Saturday, August 14, 2010

NC Justice System: Cruelty without Christianity

To his credit as a columnist, The News & Observer’s Barry Saunders in a recent commentary brought up an issue that is rarely touched upon by the media… the cruelty that seems embedded in our state’s criminal justice system. In his article, Mr. Saunders alluded to Anson County Prosecutor Michael Parker’s treatment of a mentally retarded defendant when he wrote, “Parker spitefully refused Dix workers’ request to take him to the State Fair.” However, Parker carried spite much further by directly interfering with Brown's placement by sabotaging the arrangements at an assisted living facility that had been painstakingly arranged by social workers after his 14 years of wrongful incarceration. Thereafter state employees involved in helping Brown find appropriate housing had to work in secret to prevent District Attorney Parker from intervening.

Is the cruelty exhibited by Michael Parker typical? Yes, and it can be found among police officers serving on the front lines of the urban battlefield to judges sitting behind the benches, and even among ancillary workers in the social/criminal justice field. Is the cruelty exhibit by Parker to be construed as Christ-like behavior? No. People who call themselves Christians and act like heathens are as phony as the currently trumped up charges against Crystal Mangum and those leveled against Mike Nifong by the State Bar. It takes more than attending church to embody the true spirit of Christianity.

The vendetta justice treatment of Crystal Mangum is an example of the cruel and malign attitudes of many in the justice system. The vindictive/retribution motive empowering the backlash by all state officials and staff against Ms. Mangum has its roots in her role in the Duke Lacrosse case. Even though she was the victim in that incident, the state, Carpetbagger families, and the media defined her as the villain. Cruelty in the present problems engulfing Ms. Mangum began on the night of February 17, 2010. Police were summoned to her apartment in response to a 9-1-1 call placed by Ms. Mangum’s daughter who feared her mother might be killed after Mangum’s ex-boyfriend began punching her in the face. When Crystal’s true identity became apparent to police, she was designated as the instigator, aggressor, and offender, and her ex-boyfriend, with a past history of physical violence against women, became the vulnerable victim of the altercation. Then the Durham Police Department got creative and manufactured a crime (which they called “arson”) and laid the blame on Ms. Mangum. A specific incident of police cruelty manifested itself by their commands given to Ms. Mangum to “stand up” while she was lying facedown on the floor with her hands cuffed behind her back. Police reports referred to this as Ms. Mangum refusing to follow commands. (Ask yourself, would a true Christian, in emulating Jesus Christ, taunt a helpless woman lying facedown with her hands cuffed in back, by ordering her to stand up? Is that what Christianity is about?)

What is so tragic about this entire incident is that Durham Police harbored unjustified animosity towards Ms. Mangum based solely on her role in the Duke Lacrosse case, and they abused their power by exacting revenge based on fraudulent and trumped up charges. Most serious was the attempted first degree murder charge. No where in the Durham Police reports is there anything to substantiate such a charge. Likewise, the charge of identity theft was a stretch, to say the least. Ms. Mangum was concerned with how the authorities would respond if they knew her true identity and realized her link to the Duke Lacrosse case. The events that transpired that night validated her concerns, as she was hauled off to jail and placed under a $1 million bail, despite being the victim of domestic violence.

Magistrate B. Wakil acted cruelly towards Ms. Mangum by imposing a $1 million dollar bail on someone who was definitely not a flight risk or a threat to society. By issuing that unreachable bail Ms. Mangum languished in jail, unable to report to work at her full-time job. Because of the bail set by Wakil, Ms. Mangum lost her source of income (with its health benefits), which meant she was unable to pay rent for her apartment (which she lost). Behind bars, she was unable to attend classes at NCCU where she was enrolled in the graduate program working towards a Master’s degree; she was dropped from the courses after she obtained a loan to pay for tuition, books, and supplies. In jail, she was unable to take care of her three children, and she lost custody of them.

