underlying approval for what was done to Eve Carson".

What a sick twisted crazy s.o.b.!

kilgo said...

Ubes, are you trying to tell us something?

Are you really trying to tell us there are rapists on the 2006 Duke Men's Lacrosse Team?

Is that your message here Ubes? The Duke Lacrosse players are gang rapists?

That would explain the actions of the Durham District Attorney's Office, wouldn't it Ubes?

And the findings of sexual assault experts at Duke Hospital.

And the results of intensive police investigations of the night of March 13th, 2006, at the 610 North Buchanan lacrosse team captain residence.

The subsequent proper charging and arrest of three Duke lacrosse players. The indictment of three lacrosse players by a grand jury.

The recent public reaffirmation of the crimes by the victim.

Please tell us more Ubes.
You are doing a great job of convincing me.

unbekannte said...


I asked the question about the DNA found on cgm's person because I knew you would duck the issue rather than face it. The issue is this: cgm claims she was raped by members of the Duke Lacrosse team; the DNA evidence indicates she was not raped by any member of the Duke Lacrosse team. The DNA evidence indicates that cgm lied and continues to lie about being raped. You would rather not even think about that, let alone acknowledge it.

It would do no good to ask cgm about the DNA evidence. Her performance at her book release event indicates she does not want to deal with evidence that shows she is a liar. Like her hero, "decent(?)" "honorable(??)" "minister of justice(???)" Nifong, she would rather conceal the evidence.

I hope cgm goes on talking. The more she talks, the more she shows she is a liar. I hope it eventually gets her named as a defendant in the lawsuits, so she can be put under oath and forced to answer the questions like, how do you explain the DNA evidence.

Again, you show your ignorance of the legal system. Let me repeat. Try to understand. It is all very simple. To be guilty of a crime, an individual either has to plead guilty or has to be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a fair and impartial trial. Otherwise, the individual is presumed innocent. That, de facto, is a proclamation of innocence.

Deal with this situation, if you dare. The Code of Ethics for prosecutors says that a prosecutor should not take a case to trial unless the prosecutor has probable cause to believe a crime has been committed. If someone is accused, but the evidence indicates a crime did not happen and the prosecutor does not take the case to trial, where does that leave the accused?

In the Duke farce/attempted frame up, there was no evidence that a crime had taken place. Therefore, after Attorney General Roy Cooper took over the case in response to Nifong's request, he decided, in conformance with the law, not to prosecute.

Meanwhile, the gang of 88, the pot bangers, the racists, the radical feminists in Durham, and "decent(?)" "honorable(??)" "minister of justice(???)" DA Nifong had all proclaimed the accused guilty without benefit of trial. They prevented any kind of fair impartial trial happening in Durham. That is why Attorney General Roy Cooper, recently reelected to office by an overwhelming margin by the good people of North Carolina, was forced to proclaim them innocent.

What the Eve Carson case has to do with all this, why YOU try to make the Eve Carson case part of all this, I do not know. I never said anything about Eve Carson.

I would have never compared the Eve Carson case to the cgm farce. There is one big fundamental difference between the Eve Carson case and the cgm farce: Eve Carson was the victim of a violent crime; cgm was not. I have read a post from a black blogger to the effect that Eve Carson was killed while trying to buy drugs and while flaunting her wealth to the poor black community. The investigation showed she was kidnapped from her apartment, robbed and murdered.

Why do YOU try to make an issue of Bill Anderson's comments on the Eve Carson case? What I quoted from Bill Anderson had to do with cgm's falsely accusing the Duke Lacrosse players of rape and the reaction of the radical racist community.

Call me all the names you want. It only shows you want to duck the real issues in the case.trich

justice58 said...

No Bill Anderson!!

Crystal Gail Mangum stated at her book release:

"Yes I am. I am still claiming that a sexual assault happened"

I support her without a doubt! She is getting her story out as to what happened to her. You can't silence her nor take away her degree or her book. Just stfu already. You're a pathetic twisted psycho that is obsessed with Crystal Mangum. She is moving on with her life and I suggest you do the same...moron!

justice58 said...


Keep fighting for equal justice!

Remember The Words of Harriet Tubman:

"If you are tired, keep going; if you are scared, keep going; if you are hungry, keep going; if you want to taste freedom, keep going."

unbekannte said...

hey kilzy:

Calling the 2006 Duke Lacrosse team a group of gang rapists is YOUR message.

