Saturday, August 1, 2009

State Bar “teaching moment” coming to talk radio in September ‘09

Around the time of the September 18, 2009 State Bar disciplinary hearing against prosecutor Gregory C. Butler, the talk radio station WPTF-680 AM will feature a program dedicated to the North Carolina State Bar and its only disbarred prosecutor in its 76 years of existence, former Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong. The Committee on Justice for Mike Nifong is currently in negotiations with the station’s news and programming director, Rick Martinez, to schedule a discussion and debate which will include the Committee’s Lay Advocate Sidney B. Harr as an in-house guest for the three hour “Bill LuMaye Show.” To date, no time has been scheduled in for this program, but as soon as there is confirmation, the date and time of the event will be immediately posted on this blog site, as well as the Committee’s website:

It is hoped that the State Bar’s counsel, Katherine E. Jean, will play an active role in the program. In the event she is unable, for whatever reason, to participate, it is the hope of the Committee that another knowledgeable and qualified representative from the North Carolina State Bar take part. The Bar’s participation will afford listeners a chance to learn about this little known and secretive state agency, which is unregulated, has no oversight, and is accountable to no one group or individual. In addition to questioning its unjust and selective disbarment of Mike Nifong, the Bar could address other issues, including its plans to construct a new building, why it feels it needs to borrow money (a privilege in House Bill 360 that Governor Perdue recently signed into law) and if taxpayers are going to be held liable for these loans, and the financial status of the organization (including the subsidies it receives from state taxes).

For those individuals who read or contribute comments to our blog site (K.C. Johnson, Bill Anderson, Walt-in-Durham, Duke Dad, Charles, Rhonda, and others), this upcoming program will give you invaluable insight and information about Mr. Nifong’s disbarment, and the Duke Lacrosse case. Furthermore, you will recognize that you have long been misguided by the false claims made by the State Bar against Mr. Nifong, and perpetuated and reinforced in the biased media. Hopefully, you will be able to call in the program for a personal discourse with our lay advocate.

While the Committee looks forward to what promises to be a highly enlightening and entertaining event, we believe that the State and the North Carolina State Bar are extremely distressed and alarmed at the prospect. We therefore believe that there is a high probability that the Bar, as well as all state officials, will distance themselves from this program and go to extremes not to join the discussion. Avoiding discourse and debate on the unjust and selective disbarment of Mike Nifong on their part, is not an act of cowardice, but an act of wisdom. That is because the Bar’s position of disbarring Nifong is not only unethical, but indefensible. On the point of their involvement, we hope that we are mistaken, and that the state and State Bar will be as engaged in this project as we are.

However, the Committee would not be surprised if the state even went so far as to use its power and persuasion to try and scuttle the event. Even though the biased media has been solidly against Mr. Nifong, we are confident that a radio station of WPTF’s caliber and reputation will not be swayed by efforts to derail the Bill LuMaye program on the State Bar and its disbarment of Mike Nifong.

Keep tuned to this blog and our website for the latest information about this exciting event tentatively to be scheduled in mid-September.


Justice4Jack said...

I hope you will include me in this discussion! I have some powerful questions to ask the "BAR" and to raise the awareness of the NEED for a FEDERAL INVESTIGATION into the PANDEMIC CORRUPTION that is known as the city of Durm!

Everything is NOT A-OKAY, it is way past time to address other cases that Nifong was "IN ON," and WHY is NOTHING being done?!

Local media is SO biased that it is not worth the paper it is printed on, and other blog sites are still so consumed with the LAX Stooges, that people have lost SCOPE of the REAL issues!

As the rats are leaving the ship, they think they will escape scrutiny and prosecution, but are SO WRONG!

NO, Fong was NOT alone in his deviousness, and no matter how HARD he and the state of NC wishes I would disappear, I am not going ANYWHERE, and am already DEVOTED to solving my brother's murder, and EXPOSE the tyrants for what they really are, WHITE COLLAR CRIMINALS, USING POLITICS AS THEIR STEPPING STONE TO MASSIVE ABUSE IN GOVERNMENTAL OFFICES!

They may run, but they CANNOT hide forever! Please contact me at my Yahoo address, and I will be MORE than happy to join THIS discussion, and ANY discussion having to do with the BROKEN LEGISLATIVE SYSTEM in Durm NC.

Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland, Ohio
Sister Of Allen Jackson Croft Jr
Murdered May 11, 2005 in Durham

Justice4Jack said...

justice4jackI also want to say once more, that Nifong, the "Bar" and the state of NC, have some SERIOUS ANSWERS to give us, and to not include me into this "discussion," will only show more calculation to silence me, and try to keep me from getting the TRUTHS!

And again let me say, "To Hell with the 3 Stooges & the Whore!"

That dead horse has been beaten to death, and it is time to MOVE FORWARD and focus on the CORRUPTION that STILL plagues Durm!

Rhonda Fleming

KC Johnson said...
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Justice4Jack said...

Better yet, follow my BROTHER'S case! KC, you are such a HYPOCRITE!

I was BANNED from Lieblobbers, because I posted about the conspiracy to deny my brother's MURDER, yet, the "board" has/still continues to beat the "LAX Dead Horse" into dust!

You are equally as racist, and "class-ist!" Your "followers" are predominately white, college educated, and wealthy.

Had this case not involved both black, and white "Players" you could have cared less!

Be HONEST! You are NO better than the misguided folks here! You ALL are USING this case to "FURTHER YOUR OWN AGENDAS!"

I am here BECAUSE Nifong and crew were the FIRST to conceal Jack's MURDER as a SUICIDE, and as God is my witness, he and the state of NC are NOT going to get away with what they have done!

The LAX farce is peanuts! Nifong, and Durham have MUCH more to be held accountable for, and my GOAL is to have a FEDERAL INVESTIGATION! PERIOD!

I personally could care less what will happen to their souls, but I DO care about my brother's DIGNITY!

NOTHING will bring him back, NOTHING compares to the HORRORS of what was done to him, and I stand firm by my statements I have made!

I am not the one who killed my brother, then lied to cover it up, but his wife has, and so has the state of NC!

I have submitted the documents that has taken me 4 years to pry from their dirty fingers to EXPERTS, both in forensics, and in criminology, and as soon as the results are in, you WILL be seeing me before the mass media and in the courts!

WE are not "HERE" for money! WE are here for JUSTICE for an innocent, respectable, dedicated, and law abiding man who, did NOT live and die for naught!

Just as Jack touched so many in his life, so has his death, and I will spend my future dedicated to the cause of ENSURING PROSECUTIONS, EXPOSING CORRUPTION, CHANGING LAWS, AND SAVING LIVES!

My goals are from my HEART, yours are from your WALLETS! If you want to know the TRUTH, then READ MY MYSPACE! Or, go to the courthouse and look for yourself!

But, I seriously doubt you will, MURDERS does not interest YOUR agenda!

Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland, Ohio
Sister of Allen Jackson Croft Jr.
Murdered May 11, 2005 in Durham