Wakil was merely a cog in the wheel of the injustice visited upon Ms. Mangum, but her role in unnecessarily and brutally disrupting Mangum’s life was instrumental and cruel beyond measure. Nothing in the police report could support such draconian treatment. While Ms. Mangum struggles, trying to keep her head above water, Magistrate Wakil goes on with her life, without accounting for the wanton damage to that of another.

Of course, Durham Assistant District Attorney Angela Garcia-Lamarca holds the lion’s share of cruelty and inhumanity towards Ms. Mangum because she is the prosecuting attorney. Ms. Garcia-Lamarca, as a prosecutor, is charged not only with representing the state, but also with seeking the truth… acting as a “Minister of Justice,” if you will. But she has become the hub in this conspiracy of evil by proceeding with a prosecution which is suspect, lacks merit, and trumped up. Her initial plea offer to Ms. Mangum shortly after her arrest was for Mangum to plead guilty to the false charges (eight in total, including attempted first degree murder, arson, assault and battery, and child abuse) against her and serve a two year prison sentence. What a deal. Her public defender thought she should give it serious consideration stating that if she went to trial and was convicted she could possibly be sentenced to six years behind bars. It was only after the miraculous satisfaction of her $100,000 bail by generous and benevolent bail bondsmen several months later that the prosecution’s plea offer was modified as follows: plead guilty to arson, three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile, injury to personal property, and resisting a public officer in exchange for time served (three months). This is quite a drastic departure from the prosecutor’s previous offer, which goes to emphasize the non-existence of the prosecution’s case.

Ms. Garcia-Lamarca’s cruelty is also responsible for totally destroying Crystal Mangum’s life. Not being a flight risk or threat to society, Ms. Mangum should have been released without bail, so that she could continue to work, pay the bills, attend classes, support her three children, and help take care of her parents. Instead, Ms. Garcia-Lamarca took the toughest position possible to assure that Ms. Mangum would be locked up for a lengthy period of time. Now ask yourself, if Jesus of Nazareth was prosecuting the case against Ms. Mangum, would he proceed as Ms. Garcia-Lamarca? Undoubtedly not… and if he was given the identical case by police, after looking at it, he would dismiss all charges and rebuke police officers for trumping up such garbage.

District Court Judge Claude Allen’s cruelty and animus against Ms. Mangum is evident by his ruling to subject Ms. Mangum to electronic house arrest in the event that she bonded out. Ms. Mangum (who is neither a flight risk nor threat to society) should not have even been placed under bail, much less considered for monitoring and house arrest after making bond. Judge Allen gave no explanation for this cruel, bizarre and unjust ruling. But, he is not held accountable by any person or body. The Honorable Judge Jennifer Knox when confronting a suspected rape defendant who had been placed under similar conditions (requiring house arrest and monitoring if bonded out), reduced the amount of his bail to $300,000, but dropped the condition of house arrest if he bonded out. Surely, one would consider a suspected male rape defendant more of a threat to society than a female victim of domestic violence. But Judge Knox acted honorably and righteously by dismissing the house arrest condition. There is no doubt that in considering the two aforementioned judges that Judge Knox acted in the true spirit of Christianity. The same cannot be said for Judge Allen.

Crystal Mangum, a victim in the Duke Lacrosse case, has been caught up in the vindictive vortex spun in response to the call of the Carpetbagger Jihad. And this malicious fervor against Mangum and surrogates of Mike Nifong has permeated through all walks of life and levels of government… including the Jail Diversion Program. This county agency provides defendants with an alternative to incarceration while awaiting trial. Since her May 18, 2010 transfer from the Durham County Detention Center to house arrest, Ms. Mangum has been under its auspices. Although she achieved limited relief from the courts (unrestricted mobility weekdays from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm), she is still required to be at home in the evenings and on weekends.