What explains "decent(?)" "honorable(??)" "minister of justice(???)" Nifong's pushing ahead with the case is that he was a corrupt, rogue prosecutor. That has been established in open court, in his ethics trial and in his contempt trial.

The exam of cgm at DUMC was not consistent with a rape. The arrest and subsequent charging of the Duke Lacrosse players was anything but proper, considering there was no evidence of a rape and cgm's identification was tainted. Like injustice58, cgm and a number of others, you can not explain away the DNA evidence, the inconsistency between cgm's claim she was raped by the Duke Lacrosse players and the DNA evidence showing she was not.

You can not exclude the evidence generated by the farce from the farce itself. cgm lied about being raped. College degree notwithstanding, cgm continues to lie about being raped.

Where have you been the past 2 1/2 years? All this has been part of the public record for at least that long. Like nifong, cgm, and others you would like to suppress the public record. Hiding your head in the sand, denying the obvious public record because you do not like it, will not erase it. Like injustice58, you have my pity.

unbekannte said...


More ducking the issues, more name calling from you. You really do not realize how pitiful you are.

Again, I am not trying to silence cgm. The more she talks the more ridiculous she looks. Go ahead and support her. That will keep her talking. The more she keeps talking, the more likely it becomes that justice, real justice will catch up to her.

The words of Harriet Tubman would have applied to the three innocent men cgm falsely accused. In spite of the power of the state being brought against them, power wielded by a corrupt rogue prosecutor, the maintained their innocence and dignity and ultimately triumphed. That, certainly is gratifying.

unbekannte said...


I have to bring up the innocence proclamation with you, your comments about guilty/not guilty.

Do you actually realize, justice, real justice, requires a trial to be fair and impartial. Largely because of activity of racists like vp and yourself, the Duke Lacrosse defendants would have never gotten a fair and impartial trial in Durham.

Just as an aside, a not guilty verdict, which would have happened in the Duke Lacrosse farce in a fair and impartial trial, would have been a proclamation of innocence. To be found guilty of a crime at a trial, one has to be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Do you understand? It was up to Nifong to prove them guilty. It was not up to the defendants to prove themselves innocent. Until and unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt at trial, a defendant is presumed innocent. If found not guilty, the defendant is innocent.

And you claim vp fights for justice? How deluded you are! Unfortunately, airing your delusions will not bring them any legitimacy.

unbekannte said...

hey kilzy

Digest this, if you dare.

Even your buddy, the head blogger of the Juiced4nifong gang of 3 admits, the DNA evidence generated in the case was exculpatory. It was proven in open court, Nifong withheld that evidence from the defense and lied about it to the court.

Nifong had that evidence in his custody before he sought any indictments or filed any charges. He sought indictments, filed charges while suppressing evidence he knew exonerated the people he intended to accuse.

Res ipsa loquitur. The indictments he sought, the charges he filed were in no way proper.

justice58 said...

You really should be medicated, Bill Anderson. You're one twisted crazy mofo!


Keep fighting for equal justice!

Remember The Words of Harriet Tubman:

"If you are tired, keep going; if you are scared, keep going; if you are hungry, keep going; if you want to taste freedom, keep going."

unbekannte said...


Why don't you send your diatribes to Bill Anderson?

When did Bill Anderson ever post anything on the juiced4nifong gang of 3's blog?

unbekannte said...


I should have asked, why are you ranting and raving about Bill Anderson?

Again, to my knowledge he has never posted on this blog.

unbekannte said...

Hey injustice58:

Here is a comment Bill Anderson left on KC Johnson's blog. It concerns the "fabricator Johnson" comment. I found it rather amusing.

" bill anderson said...

Your are the fabricator Johnson.
How much money are the lacrosse
people paying you?
11/3/08 10:49 AM


The only thing I can say is that you missed your chance for the big bucks, as you have received zip from the lacrosse families. Of course, 10:49 also might be able to enlighten us as to the mystery DNA that Cooper's office is hiding!

So, K.C., my advice to you is that the next time you get on the LAX team payroll, you might want actually to be paid!!

