Friday, December 11, 2009

Duke LAXer bluff against Durham fails

There is a saying that goes something as follows: “Be careful what you wish for.” Buoyed by their unimaginable success in shaking down Duke University in the amount of seven mil for each of the three Duke Lacrosse defendants, greedy attorneys representing their greedier clients, went after the cash-strapped city of Durham seeking more dinero. Their reasoning being that if a school is willing to shell out a total of $21,000,000.00 in an out of court settlement to make the notoriety of a vague complaint against it by the “alleged aggrieved” Duke student athlete party-goers go away, then surely a big city, like Durham, would have no problem turning over $30 million for a similar deal. Call it hush money, or nuisance money, if you will, but the plaintiffs obviously considered it to be easy money.

Having believed too much of the biased media’s take on the Duke Lacrosse case, they launched their civil case aggressively and with the assistance of the favorable media. However, when the attorneys realized that the city was not going to rollover, as they had expected, reality began to set in, and they had to take an objective look at their case. Their conclusion, I would bet, is that they had none. First of all, nearly a third of the lacrosse team members had run-ins with the law. They, of course, were smoothed over by an unwritten protocol the university had in place with prosecutors in the city. (The problem of the Duke Lacrosse case occurred when then Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong refused to play by those slanted unwritten rules… a major reason he was persecuted and made an example of.) Duke lacrosse team captain Dave Evans, one of the Duke Lacrosse defendants even pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. Another defendant, Collin Finnerty, had assault charges on his record for his part in the beating of a person presumed to be gay. Then, the lacrosse player who phoned the escort service seeking the services of two exotic dancers (strippers) used a false name and stated the event was a bachelor party of four or five. The pretenses under which the dancers were hired were false, especially when they knew that the event was a spring break beer party for nearly fifty young men with raging hormones. As if that is not enough, factor in the fact that the lacrosse player who made the arrangement requested two “white” dancers, and two African American dancers were showed up (the lacrosse team had only one African American player who did not attend the party). Under these circumstances, it is not hard to believe testimony from neighbors that the partygoers were hurling racial epithets at the dancers as they left.

The media did its best to downplay the negative aspects of the actions of the partygoers, but if the trial were to go to court, other negativity would surely be exposed. For example, I have it from a secondhand source that there was drug use at the party (I cannot personally vouch for the accuracy); therefore, if he case was to go to trial, this would most definitely be brought up, if it is true. Also, the evidence collected by the Attorney General’s Office would be made available; evidence of which it refuses to release copies to the accuser and her representative. Evidence presented to the media by defense attorneys, such as the time stamped photographs would come under scrutiny for signs of possible tampering, etc. And once the police were called, the partygoers scattered like cockroaches deserting a sinking ship, so the place was essentially emptied by the time authorities arrived.

In seeking damages, attorneys for the three defendants take aim at police, doctors, nurses, and practically everyone who may have spoken out against the Duke lacrosse team or its actions. But these attorneys also know, about the reputation of the Duke lacrosse team when it comes to partying. They have such a raucous history in the Duke neighborhood when it comes to hosting parties, that the president of the university had warned its team coach to rein in its players… something he was incapable of doing. Yes, the possibility of hitting the jackpot when taking the case to trial seems bleak. Especially if one is looking for a big payout. The most likely outcome of such a trial would be exposing the Duke Lacrosse partygoers for what they were… and that is not too flattering.

So, now, after so much bluster and bravado, it seems as though the attorneys for the carpetbagger families of the Duke Lacrosse defendants have decided to just allow things to die down. Yes, they succeeded against Duke University, but they bluffed once to often when they took on the cash-strapped city of Durham. The city is eagerly awaiting the confrontation, conversely. Stay tuned.


William L. Anderson said...

Sydney, you don't know anything about the Finnerty case, and if you are going to write about it, then you really ought to get the facts and not just put whatever pleases you out there. He did not beat anyone, in fact, he did not even touch the person in question (who, by the way, is not gay). This lie that Collin Finnerty beat up a gay man in Georgetown seems to have the same kind of life with you as the Big Lie that the lacrosse team put up a wall of silence.

In fact, Finnerty was hit from behind, and it was established at his hearing that he did not hit or beat up anyone. Now, I know you have shown that you prefer lies to the truth, so what I have written will have no effect on your or the True Believers on you committee. Nonetheless, I wanted to have the truth on the record on this blog.