Recently, Ms. Mangum requested to have a weekend free in order to go to the beach. Her immediate supervisor authorized her to have the freedom to enjoy this activity. Days later, she learned that the supervisor had been overruled by someone higher up in the pre-trial program’s chain. The excuse given for denying Ms. Mangum’s request is that “it wouldn’t look good.” This mean-spirited denial by the Jail Diversion Program is yet another troubling example of the cruelty that is so prevalent in the state’s criminal justice system that it has been accepted as the norm. But inhumanity was not the only driving force here… the state does not want to do anything that would make Ms. Mangum look vulnerable, innocent, or non-threatening. Keeping her tied to house monitoring on a short leash, solidifies the media created perception that Ms. Mangum is an imminent threat and danger to society… just like the affable and severely retarded Floyd Brown (as determined by Prosecutor Michael Parker). Therefore, because Ms. Mangum and Mr. Brown do not come from families of wealth, power, and prestige, the North Carolina system of “selective justice based on Class and Color” has no qualms with their being subjected to cruel treatment and punishment.

The state does have a mandate to protect its citizens from criminals and the crimes they commit. That said, in a civilized society, defendants, whether charged or convicted, deserve to be treated with basic dignity and compassion. To act in a malevolent manner against those disadvantaged by being in the throes of the correctional system is contrary to the very principles upon which Christianity is based. Ask yourself this question: “If Jesus of Nazareth was managing the Durham County Jail Diversion program, and Crystal Mangum (wrongfully charged, wrongfully placed on electronic house arrest, not a flight risk, and not a threat to society) requested to have a weekend free to go to the beach, what would he say?”


Anonymous said...

.....Ms. Mangum has its roots in her role in the Duke Lacrosse case. Even though she was the victim in that incident...


Where did you comeup with that little gem from? Where is your proof? WHAT documentary evidence do you have for that ridiculous statement?

OH wait! I know - THE HO whispered in your ear and Nifong confirmed it.

As another poster said you are definitely both stupid and an asshole.

Anonymous said...

"Would Jesus Christ let Crystal Mangum go to the beach?"

Really? I would suggest you know less about Christianity than you do about law.

Harr Supporter said...

The Durham Citizens Coalition is has announced the next discussion in the "Seminar Series," which brings senior government managers to meet with the Durham residents.

Durham District Attorney Tracy Cline will speak at 7 p.m. Aug. 23 in the auditorium of the Main Library downtown. Among the topics: illegal immigration; why the accuser in the Duke lacrosse case never was prosecuted; what do attorneys seek in jury members; how will the Federal Racial Judgement Act affect prosecutions; up-to-date information on special problems including drug trafficking; and more. Citizens attending will have time to ask questions as well.

Dr. Harr,

You can take this opportunity to ask Ms. Cline why the Durham DA's office is doing the bidding of the Carpetbagger Jihad. I find it difficult to believe that Ms. Garcia-Lamarca has made this decision on her own without the knowledge, acceptance and support of her boss, Ms. Cline.

When you ask that question, expect Ms. Cline to feign ignorance and to pretend that she does not have any idea what you are talking about.

You can explain (patiently, I hope) that Rae Evans dictates the actions of the DPD, the DFD, the DA's office, Duke, the NC State Bar, the NC Governor, AG, state legislature and judiciary, as well as the national and local media, all in an effort to wreak vengeance on Mike Nifong, Crystal Mangum and their supporters.

How do you know this? Rae Evans' statement on 60 Minutes was a call to arms. Ms. Evans worked at CBS from 1971 to 1981 and now runs a successful consulting firm. She has countless contacts.

It is the only logical explanation for Nifong's disbarment and criminal contempt conviction, Ms. Mangum's current trumped-up criminal case and outrageous bail requirements, and your near arrest at Duke.

I wish you good luck.

guiowen said...

Harr supporter:
Don't forget the puppet masters. I admit I had been unable to understand any of what is happening, until I reread Heinlein's book, which I had originally read back in the 60's.
With Heinlein's explanation, everything becomes clear.

Nifong Supporter said...

Harr Supporter said...
"The Durham Citizens Coalition is has announced the next discussion in the 'Seminar Series,' which brings senior government managers to meet with the Durham residents.

Durham District Attorney Tracy Cline will speak at 7 p.m. