Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Crystal Mangum did NOT set clothes in bathtub on fire!

After speaking with Crystal Mangum I learned that on the night of February 17, 2010, she did not set fire to clothes in the bathtub as alleged by the Durham Police Department. Furthermore, she did not know that a fire had been set in her bathtub, and she did not know who was responsible for setting the fire. She also stated that she did not vandalize her ex-boyfriend’s car, as had been alleged in Durham Police Incident/Investigative report, and in the grand jury indictment. Furthermore she stated that she was unaware that her ex’s car had even been vandalized. Regarding the physical altercation with her ex-boyfriend, Ms. Mangum stated that he initiated the fight by punching her in the face, and she fought back in self defense. She never attempted to murder him, or use a lethal weapon against him. In light of her statements about what transpired the night of February 17, 2010, if what Ms. Mangum said is true (and I believe it is), the state’s entire case against her is baseless and without merit… nothing more than a house of cards built with smoke and mirrors on shifting sand… a case that is as flawed, flimsy, and flaky as the North Carolina State Bar’s case against former Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong. I find Crystal’s statements about what happened that night to be far more compelling than those made by authorities because her narrative has a believable timeline with a logical progression of events. Police reports give a report that is vague, sparse on details and substance, disjointed, illogical, and one that essentially defies belief.

When Attorney General Roy Cooper announced on April 11, 2007 that he was dropping all charges in the Duke Lacrosse case, the Carpetbagger families of the Duke Lacrosse defendants concentrated on exacting payback, beginning with the prosecutor, Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong. With the media in cahoots with state agencies, and a pliable public which was readily susceptible to Jedi mind-tricks, Mr. Nifong was disbarred and severely persecuted. In addition to punitive and malicious action taken against Mr. Nifong, two lead investigators in the Duke Lacrosse case were forced to resign, the Durham City Manager was forced to resign, the head of the DNA lab who worked for the prosecution was fired, and the judge hearing the DNA lab director’s wrongful termination law suit threw the case out. Anyone considered by the Powers-That-Be to be on the “wrong end” of the Duke Lacrosse case (“wrong-enders”) were targeted for merciless retaliation. After Mr. Nifong, the high valued “wrong-ender” target next in line for the Powers-That-Be was Crystal Mangum, the African American exotic dancer at the Duke LAX Spring Break beer-guzzling stripper party, who made accusations against the three Duke defendants. A fateful 9-1-1 call by the ten year-old daughter of Ms. Mangum out of concern for her mother’s life on the night of February 17, 2010 gave authorities the opening they had been patiently waiting for, and they burst through it like storm troopers.

Ms. Mangum did not have to break any laws or commit a crime to unleash the unspeakable havoc that would be heaped on her. All that was required was for her to merely initiate contact, no matter how innocent or tangential, with the Durham law enforcement, such as the 9-1-1 call. The plan was straight forward, and was comprised of the following steps: (1) Charge Mangum with many charges and serious charges at the time of her arrest; (2) obtain a high bail (based on those charges) that she would be unable to meet; (3) hold her in jail pre-trial while the prosecution, which determines the pace of court action, moves at glacial speed – she was now serving her sentence as punishment for her role in the Duke Lacrosse case (Note: Wilson Prosecutor Bill Wolfe dragged his feet and stretched James Arthur Johnson’s pre-trial period of incarceration to 39 months before the trial date finally arrived, at which time the prosecution called for a special prosecutor to take over after last minute plea bargains with Mr. Johnson failed.); (4) after serving a long indeterminate sentence behind bars, Ms. Mangum would be expected to jump at the chance to take a plea deal just in order to be released from confinement; (5) after Mangum had served a sufficient sentence behind bars, the prosecution would offer a plea deal that would free her based on time served in exchange for pleading guilty to some charge; and (6) the prosecution would have prevailed without going to trial and Ms. Mangum would have served her sentence for offenses in the Duke Lacrosse case.

This was how things were supposed to happen. Crystal Mangum, who did nothing more than involuntarily allow her face to be used as a punching bag by her ex-boyfriend, was to serve several years in prison while awaiting trial, then she was to be released on a plea deal with a criminal record for misdemeanor arson, and, if the prosecution could swing it, have her placed on probation too.

