Sunday, February 8, 2009 is now online

Although it took a month longer than initially planned, the highly anticipated and newly revised web site is now up and running. Better late than never. The new site, is a great improvement over the previous site on Users will find the new site far easier to navigate and notice that it includes additional features. "Issues and Individuals" is a section that will use multimedia to profile Mr. Nifong, members of the Committee on Justice for Mike Nifong, Duke Lacrosse defendants, NC Attorney General Roy Cooper, as well as defendants and prosecutors associated with other important criminal cases. Issues presented in the section will include the Duke Lacrosse case, the James Arthur Johnson case, the Floyd Brown case, and other cases impacting the criminal justice system. Populating this site will take some time, and the multimedia presentations are not quite yet ready for posting.

The Documents section is comprised of investigative papers, research, articles, legal documents, important correspondence, and a sundry of other types of documents. Because of the large number of documents at hand, the process of cateloguing them and posting them will be both intensive and time-consuming, but our staff will work to get them uploaded as expeditiously as possible.

Episode II of "The MIsAdventures of Super-Duper Cooper" is titled "To Hell and Back: the Travails of the Un-indicted Duke LAXers" is comprised of four parts, the first of which will appear Sunday, February 15th. The remaining three episodes will follow at weekly intervals.

Blogs will be available for access from the "Blogs" section, which will also include a link to the blog site containing the most recently published posts.

The Break Even Marketplace, though not presently active, will carry items that are supportive of Mike Nifong. They will be sold at cost and at no profit to the Committee on Justice for Mike Nifong. That is because profit is not our goal... distribution of supportive Mike Nifong merchandise is.

Finally, the Home page will contain news items and scheduled events of interest to our target audience, individuals interested in "equal justice for all."

The entire site is ever-changing and in constant flux, and with time, it will grow and develop. We are sure that you will find it enlightening and entertaining, and we encourage feedback and comments from the web site users.


tenvax3d0c said...

Are you for reak? Did you read the prosecutorial ethics posted on that web site? Michael Nifong committed a host of ethical violations. You really do think Michael Nifong was prosecuted because he brought charges against white men. He was prosecuted because he pushed a criminal case without probable cause, manufactured evidence, withheld evidence, intimidated witnesses, made improper extrajudicial, prejudicial statements about the case. You are indeed a sad group if your lives are centered around defending this piece of legal garbage.

JSwift said...

I urge you to turn your attention to the civil suits.

Nifong should view the civil suits as a great opportunity to prove his innocence, clear his name and show that he is the decent and honorable man that you know and respect. His claim of immunity for his actions will permit the media to allege that Nifong has something to hide.

You have complained repeatedly how the media coverage has unfairly tarnished Nifong. He can use the suits to go over their heads and give the facts directly to the public.

Most importantly, Nifong can use the suits to thwart Cooper’s decision to end the case without a trial. Justice can finally be served.

As you have noted, only the players fear complete disclosure of the facts of this case; Nifong and his co-defendants have nothing to fear from a full and honest investigation.

Nifong must demand that full and complete discovery begin immediately. He must tell the lawyers for Duke, Durham, DPD officers and DNASI to stop wasting their clients’ money and move ahead with discovery. Nifong must insist that all information be made public as soon as available.

Nifong should call the players’ bluff and file countersuits to ensure that discovery begins immediately. He cannot permit the players to avoid a full public dissemination of the facts by trying to drop the suits when he fights back.

Through discovery in the civil suits, Nifong and the DPD will finally have an opportunity to question the lacrosse players under oath. They can expose all of the evidence. Through their own depositions, they will be able to discuss their own activities in great detail. At last, under cross-examination Crystal Mangum can tell her story for all to hear.

No longer will the public be limited to the snippets of information available from the defense filings and hearings in the original case; the AG’s summary report; the evidence introduced in Nifong’s disbarment and criminal contempt hearings, including the depositions and/or testimony of Nifong, Gottlieb, Himan, Wilson, Ripberger, Levicy and Meehan; the presentation by defense lawyers to the Whichard commission; the coverage by bloggers; and the stories written by journalists (such as Joe Neff, Dan Abrams, Ed Bradley, and Duff Wilson) who claimed to have reviewed the entire discovery file.

As you have claimed repeatedly, there is more evidence to this case than the witness statements that have been released (including those by Crystal, Kim and the captains), the summary of the medical reports, the two DNA reports, the three identification procedures, cell phone records, photographs, ATM records, fast food receipts and the case reports filed by Himan, Gottlieb and other DPD officers.

These statements, pieces of evidence and reports do not provide the entire record. Crucial facts have never been reported. Many questions have never been answered.

With a full and open investigation, Nifong can address directly the unproven allegation that he and the DPD deliberately framed three students for a crime they knew had never occurred. The investigation can determine whether Nifong was the “rogue” prosecutor Cooper claimed or whether, as you suggest, Cooper unfairly persecuted him for diligently carrying out his professional duties in his noble quest to ensure justice for all.

Nifong must seize this opportunity to give the public the full truth. I, like you, am confident that the full truth will ensure that Nifong earns the justice he so richly deserves.

unbekannte said...

I again violate my statement that I would no longer post here. LThis is too good to pass up.

Some months ago you cited Scott Huminsky in a way that implied he supported your agenda. Here is a post from Scott Huminsky on KC Johnson's Durham in Wonderland:

"scott huminski said...

Why hasn't anyone pursued criminal prosecution of Nifong under 18 USC 241,242, the federal criminal civil rights statutes? At the minimum, Due Process was violated.

--scott huminski"