William L. Anderson said...

Oh, and the African-American player WAS at the party. Dr. Harr, I would urge you to tell the truth once in a while, or I am going to think that you are deliberately telling whoppers, just like the man you have vociferously defended has done.

William L. Anderson said...

The African-American player in question is Devon Sherwood, and I have met both him and his father. I doubt that either of them would appreciate your not telling the truth about Devon.

Justice58 said...


You're on fire with that post!


Bill Anderson,

Sherwood said he found it "impossible" to believe that the rape allegations are true.

What Devon Sherwood believes doesn't mean crap in a court of law.

Sherwood had left the party so how could be know what happened?

Justice58 said...


Sherwood had left the party so how could he know what happened? It's just laughable that anyone would ask him questions about what happened that night! Please!

Justice58 said...

He did not beat anyone, in fact, he did not even touch the person in question (who, by the way, is not gay).

But he did get in the person's face yelling...Say you're a fag!

Justice58 said...

As is usual in the great State of NC, DA Mike Nifong and the accuser were tried and lynched by the MEDIA, NC Attorney General Roy T. Cooper, those 'special expensive defense lawyers', and Congressman Walter Jones. Evidence that would never be allowed in a COURT OF LAW was allowed in the MEDIA COURT TRIAL. The EVIDENCE was never shown to the public. We are just supposed to believe and take the word of Attorney General Roy T. Cooper, serving as the Media Judge and Jury. I often wonder why all three of the boys didn't take a polygraph. I also wonder why the results of the single Evans' polygraph were not made public; we just had to take Evans word for it that he passed it. I wonder what questions he had to answer on the polygraph. I guess I'll never know.

One of the most egregious injustices committed was the action taken by a judge who blatantly violated the accuser's fourth amendment Constitutional Rights by ordering a paternity test without probable cause. Both prosecutors and defense attorneys agree there's no chance one of the three indicted players could be the father. The 'victim' has not made a claim against anyone, and no one has claimed to be the father, ergo, there is no probable cause and no justification for the judge's ruling, in my opinion.

I am 100% sure the only one trying to get at the truth was Mike Nifong; I am certain no one else was and there was all an all out war to save DUKE'S IMAGE and escalate these despicable rich elite Duke Lacrosse players to hero status. ~ Barf! ~ Roy T. Cooper was not concerned in 'justice' for all. This was blatant racism, class and culture good old boys versus low-income black, minority female. The South has risen, again.

NORTH CAROLINA - building a bridge to the 17th century!
The view from inside Uncle Tom's cabin.

Myra Kinderknecht

unbekannte said...

Biased prejudiced racist bigot fanatic know nothing megalomaniac injustice58:

Neither you nor sidney harr de harr harr have yet realized what you believe doesn't mean squat to any sane rational unbiased person, except that the both of you are incredibly stupid and deluded. For all your ranting, the world still knows that cgm lied to the police and falsely accused three innocent men of rape.

unbekannte said...

biased prejudiced racist bigot fanatic know nothing megalomaniac injustice 58.

You mention evidence which would never be allowed in court. You have failed to clarify. Are you referring to the evidence decent(HA) honorable(HA HA) distinguished(HA HA HA) exemplary(HA HA HA HA) minister of justice(he doesn't know the meaning of the word justice) Nifong tried illegally to conceal and suppress because it confirmed the innocence of the falsely accused lacrosse players?

Justice58 said...


What you think/believe is not my problem.

When, why, and who decided to finally take her to a rape unit? Was it just an after thought? Well, it was too late to identify the date rape drug, if it was used. Good Job! How long has this drug been around and was it ever used by an 'elite' DUKE student? In 1997, a second year DUKE medical student, David Coolidge, Jr., was believed to have given the well known date drug to a 13-year old boy and then he sexually assaulted the child in his DUKE dorm room. As is customary in North Carolina, he was only convicted of Indecent Liberties with a Child and given probation only. He is currently on the NC Sex Offender Registry and will be taken off the registry in March 2008.
In spite of it's epidemic use on campus and by young people in America, the date rape drug, rohypnol, was never reported to have even been considered in the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case. The use of the date rape drug is reaching pandemic proportions in America. This drug is not detectable after a short period of time. It is 'tasteless' drug rendering the victim totally unable to resist; causing major memory loss and inability to recall details of the rape; in some cases there is no memory at all; it causes major confusion, hysteria, panic, disorientation, etc. shall I go on? The second dancer reported that she did not consume the drink offered to her but the accuser drank hers and her demeanor and appearance changed.