Shortly after her February 17, 2010 arrest, the prosecution, headed by Angela Garcia-Lamarca, offered the following plea deal to Ms. Mangum: plead guilty as charged and serve a sentence of two years in prison. Her public defender attorney warned Mangum that if she turned down the offer and opted to go to trial, and if the prosecution successfully had her convicted of felony first degree arson, she could possibly face a six year sentence. Ms. Mangum refused this plea offer and languished in jail for three months until fate intervened in the form of two benevolent and generous bondsmen. The Carpetbagger Jihad plan had proceeded as intended until the owners of Hammond & Hammond Bailbondsmen, Inc. unexpectedly satisfied the $100,000 bond requirement for Ms. Mangum’s release from the Durham Detention Center. However, as a safeguard against such an unexpected event, Judge Claude Allen had set a condition for Ms. Mangum that if she was able to bond out, she would be required to be placed under house arrest. The move from the detention center to house arrest was not only significant because Ms. Mangum was no longer subjected to the oppressive conditions related with being behind bars, but because the prosecution lost its greatest bargaining chip. As a jail inmate, Ms. Mangum would have been more willing to accept harsher terms of a plea offer in order to taste freedom. With comforts of home confinement she was in better position to dictate terms for a plea deal that she would find more to her liking, or have the option of waiting to go to trial. Approximately one month into house arrest, the prosecution proposed to Ms. Mangum a second plea deal: plead guilty to misdemeanor arson and serve three additional months under house arrest along with credit for time served for the three months already spent in jail, and be placed on three years probation. Again, Ms. Mangum declined this offer by the prosecution.

The greatest advantage to Ms. Mangum of being placed under house arrest was that she was no longer inaccessible. Friends and family and supporters were able to visit her without time constraints or supervision. It was during such a visit that I met Ms. Mangum and she told me, face to face, what transpired in the late hours of February 17th and early hours of the 18th with respect to her interaction with her ex-boyfriend and authorities. I found her narrative of events to be consistent, cogent, credible, and compatible with the timeline… and her story, as told to me, follows.

On February 17, 2010, Crystal Mangum, single mother of three children aged 11, 10, and 3 years, had custody of her children who lived with her in a rented apartment. Moving forward with her life after Duke Lacrosse, she was gainfully employed and self-sufficient, and had recently taken out a $6,000 loan to pay for tuition, books, and supplies for grad school (she was enrolled at North Carolina Central University where she was pursuing a Masters degree in clinical psychology).

She had been intermittently in a relationship with Milton Walker over a 17 year period, and he currently had been dividing time staying with Ms. Mangum and at his parents’ house, also located in Durham. During the evening of February 17th an argument ensued when Ms. Mangum related to Mr. Walker that she wanted to terminate their relationship, and that she wanted him to move, with his belongings, from her apartment. At about 11:15 pm, the argument turned violent after Ms. Mangum made a statement to which Walker took offense. He responded by grabbing Crystal and punching her in the face several times. Mangum’s ten year-old daughter immediately went to the phone and made a frantic call to 9-1-1, requesting help and stating that if help did not arrive soon, her mother might be killed.

Ms. Mangum extricated herself from her ex-boyfriend’s grasp and attempted to escape. He was in pursuit. She picked up a chair, and hit him with it in self-defense. Intermittently during the next twenty minutes or so, the two scuffled, wrestled, and exchanged punches. She then went into an unoccupied bedroom and closed the door behind her. After approximately five minutes in the room she emerged, whereupon she found two police officers (Tyler and Thompson) entering the premises.

Acutely aware of her infamous Duke Lacrosse past, Ms. Mangum began talking to the two officers, trying to mollify the situation because she dreaded police involvement and its implications with regards to media, etc.

Shortly after Mangum engaged the two officers, two additional officers entered the house with a handcuffed Mr. Walker between them. The sight of Walker triggered a fit of hysteria during which Mangum screamed at him. She doesn’t deny that she might have said something to the effect that she was going to stab him, but she did not have a knife and was definitely not armed when yelling. In other words, there was no imminent danger that she could or would carry out the threat. Officer Tyler then forced Ms. Mangum to the floor and handcuffed her. Mangum had been assured that she was not under arrest, but that she was being restrained until things could be sorted out.