11/7/08 7:05 PM"

Regards, unbekannte(or ubes, as kilgo refers to me)

unbekannte said...

hey, kilzy:

Here is a quote from injustice58's latest obsession, Bill Anderson. It deals with the exam conducted on cgm at DUMC after she falsely accused the innocent Duke Lacrosse players:

"Speaking of SANEs, there is the problem of Tara Levicy, the SANE (or, SANE-in-training) who was not legally qualified to do the rape exam of Crystal Mangum, yet signed the examination form as the one who did the exam, even though it was performed by Dr. Julie Manly. Moreover, Robert Ekstrand, the attorney representing three of the families that are suing Duke, Durham, and Nifong, has written in the formal complain that Levicy "fabricated" material on the medical charts."

regards ubes(aka unbekannte)

unbekannte said...

hey kilzy:

Here is more from Bill Anderson. It deals with the Grand Jury which indicted the innocent Duke Lacrosse players at the behest of "decent(?)" "honorable(??)" "minister of justice(???)" Mike Nifong:

"If what he says is true, then he is alleging that Tara Levicy committed a felony under North Carolina state law. Furthermore, she had some partners-in-crime, namely Nifong and members of the Durham Police Department. It is a felony to lie to a grand jury, but that is what Ben Himan and Mark Gottlieb did when they secured indictments against the three young men. Himan even admitted as much during his testimony to the North Carolina State Bar in 2007."

regards, ubes(aka unbekannte)

unbekannte said...

hey, kilzy:

More from Bill Anderson:

"And don’t forget that Nifong had promised to charge every lacrosse player at Duke with covering up the rape, which would have carried the same legal penalties as one receives for rape and sexual assault. Every player and every member of his family had to fear for their very lives..."

"Decent(?)" "honorable(??)" "minister of justice(???)" Nifong threatened to file aiding and abetting charges against Lacrosse team members who would not give information incriminating other team members to the DA. Since no crime had occurred, any testimony by a Lacrosse player incriminating another Lacrosse player would have been perjured testimony. Trying to force individuals to give perjured testimony is attempted subornation of perjury, a crime.

How can Nifong's indictment and charging of the Duke Lacrosse players be "proper" when he is trying to suborn perjured testimony to support the indictment and charging?

regards ubes(aka unbekannte)

justice58 said...

Here is a quote from injustice58's latest obsession, Bill Anderson.

Bullsh%t!Obsession my @ss! Bill Anderson is a crazy mofo s.o.b.! Someone needs to let him know just how pathetic he is since that Liestopping Cesspool is too coward to do so.

kilgo said...

Okay, so now Ubes is relying on the authority of Frostburg economics professor William Anderson, who is relying on the authority of civil suit lawyer Robert Ekstrand, representing the plaintiff Ryan McFayden, the Duke lacrosse player who wanted to skin the strippers, and hangs drawings of his teammates' genitalia in his dorm room.

Okay Ubes, what are Bob and Ryan relying on?

Wishful thinking?

Mad conspiratorial fantasies?

Fantastic Lies?

Ubes, let me know when you pass high-school biology and maybe we can discuss inculpatory DNA.

unbekannte said...

Hi, kilzy

I think Mr. Eckstrand is relying on the hard evidence developed in the course of the cgm false rape accusation farce.

Who are you relying upon. Chronic liar cgm. Something happened in there fanatic vp. Bill Anderson obsessed injustice58? Mike Nifong who is scrambling like a scared rabbit to avoid giving testimony? The gang of 88 who deny their guilt presuming Listening ad was not about the Lacrosse farce.

If all of this consists of wishful thinking, fantastic lies, and such then why is cgm not filing a civil suit? There are plenty of lawyers out there hungry for a contingency fee. Most, however, will not touch a case which they have no chance of winning. If there is no chance of winning a case, it is because the case has no merit. The Juiced4nifong gang of 3 head blogger laments loud and long about the settlements the Duke defendants received from Duke University. So if their guilt is so obvious, why isn't the juiced4nifong gang not helping crystal go after those settlements. Why are you writing about things like wishful thinking and fantastic lies instead of a civil suit. Incidentally, you should acknowledge David Evans, who first used the term Fantastic lies to describe the cgm farce.