Myra Kinderknecht

unbekannte said...

Sidney harr de harr harr:

If the lawsuits are going to expose the Lacrosse team, why are they pursuing them? why is decent(HA) honorable(HA HA) distinguished(HA HA HA) exemplary(HA HA HA HA) minister of justice(he has never heard the meaning of the word) nifong trying to hide from testifying and answering the lawsuits? Why has cgm not filed suit against them? Maybe Vincent Clark could answer that.

unbekannte said...

Biased prejudiced racist bigot fanatic know nothing megalomaniac injustice 58:

Why has cgm not filed a lawsuit against the Lacrosse players? If the case against them is so strong, wouldn't a civil suit be cgm's opportunity to prove her claims in a court of law. Is she afraid she will be further exposed as a fraud if she goes to court.

Justice58 said...

NEWSWEEK April 24, 2006 'Sex, Lies & Duke'

The other woman who was hired to dance at the off-campus party on March 13, the night of the alleged attack, was Kim Roberts. Meadows spoke with her about what she remembers from the party. "She talked about how she remembered the alleged victim showing up sober," Meadows said. "And then Kim remembered that they had been given drinks. They had each been given a mixed drink. Kim did not drink hers. She said the alleged accuser spilled hers, actually after having had a little bit of it, and then she drank Kim's. And it was after that, shortly after that that Kim remembers the alleged accuser becoming out of it, stumbling, having a glassy look in her eye, unresponsive look in her eye."

Meadows said that information has raised the possibility that some sort of date rape drug was slipped into the dancers' drinks. "It's likely that she got all those tests when she went to the hospital that night," said Meadows of the accuser. "When I spoke to the prosecutor two weeks ago, he hinted at this -- he hinted at the possibility that there might have been something put into her drink.

PAGE 112
Sgt. M.D. Gottlieb - 4/19/0 7

5 information was received by an attorney that was
6 representing a client who was on the lacrosse team to
7 Mr. Nifong that there was a possibility that the
8 reporting witness or victim had been drugged with
9 ecstasy.

unbekannte said...

Biased prejudiced racist bigot know nothing megalomaniac injustice 58:

If you don't care about what I say, then why does it anger you so?

unbekannte said...

Biased prejudiced racist bigot know nothing megalomaniac injustice 58:

You quote Sergeant Gottlieb? Sergeant Gottlieb who, months into the investigation produced a from memory statement which contradicted all the early documents in the case?

Boy are you desperate to believe your delusions

unbekannte said...

Biased prejudiced racist bigot know nothing megalomaniac injustice 58

Here's an oldie but a goodie:

How come the DNA found on cgm's person did not match any of the lacrosse players. Remember, cgm told the er personnel she had been penetrated and ejaculated upon

unbekannte said...

Biased prejudiced racist bigot fanatic know nothing megalomaniac injustice 58:

cgm hasn't been seen or heard in public for many months. Why is she afraid to make any more public claims. The more she speaks, the more like a liar she appears.

Justice58 said...

Sgt M.D. Gottlieb depo- 4/19/07
pg 165

things like Flexeril, which is a muscle relaxant, and I think the defense was claiming that they believed she was taking a muscle relaxant and that was why she was acting the way she was acting. But nothing showed up, so obviously she couldn't have been taking it.

Jason Bissey's statement about the dancer's arrival to the party.

"They were both totally lucid.
[The accuser] was not impaired
in any way, I remember clearly,"
Bissey said Thursday. "It was
a kind of a long way to walk so
it would have been pretty clear
if she was messed up."

IIRC, Wasn't Dave Evans the one who said Crystal acted or looked like she was high on something but yet he gave her a drink? Clearly Bissey sees a very different woman than Dave Evans does! Go figure!

Justice58 said...

From Gottlieb's notes:

3/16/06 0844

I received a call from a potential witness who identified himself as Jason Bissey. He stated he lived next door to 610 N. Buchanan, and stated he had heard men at the party yelling racial slurs at the women in the car as they were pulling off to leave. He stated he was going to call the police earlier in the evening, but didn't as things at 610 N. Buchanan became rowdy. He stated when he saw the request for information on the PAC site, he knew he needed to call and give the information he knew. I took his name and number and told him Inv. Himan. In addition, I gave Mr. Bissey Inv. Himan's contact information and thanked him for calling.

Justice58 said...

Himan's notes:

3/21/06 0946hrs - Jason Bissey

contacted me reference this case. Stated he was on his porch on 3/13/06, he had come home from work and was drinking a beer on his porch. He stated that the neighbors at 610 North Buchanan were having a party and had been out there for the most part of the day. He stated he saw two women arrive and start talking to one of the males at the party. He stated that they were on the back porch and was dressed conservatively and other was scantily. He stated that it seemed like they looked like strippers and were working something out, he said due to one being more conservatively dressed, he thought one was the manager and the other was the stripper. He stated that about 15-20 minutes went by and the two women left in a hurry out the door, he stated they looked extremely upset and were both sitting in the vehicle being talked to by a couple of the guys trying to get them to come out. A lot of the guys were yelling that they wanted there money back. He stated that both of the girls got out of the car and seemed to have been talked into coming back in. He then stated that one of the black females with extension, was yelling about one of her shoes missing and went to the back door he stated about 10-15 minutes later the vehicle left, and both of the girls were in the car when they left. He remembers one of the guys on the east campus wall state hey. Bitch thank your grandfather for my cotton shirt he stated about 5-10 minutes later a patrol car showed up.

Justice58 said...

unbekannte said...

Biased prejudiced racist bigot know nothing megalomaniac injustice 58:

If you don't care about what I say, then why does it anger you so?


What you think/believe is not my problem, Sugar! ;)

Anonymous said...

@Justice 58:

Myra Kinderknecht aka Miss Piggy


unbekannte said...

biased prejudice racist bigot fanatic know nothing megalomaniac injustice 58:

You sure act like what I say is a problem for you.

unbekannte said...

Sidney Harr de Harr Harr:

Who is your source that there was drug use at the party?

biased prejudiced racist bigot fanatic know nothing megalomaniac injustice58?

silly chicken killy?

decent(HA) honorable(HA HA) distinguished(HA HA HA) exemplary(HA HA HA HA) minister of justice(in all his years of law school he never learned the meaning of that term) Nifong?

Victoria Peterson?(she is just as stupid and deluded as you are)

Vincent Clark?(who, in my opinion, is trying to make a buck promoting cgm's lies)

cgm herself?(whose history includes sexual promiscuity, drug use, mental instability, falsely accusing men of rape and criminal behavior)

Walt said...


I know you don't have a law degree, but, Mike Nifong is a buddy of yours, surely he's not so incompetent as to not understand North Carolina's doctrine of Sovereign Immunity. In terms of financial liability, Durham has only waived immunity to the extent that it purchased liability insurance. Thus, Durham is only liable for the deductible amount they negotiated ($500,000) with their insurance carrier. The real issue in the Seligman, Finnerty and Evans lawsuit is establishing a restraining order and installing independent oversight of the DPD to assure that another botched investigation of innocent people is not carried out.


Nifong Supporter said...

To William L. Anderson:

Thank you for the correction regarding the fact that the black athlete attended the party, but left early. I tried to find out how long he was at the party (i.e. whether he dropped by, or stayed a few hours before leaving), but was unsuccessful. Anyway, unlike the North Carolina State Bar, and the Attorney General's Office, I will admit when my blog contains an error. An error, which I might add, is not malicious. I see no reason for Devon or his father to be upset with the unintentional oversight, which has no bearing on the basic issues brought forth in my blog.

As far as telling whoppers, Mr. Nifong has not, as you allege. When a person makes a statement that he/she believes to be true, but turns out to be false, that does not equate to lying. Mr. Nifong had reason to believe that all DNA results had been received by the defense. Therefore, he did not lie about it.

Nifong Supporter said...

To Walt:

I began championing the cause of Justice for Mike Nifong long before I met him or spoke with him. I feel privileged to have him as a friend. However, my actions and those of the "Committee on Justice for Mike Nifong" on his behalf are entirely independent of input from him or his family.

The real issue of the Finnerty, Seligmann, Evans lawsuit is money, moolah, dinero!!! Ten million dollars each. They easily rolled over Duke University for seven mil, and they thought they could do the same to the city of Durham. If they cared about the cash-strapped city, they would not have brought the lawsuit against it which has cost more than two million to defend (... and counting).