Shortly thereafter, Officer Tyler stated aloud that he smelled smoke, at which point Officer Thompson began to lead Crystal out of the house. Mangum heard Officer Tyler go to the bathroom and kick in the bathroom door (Note: the bathroom door had been closed since before the officers arrived). Crystal was hesitant, not wanting to leave her children in the house if there was danger. Officer Thompson assured Mangum that her children would be removed from the house, as well. Shortly thereafter, Crystal’s three children and Walker joined her outside of the house. Officer Thompson placed Crystal in the backseat of the patrol car. The officers congregated around Mr. Walker and were talking to him, but none of the officers came to Crystal to get a statement from her about what had transpired.

After a period of time has passed, fire trucks begin arriving. Ms. Mangum does not recall seeing a fire hose being taken into the building by the firefighters. Eventually one of the firemen approached the patrol car and asked Crystal if she started the fire. Crystal denied setting the fire or knowing anything about the fire.

When she noticed that Mr. Walker had been freed of his manacles, she anticipated that she would be removed from the handcuffs as well, and asked Officer Tyler when he was going to take off the cuffs. He replied that she was going to jail and slammed the car door shut.

While being driven to jail, Ms. Mangum was still unaware of the gravity of the situation that faced her. In her assessment of the situation, she had definitely not attempted to kill Mr. Walker, she was the true victim of the assault, she did not initiate the fight, the 9-1-1 call was made with her welfare in mind, her physical actions were in self-defense, she did not set fire to clothes in the bathroom’s bathtub, she did not take clothes into the bathroom, she knew nothing about the fire in the bathroom, she did not vandalize a car, she did not know if her ex-boyfriend’s car had been vandalized, and she was cooperative with the authorities and offered no resistance to them. When Ms. Mangum heard the charges against her that were read later, she was totally flabbergasted.

Meanwhile, the biased mainstream media, including Newsweek magazine wrote stories about how Ms. Mangum was arrested for attempted first degree murder and for committing first degree arson (defined as: setting an occupied building or structure on fire). The media articles related how Ms. Mangum allegedly punched, scratched, and threw objects at Mr. Walker, but there was no mention that Mr. Walker initiated the altercation by punching Crystal in the face. Nor was there any mention about any prior charges of domestic abuse attributed to Mr.Walker, which I have been told included an ex-wife of Walker being punched in the face. Ms. Mangum stated that after being taken to the police station, photographs were taken of her bruised face, but not one of them was published or aired by the media.

The media, in general, stayed away from the car vandalism issue. In only one article could I even find any mention of damage to a car. Keith Upchurch, writer for The Herald-Sun newspaper, seemed to confirm that a car had been vandalized when he wrote that an empty black Lincoln with a shattered windshield and four flat tires was sitting in the driveway of Crystal’s apartment on the afternoon of February 18, 2010. (Police reports, however, described Milton Walker’s car as being a blue Oldsmobile Park Avenue.) When asked to see the Herald-Sun’s photographs of the vandalized car, Mr. Upchurch replied that no photographs had been taken.

Neither politicians nor civil rights organizations, such as the NAACP, came to the defense of Crystal Mangum. No one extended support or expressed outrage at Ms. Mangum’s treatment except for members of the Committee on Justice for Mike Nifong. Committee members wrote Ms. Mangum letters of support while she was held in the detention center, and made donations to her during her incarceration. Committee members wrote letters to judges, prosecutors, politicians, and others seeking dismissal of the charges and her release from custody. Committee members held a pray vigil for Ms. Mangum on May 15, 2010, in Durham. Committee member Vincent Edward Clark tried to raise money for Ms. Mangum’s bond, and upon reading about it in The Herald-Sun, Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Hammond, owners of Hammond & Hammond Bail Bondsman, Inc., made an impressive humanitarian gesture by putting up bond for Ms. Mangum pro bono. Since being released from jail, though still under house arrest, Ms. Mangum has been able to tell, firsthand, what happened the night of February 17, 2010. The aforementioned, according to Ms. Mangum, is what transpired, and it is believable, especially when considering the story pieced together by police and fire reports and media articles.