The only mad conspiratorial theory put forth in this farce has been the theory that all sorts of rich white people conspired against cgm to hide the facts of the case. To my knowledge, Roy Cooper, whose handling of the cgm farce was overwhelmingly approved of by the voters of NC, never even suggested any conspiratorial activity on the part of cgm.

The Ryan MacFayden email is one particularly glaring example of how "decent(?)" "honorable(??)" "minister of justice(???)" Nifong tried to railroad the innocent Duke Lacrosse players. The email was a joke, albeit one in poor taste, based on a novel, American Psycho, which was required reading for Duke students. Nifong obtained the email illegally. He threatened MacFayden - give testimony which would incriminate other Lacrosse players or the email would be made public. To his credit, Ryan MacFayden would not yield to Nifong's attempt to suborn perjury from him.

Are you calling the DNA evidence inculpatory? Interesting. Write me again when you learn the difference between inculpatory and exculpatory. I learned that long before I graduated from college magna cum laude with a degree in biology and then went on to become an MD, complete two surgical residencies and get boards in General and Cardiothoracic surgery.

Regards, ubes(aka unbekannte)

unbekannte said...

Hey there, injustice58,

You say you are not obsessing about Bill Anderson. Why did you bring his name into the discussion and why are you devoting so much time to disparaging him?

Regards, ubes(aka unbekannte).

justice58 said...

You say you are not obsessing about Bill Anderson. Why did you bring his name into the discussion and why are you devoting so much time to disparaging him?

Hell no, I'm not obsessing over the idiot Bill Anderson. Why the hell would I? You're a moron!

Unbekannte, you dropped a clue as to who you were! Sick psycho!

unbekannte said...

Hey there, injustice58

Who do you think I am?

Why are you so obsessed with calling Bill Anderson names? Tired of calling me names?

regards, ubes(aka unbekannte)

unbekannte said...

hey kilzy:

You obviously believe that the Duke Lacrosse players really did rape cgm.

Why do you believe this. You give one reason, cgm accused and continues to accuse them of rape. You give a second reason, the authorities arrested them and charged them.

In a totalitarian police state absolute dictatorship, that is an accepted method of dispensing "justice". One individual denounces another. The authorities arrest the denounced individual. Apologists for the absolute dictator say, fearless leader would not have arrested the denounced individual unless that individual was guilty.

Your belief in the lacrosse players' guilt is indeed behavior consistent with that of an agent of Hitler's Gestapo or Stalin's NKVD. You have no concept of justice.

regards, ubes(aka unbekannte)

unbekannte said...

Hey again, kilzy

Why was Ryan MacFayden not arrested for that email, to which you referred in your last post. If you believe Ryan MacFayden's email was real, you believe it was a threat to commit a violent crime. So, why did the authorities not arrest and charge him?

Applying your own concept of justice, arrest of an individual and charging him eith a crime is enough to establish guilt. Since Ryan MacFayden was neither arrested or charged, that is an admission that his email was not a threat of anything criminal.

So, why do you regard his email as an actual crime? Please explain your inconsistency.

unbekannte said...

Hey again, kilzy and injustice58

I think I am tired of this game.

I would like to say it has been fun. But you people are so easy to shoot down. Without even trying, I have got injustice58 believing I am someone I am not. Neither one of you wants to deal with issues. You both prefer to call me names and hurl insults. When you go down, you fizzle rather than go down in a blaze of glory.

Gloat about it, if that turns you on. No one will pay attention to you, save maybe the juiced4nifong gang of 3.

for the last time regards, ubes(aka unbekannte)

ChickyGirl said...


Speak much German, or did we do that dance before??

I won't argue points of law with you because you are far too ignorant. Your knowledge of the law in regard to this case is minimal.


Chicky (aka 2braids)

justice58 said...

Neither one of you wants to deal with issues.

Gasp! You can't see the forest for the trees. Crystal is speaking out after 2 years and continues to say she was sexually assaulted. She is coming against people with mega-bucks. She knows they have the money to throw down and fight but yet she keeps coming. Why? Maybe because the truth stands. That's the way I look at it.

Why do you refuse to look at her side? I don't give a rats @ss how many men she slept with. She has not lost her rights as a human or as a citizen of this country. Crystal's case was tried in the Media. It should have been tried in a courtroom. Without a trial, we don't know what happened! Among all the muck...the truth lies in the middle!