Anonymous said...

There are liars, damned liars and then there is Sydney Harr and his justice4nifong blog.

When are you going to STFU Sydney?

Everyone except Injustice 58 knows you are delusional.

Try a writing a blog denying the Holocaust, you might be a bit more credible!

Justice58 said...

There are fools, damned fools and then there is Anonymous 9:47am on the Justice4nifong blog.

..But Justice will be served!

Keep it up, Sidney. You're rocking & rolling!

JSwift said...

it seems as though the attorneys for the carpetbagger families of the Duke Lacrosse defendants have decided to just allow things to die down...The city is eagerly awaiting the confrontation...


Can you provide a source for these statements or do they simply represent your unsubstantiated conclusions? Please reply.

it seems as though the attorneys for the carpetbagger families of the Duke Lacrosse defendants have decided to just allow things to die down

All of the parties to the lawsuits are awaiting the ruling of Judge Beaty. I too am frustrated at how slowly the justice system appears to work. As you know, the Evans suit was filed more than two years ago, with no end in sight.

As you also know, in June 2009 Judge Beaty asked all parties to submit briefs regarding the applicability of Iqbal to this case. All briefs were filed by July.

Please explain what you expect the plaintiffs’ attorneys should be doing at this time.

The city is eagerly awaiting the confrontation...

As you know, the plaintiffs in Evans have made attempts to commence discovery. The City of Durham and the other defendants have fought these attempts.

For example, in June 2008, the plaintiffs filed a motion to require a Rule 26(f) conference to plan for discovery or alternatively to schedule a pretrial conference. The defendants resisted this attempt. The plaintiffs’ motion was denied in November 2008.

I find it interesting that those who are “eagerly awaiting the confrontation” appear to be seeking to delay or avoid it. They act as though they have something to hide.

Can you explain the City’s apparent attempts to avoid discovery rather than as what you (and they) should view as an opportunity to justify their actions in this case?

You appear to base your conclusion almost entirely on the misdemeanor charges faced by a number of players. As you know, much of that information was exposed in the early coverage by the “biased media.” I remind you of articles such as the N&O’s early stories titled: “15 players had prior charges (3/28/06),” “Lacrosse team out of control (4/3/06),” “Duke plans to address student behavior (4/5/06),” “Lacrosse coach, season out (4/6/06),” “Baseball team had wild side of its own, former players say (4/9/06),” “Team has swaggered for years (4/9/06).” (The N&O has since required a subscription, and I regret that I do not have links to provide.)

On the other hand, the role of the Durham Police Department has faced no meaningful investigation. Neither Nifong’s disbarment hearing nor his criminal contempt trial examined the role of the DPD. Even members of the City Council quickly saw the Baker/Chalmers report as a whitewash. The Whichard commission that followed it collapsed quickly to avoid providing the indicted players with information that could be harmful to the City.

The DPD investigators have been accused of making false statements in connection with affidavits filed in applications for search warrants and the non-testimonial order and in their testimony before the grand jury. They have been accused of intimidating witnesses and filing false reports. They have been accused of violating DPD guidelines in the procedure in which Ms. Mangum “identified” four of her three alleged attackers, their failure to take contemporaneous notes and in statements made by DPD spokespersons. The DPD record shows an “investigation” that failed to interview numerous witnesses and examine evidence in their possession or known to exist.

Perhaps you could explain why the DPD has nothing to fear from exposure of its role.

Anonymous said...

@ Injustice 58:

Come now Miss Piggy, don't you know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery??

Try at least to be original in your asinine (or should that be porcine) responses.

Justice58 said...

they succeeded against Duke University, but they bluffed once to often when they took on the cash-strapped city of Durham.

The best thing to do is take Barry Saunders advice with the Fish Sandwich & a Yahoo!

Durham----Give Them Nothing!

Anonymous said...

@Instice 58:

So Miss Piggy is showing her true colors - as a subscriber to the race hustling bigotry of Barry Saunders!

What next? An obsequious endorsement of Linda Williams?

And by the way, it is a Yoohoo not a Yahoo.

At least show enough intellect to get your 'quote' correct!

Justice58 said...


What da? You are kidding me, right?

Typical YT!

William L. Anderson said...