The piecemeal story offered by the authorities and media is as follows. Though no time was given for receipt of the 9-1-1 call placed by Mangum’s daughter, the police arrived before midnight on February 17, 2010. There was no documentation that I could find that stated that officers witnessed any physical altercation between Ms. Mangum and Mr. Walker. There was no documentation to support the claim by police that Ms. Mangum attempted to kill Mr. Walker. When officers brought Milton Walker into the house where Ms. Mangum was talking with Officers Tyler and Thompson, Ms. Mangum exploded into a tirade during which she is alleged to have stated, “I’m going to stab you, M-F.” There is no report that Ms. Mangum was armed when she made the statement. At this point, Mangum was apparently forced to the floor and handcuffed, the time of arrest recorded at 11:55 pm of February 17, 2010. It is unclear as to what time Officer Tyler allegedly saw Ms. Mangum put clothes in the bathroom, but he allegedly discovered the fire in the bathroom’s bathtub around 12:08 am, and placed a call at that time to the Durham Fire Department. At 12:09 am, nearly fourteen minutes after Ms. Mangum was arrested, the Durham Fire Department received the alarm, in which the police officer falsely indicated a structure fire was in progress with a subject trapped. What happened during the fourteen minutes from the time Ms. Mangum was handcuffed until Officer Tyler discovered the fire in the bathtub is a mystery for which there has been no accounting.

At approximately 12:15 am, six minutes after the alarm was sounded, the fire units arrived at Crystal’s apartment. There was no mention of what, if any, measures were taken by police to extinguish the burning clothes in the bathtub since the fire was allegedly discovered six minutes earlier. For example, there was no mention that the police officers turned on the bathtub faucets, which most people would consider a prudent course of action. On arrival firemen found the bathroom door closed, and upon opening it, observed that a fire was still visible in the bathtub. The estimated number of articles of clothing burned is never given, although a Herald-Sun article wrote, “They (Durham police) said she filled a bathtub with clothes and set them on fire.” Never in the fire report is there any mention of flame damage to the structure, only smoke damage. The only things burned by flames were apparently clothes. No reports contained any mention of what articles of clothing were burned, or whether or not only articles that belonged to Walker were burned. Because of extensive smoke damage in the bathroom, the firemen probably felt compelled to pull down the ceiling to rule out possible extension of the fire there; an action which accounted for the substantial amount of building damage resulting from this incident.

The authority’s version of events lacks credibility because it is vague, nonspecific, and illogical. Reasons for the charge of attempted first degree murder are never substantiated, use of the felony first degree arson charge is inaccurate and misleading because a structure was not burned, and it is unreasonable to believe that it was the intention of the fire-starter to burn anything other than the clothes in the bathtub. The identity theft charge lodged against Ms. Mangum was ludicrous, as were the three counts of child abuse. The charge of injury to personal property was never appropriately documented or justified. Ms. Mangum was designated by police as the offender in the domestic dispute without them even taking a statement from her. The most cursory look at this case brings up questions of misconduct and bias on the part of state authorities in prosecuting Ms. Mangum in what would appear to the objective and casual observer to be nothing more than payback for her role in the Duke Lacrosse case.

Unable to afford an attorney, Ms. Mangum is being represented by an attorney from Durham’s Public Defender Office. The public defender is an employee of the state, and it is the state which pays his salary and is responsible for his advancement in the ranks, or lack thereof. When issues of misconduct and malfeasance by state officials and/or governmental agencies occur against a defendant, a public defender is automatically placed in a compromised position with an inherent conflict of interest. As Mark Twain once said, “Show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a man playing golf with his boss.” Crystal Mangum’s public defender is, in essence, playing golf with his boss. For him to aggressively and appropriately defend his client, would require exposing government officers and agents of misdeeds. For him to successfully defend his client would not be beneficial to his career, and could very well be detrimental to it. There is a definite conflict of interest issue with the flawed vendetta case against Ms. Mangum. To best serve his interests, he is under pressure to work with the prosecutor and try and persuade Ms. Mangum to accept a plea deal… any deal as long as she pleads guilty to a charge that would take the state off the hook for a possible civil suit filed by Ms. Mangum. She’s holding a royal flush, and the public defender’s goal is to persuade her to fold.

This vendetta payback case against Ms. Mangum was a plea deal case from the onset, as Prosecutor Garcia-Lamarca had no intention of prosecuting the case in court because she had no case. The prosecutor was relying on the public defender to help get the defendant to accept a plea deal. However, much leverage was lost by the prosecution when angelic bail bondsmen appeared unexpectedly and bonded Ms. Mangum from the detention center.

So, regarding the most serious of the charges for which Ms. Mangum is currently under house arrest, felony first degree arson, the prosecution has not made its case. It lacks credible evidence. All charges against Crystal Mangum should be immediately dismissed and she should be released from custody, period.


Lance the Intern said...

This is what you have? Did you attempt to corroborate any of this with Milton Walker?

Easy E said...

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Michael said...

Sidney, if there is anything we learned from the events of 2006 it's that DPD policing is not "state of the art." Your critique of the police report assumes that it is the detailed narrative of events which it should be, but clearly isn't.

Again, whether you are inclined to believe CGM or the police (and for the record, I'm inclined to believe NEITHER), no one on this board should have any high expectations for the quality of DPD police work. Simply said, the police report cannot be parsed with the specificity that you apply, and the time you spend doing it is wasted --- other than to help me make my next point.

Your report of CGM's account of the incident lacks any of the strict parsing applied to the police report. It is reminiscent of the schoolboy, tong-tied, sweaty-palmed wonder that your buddy Vince described when Cash first introduced him to CGM. You repeatedly remark how credible she was (as if saying would make it so) while accepting her inability to account for the fire or the vehicle damage. Just a free pass, and a double-standard to boot, Sid. Was Walker burning his own clothes and slashing his own tires while CGM did her nails?

This is yet another post where you try to misdirect the topic of this blog (which is whether Mike Nifong was justly or unjustly punished) cheerleading for someone on "your team" (however you identify that) and demonstrating that your intellect is devoted not to the pursuit of the truth, but of propping up your belief system regardless of the facts.

The reason I stay here is I think you're a smart guy who is misguided. But at some point, the cheerleading has got to stop and you've got to address facts and not try to invent an alternate reality.

The DPD has no credible motive for purposely propelling CGM into the headlines and has plenty of motive to keep her out of the headlines. Rae Evans does not run the DPD. That's crazy talk Sid.

Inquiring minds wanna know said...

Sid -- Having an "entire case...[that is] baseless and without merit… nothing more than a house of cards built with smoke and mirrors on shifting sand… a case that is...flawed, flimsy, and flaky..." hasn't stopped the Durham DA's office from attempting to prosecute "innocent" people in the past.

The Durham DA's office also has a history of basing their cases on
"...a report that is vague, sparse on details and substance, disjointed, illogical, and one that essentially defies belief.."

Why should this one be any different? isn't the current DA a Mike Nifong protégé?

Anonymous said...

This is earthshaking? The lying prostitute who falsely accused the Duke Lacrosse players is denying all charges.

Ho hum. I don't feel any earth trembling.

Mind if I nap through this.



Anonymous said...

Mr. Harr, why was it not significant to you that the duke lacrosse players all asserted their innocence, especially after the evidence exonerated them?

Syd's friend said...

Sydney, you may not know this but some of us have grown rather fond of you.

With that admission, I beg you to promise us the following:

1. You will not allow yourself to be alone in an elevator with Ms. Mangum;

2. You will always place your car keys more than an arm's length away from your lap;

3. You will always wear a wire if you should follow her into any wooded areas;

4. You will monitor the contents of your bathroom trash can after every visit;

5. Lowe's has an inexpensive fire extinguisher that can double in the bath as an attractive guest towel holder.

Get one.

6. Keep your car insurance current.

7. Ix-nay to any "modeling."

I for one do not want to pick up the N&O and be reading about the esteemed Doctor Harr...cast as the latest picaresque lead in Ms. Mangum's... NEXT... star-crossed legal "adventure."

Anonymous said...

Crystal deserves her day in court! Right NOW!

Wondering..... said...

Just a quick question....The police officer CGM almost ran over in 2002 was named John Carroll...Anyone know the names of the arresting officers in this latest arrest?

Michael said...

"Ms. Mangum stated that after being taken to the police station, photographs were taken of her bruised face, but not one of them was published or aired by the media."

Photos and video within 24 hours of the arrest can be found here:

Again, judge for yourself. However, as with the DNA evidence in 2006, please try not to posit hypotheticals that defy basic human biology.

kenhyderal said...

Wondering..... said...
Just a quick question....The police officer CGM almost ran over in 2002 was named John Carroll...Anyone know the names of the arresting officers in this latest arrest?
Tyler and Thompson

Brod Dickhead said...

@kenhyderal: Tyler and Thompson

LOL - learnt how to do some research have we Ken?