Sydney, you also wrote that Collin Finnerty was took part in "the beating of a person presumed to be gay." That was untrue.

This is not a case of your being mistaken, as the information on the DC case has been out there. I don't want to assume that you wrote a falsehood on purpose, so I simply will say that you forgot to correct your error.

Nifong said on numerous occasions before his "document dump" in October 2006 that he had turned over all of the DNA material to the defense. He said it both in the court of Kenneth Titus and W. Osmond Smith. When he turned the material over, he simply threw a bunch of raw data together without any explanation, leaving it to the defense to find that not only was there no LAX DNA on Crystal's body, but there was DNA from a number of other men. (No, none of it came from Crystal's baby boy, despite Nifong's claim at his contempt hearing.)

So, I will leave it to you to clear the record. By the way, I do find it interesting that Reade Seligmann has done very well at Brown, has a very good reputation, and has been elected captain of the lacrosse team for the coming year.

But you have smeared him, accused him of bribing a witness, called him a rapist and everything else. You, Sydney Harr, should be ashamed of what you have done. Reade Seligmann is a fine young man, but you have chosen to demonize him out of whatever hatred you might have.

Justice58 said...

Bill Anderson,

I don't want to assume that you wrote a falsehood on purpose

Why Bill Anderson, you did just that by accusing Dr. Irving Joyner of approving of what was done to Eve Carson! You also accused certain respectable citizens in Durham of attempted murder!

"I am not exaggerating. The last things these people wanted was for these guys to be able to survive prison. This is why the lawsuits against Durham and Nifong are so important. As far as I am concerned, the people I have named were enagaged in attempted murder and nothing less than that".

"Let us be honest here. There is a portion of Durham—and that includes Irving Joyner—that has an underlying approval for what was done to Eve Carson. I am not saying that Joyner approved of her murder, but he has said nothing that goes to the heart of the situation. He sees himself as a guardian of African-Americans in Durham, and I would not be surprised if he was hoping for an act of jury nullification so Atwater and Lovette could be set free".

"Let us not forget that Joyner, McSurely, and the NAACP held that the biggest threat to Durham was the Duke lacrosse team. They desperately wanted these young men railroaded to prison, and in their minds, if Lovette and Atwater are acquitted despite the evidence against them, it will be a “fair trade” to the AA community for the lacrosse players not going to prison. Don’t kid yourself; this is how people like Joyner, Barber, and others think".

Nifong Supporter said...

To William L. Anderson:

Regarding your comment about Collin Finnerty, the WRAL website article states that Mr. Finnerty was CONVICTED of misdemeanor assault. In my blog, I merely stated that he had assault charges on his record. If anything, my statement is milder than what is actually the case. I will provide the link, and hopefully will not take down the online article. The link address is:

Let me know if this addresses your point regarding Mr. Finnerty and the assault case in Washington, DC.

William L. Anderson said...

Sydney, you claimed that Collin Finnerty participated in the "beating of a man" who was gay. That was not true, and it was established in court by witnesses that Finnerty did not land any blows on anyone. In fact, he was the only person in the whole fracas who was struck, and he was hit from behind.

Again, it seems that you are trying to present "facts" that are not exactly facts.

However, if you and your friends want to believe that Crystal Mangum was brutally raped, and that Nifong was a Great Hero, and that Roy Cooper, Mary Winstead, and James Coman hid all of the evidence and fabricated stories, all at the direction of Jim Cooney and Joe Cheshire, go ahead. None of that is true, but I realize that does not matter. You have your narrative, and you are going to stick to it no matter what the facts tell you.

I do hope, however, that when you were examining your patients, that you tried to diagnose the situation instead of creating a narrative at the beginning and sticking to it no matter what the tests might have revealed.

Walt said...

"If they cared about the cash-strapped city, they would not have brought the lawsuit against it which has cost more than two million to defend (... and counting).

I repeat, Durham has only waived sovereign immunity to the extent of the insurance. So, any settlement paid to the wrongfully accused comes out of AIG's pocket, not Durham's. To the extent the city has spent money defending the suit, it has been to avoid the imposition of independent oversight. I am surprised Syd that you would spend any time opposing this reasonable remedy. You have many times claimed that all the evidence has not been presented. Presumably the only reason all the evidence has not been presented is because the Durham PD failed miserably at its investigation.


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