Or is that really Sidney who forgot to switch identities before he hit the enter button?

Bart said...

Thanks. What I see there confirms my speculation.

V for Vendetta said...

Brod Dickhead - LOL - learnt how to do some research have we Ken?

Not really, Brod. Sidney's post mentioned the officers' names in passing.

V for Vendetta said...

Sidney, it would appear that Crystal, stripper and prostitute (not 'exotic dancer') doesn't remember several things that she would be expected to recall.

Did you get any indication from her as to how loaded she was the might of her arrest? Her mug shots show one mighty fyucked up 'lady'.

BTW, neither those mugshots nor pics of her in jail whites and handcuffs indicate any bruising or injuries. Why is that?

Billie Ray Valentine said...

Maybe she knows karate? Everybody knows a karate man bruises on the inside......

Michael said...

There was no bruising shown because Duke University altered the pictures (while she was being levitated by the secret Duke University "zero gravity" machine being developed for the Defense Department).

Seriously, the latest fiction from CGM only reinforces the pattern she has established over many years. (1) self-medicate (for paranoid schizophrenia) with illegal drugs and alcohol; (2) get into serious trouble, the details of which you can't recall; (3) make up a story about how someone tried to kill, rape, beat you [always something truly horrible - befitting your paranoia] so that you're all of a sudden the victim and not the perp; and (4) when asked to prove the story, make up an even more incredible story.

Anonymous said...

. .

Great reporting, Sydney.

Quite a collection of paid lacrosse
spammers you have here.

. .

Anonymous said...

For Sidney, kenhyderal and all his aliases/sockpuppets

Michael said...

Anonymous said...

"Great reporting, Sydney."

According to the website, Mr. Harr's first name is spelled "Sidney." He is too much of a gentleman to correct this - particularly where the misspelling poster agrees with his worldview, so I (not being much of a gentleman - apparently I'm a misogynist?) will do it for him.

To restate my earlier position: "Our 'host' has spent the last several weeks bloviating about his perception that the DPD and local prosecutors inflated the charges against CGM."

CGM's current story involves an allegation of physical abuse that is not substantiated by physical evidence (and is actually disproved by such evidence - assuming the rules of space/time and human biology prevail) and lacunae of specific facts (who set the fire; who vandalized the car) that she would have been expected to know had her recollection of events been - shall we say, in order for me to avoid lapsing into another "hate crime" - appropriately acute.

Sid, on the other hand, reveals that: "I found her narrative of events to be consistent, cogent, credible, and compatible with the timeline…"

So, there you have it.

Nifong Supporter said...

To Syd's friend:

Thank you for your concern, however, I do not believe it is warranted with regards to Ms. Mangum. Personally, I believe that the fire in the bathtub was a set-up to get Ms. Mangum into the criminal justice system... in other words, a set up. Same with the vandalism of the car charge.

As for me, warnings with regards to a car are not necessary as I have no car or driver's license (although I do know how to drive and have driven in the past). I actually lead a pretty spartan life... efficiency apartment, no cable, no internet at home (I use the library's which is free).

Thanks again for your concern, and I hope you continue to comment as the situation develops further.

Nifong Supporter said...

Wondering..... said...
"Just a quick question....The police officer CGM almost ran over in 2002 was named John Carroll...Anyone know the names of the arresting officers in this latest arrest?"

I believe the name of the officer on the arrest record was a female Durham Police officer named Thompson.

Michael said...

"Personally, I believe that the fire in the bathtub was a set-up to get Ms. Mangum into the criminal justice system... in other words, a set up. Same with the vandalism of the car charge."

So....who set the fire?....vandalized the car? Cops, boyfriend, Rae Evans?

Come on! You make statements like this and just let them hang out there. Who did it, in your opinion?

wayne fontes said...

Sidney, could you possibly get in touch with Vince Clark and tell him that if he claims to be willing to go "toe to toe" with people he might actually need to respond to comments made response his own comments. I'm referring to his brief appearance at the talk left forums.

He is a member of your team right?

Anonymous said...


Could you please be a good lacrosse douchnozzle
and provide a link to this latest lacrosse cesspool
the boyz are swimming in?

Thanks Wayne. You know how the sockpuppets
just love to smear themselves in lacrosse doo doo.

Reminder to the paid lacrosse spammers. This
month's top producer gets a free hand-job from Dave.

So froth at the mouth and type madly.

wayne fontes said...

Hey Anon, I kinda assumed that when I wrote at the talk left forums any reasonably intelligent person could find it. I apologize, making that assumption when in a forum where people actively support Nifong was obviously a mistake. So here you go Anon (hint it's the first result).

Gotta go now Anon. I have a crop sock puppets setting off controlled burns across the internet that need tending. I will check back to see if you can come up with anything wittier than calling me a douchenozzle.

Michael said...

You guys can wait on Vince/Ed Clark....

ME? I'M still waiting to hear Sidney's take on who set the fire and vandalized the car.

More topically, I'm still waiting to hear how a DNA lab can find evidence of at least two male DNA contributors in a woman's mouth, but a subsequent contributor's DNA - one who allegedly ejaculated in said mouth - disappears (no sperm, no epithelial DNA, no nothing) from the forensic record.

syd's friend said...

If we are revealing motivations then I must repeat: my ONLY reason for posting a sincere protective instinct in regard to Dr. Harr.

My abiding fear is that he will end up like all the other men who come into Mangum's deranged and destructive orbit.

Who can ever forget, for example, one of Mangum's most prominent local advocates before dear Sydney assigned himself the job...the inimitable Mr. Clyde Yancey.

Let us remember how Clyde so unselfishly took to the airwaves (incognito out of necessity) to detail several of Mangum's fantasies du jour. The nation subsequently awaited... with pulsating anticipation (SHA-A-AKE) the birth of the Lacrosse child... sort of the Carpetbagger Jihad's equivalent of Rosemary's Baby.

Dr. Harr, it will break my heart... if... some night, just before I lay me down to sleep.... I see you in a cheap dress and hair extensions...telling Greta Van Sustern this silly fire story.

Let's review:

NONE of the men in Mr. Mangum's little girl's life have fared too well.

Six have been falsely accused of rape. A cuckolded husband was accused of murder. One had his taxi keys lifted during what he perceived to be a romantic was almost run over in the aftermath. I'm remembering something about a child molestation charge. There were some very scary customer service incidents at the Platinum Club.

Now we have this individual who, according to you, was almost consumed by spontaneous combustion when he attacked Ms. one of the hapless victims in the Carrie horror movies.

Sydney, I don't think even Greta will go for this one.



Anonymous said...

The Wittier Side of Wayne Fontes:

"If I wasn't clear enough before let me send this simple message to Vince Clark. You are a pussy and a coward for never returning to defend the ridiculous comments you make.

At this point I think Of Vince Clark as a very low rent Al Sharpton. Show up and respond with at least a little bit of wit. "

Brod Dickhead said...

@syd's friend:

"My abiding fear is that he will end up like all the other men who come into Mangum's deranged and destructive orbit.

I sincerely admire your selfless motivation for posting here! However I fear it is too little far too late. LOL

Anonymous said...

Interesting. A tête-à-tête between Precious and Sidney. Is there something else you want to tell us Sidney?

Anonymous said...

"So, regarding the most serious of the charges for which Ms. Mangum is currently under house arrest, felony first degree arson, the prosecution has not made its case. It lacks credible evidence. All charges against Crystal Mangum should be immediately dismissed and she should be released from custody, period."

Sid, any rational person will find it more than a tad bit ironic that this statement appears on a blog devoted to defending the conduct of Mike Nifong. You seem to be existing in your own parallel universe.

Anonymous said...

Sid, All that hard work over the past couple of weeks has paid off: "Attorney General Declares Crystal Mangum ‘Innocent’". Check the link below.

Nifong Supporter said...

To Wayne Fontes:

Yes, Vincent Edward Clark is a member of the Committee on Justice for Mike Nifong, as is Crystal Mangum, one of our newest members. To see a recently updated page of members, go to our website: One new member is awaiting a photo before listing.

I will try to convey your message to Mr. Clark.

Nifong Supporter said...

Michael said...
"'Personally, I believe that the fire in the bathtub was a set-up to get Ms. Mangum into the criminal justice system... in other words, a set up. Same with the vandalism of the car charge.'

So....who set the fire?....vandalized the car? Cops, boyfriend, Rae Evans?"

I think we can rule out Rae Evans. I have no reason to believe that she was in Durham the night of February 17th.

The individuals present at Crystal's apartment were, Crystal, her three children, Crystal's ex-boyfriend, and the Police. Crystal denies having any knowledge or involvement in the bathtub fire and/or the car vandalism. If we assume her children were not responsible, then that leaves as the only possible suspects the police or Crystal's ex-boyfriend. Crystal does not know which of them started the fire. She definitely did not! Likewise, she has no knowledge of who might have vandalized a car, if such a car was vandalized.

kenhyderal said...

Anonymous said: Sid, any rational person will find it more than a tad bit ironic that this statement appears on a blog devoted to defending the conduct of Mike Nifong. You seem to be existing in your own parallel universe. ................................................................. The lives of Crystal Mangum and Michael Nifong are inextricably linked.

Michael said...

OK, Sidney, we get it. You believe CGM. You just believe her. Doesn't matter why, you just do. So now we have to play the "disprove CGM" game.

Except, other than your say so, what have you (or she) done to deserve even a rebuttable presumption that this story is legit?

I, for one, won't concede that any of this is remotely plausible. I'm not going down the "disprove CGM" road. I've done that before (successfully). Rather, the two of you have to prove:

1. CGM wanted to leave Walker rather than vice versa. CGM herself admitted that the sight of him "triggered a fit of hysteria" which is more consistent with her being the one dumped. Give us some facts, Sid. Show me something that makes it likely Walker was the one dumped.

2. CGM's face was used as a punching bag. There are multiple images (photographic and video) of her the day after with not a mark on her. The concept that there were other "suppressed" images showing bruises is not consistent with human biology. If she were beaten, all images and video would show bruising. Find the suppressed pictures or stop repeating the "CGM as victim" mantra. It didn't work in 2006, and it doesn't work today. Paranoids always have enemies.

3. The evidence is consistent with something OTHER THAN a rage by a jilted woman. The guy's packing up so you bust his windshield and slash his tires; and for good measure pull his clothes out of his suitcase and light 'em on fire! If the cops wanted to frame her, why would they possibly think of burning clothes, for goodness sakes? Just grab a knife and put it in an evidence bag! A lot easier. As for Walker - who thinks of burning his own clothes? Facts, please. How many people in history have successfully "faked" an arson?

4. Identify the "Powers-That-Be" who have the capability to control the DPD or Walker - the only parties that you admit could credibly have initiated the "CGM (faux) frame." The LAX families refused to badmouth, sue or otherwise engage CGM four years ago. Why would they start now? Are you thinking Duke is yanking her what end? None of these people know Walker. None of these people had any influence at all over DPD four years ago. What gives them influence now?

Even if you had a sensible theory on one of these questions, it might be worthwhile discussing this further. Until then, I'm done with this silliness. No more CGM for me. I'm talking Nifong or nothing!

Anonymous said...


Please tell us what year did you graduate from Duke University?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Harr:

Business as usual in the "snakepit".

Best thing to happen for Mike was to

get the hell out of there.

Was the Fed heat too much for Roy Cooper?

No more Senate bid?

kenhyderal said...

I wonder if the prosecution will subpoena Walker, as a witness, if they dare to go to trial.

Anonymous said...

LOL....while Michael tries to remember his
Duke graduation year, maybe some other
Duke Rape Scandal Expert can tell us...

when did the lacrosse*whore*lawyers
latch onto M----- W----- ?? POS...

Michael said...

Anon at 8:38 pm.

Nice stab at "identity politics."

When you pick an identity, I'll talk about myself. Right now, I'm one of the few "real" posters on this site.

Anonymous said...

Unreal Poster says:

..."real poster" ... LOL...

you don't know lacrosse dung, boy....

you wanna go at it lacrosse style ? ? ?

butt-cheek to butt cheek?

Nifong Supporter said...

The following statement by kenhyderal is undoubtedly true because of the Duke Lacrosse case... "The lives of Crystal Mangum and Michael Nifong are inextricably linked."

My blog posted today delves further into prosecution inconsistencies.

Michael said...

So you want to know what a Troll is? See this charming and informative post:

"Unreal Poster says:

...'real poster' ... LOL...

you don't know lacrosse dung, boy....

you wanna go at it lacrosse style ? ? ?

butt-cheek to butt cheek?"

Anonymous said...

D@mn Sid -- Couldn't you find s better picture of Crystal Mangum? Her mug shot looks better than the one you have on your website,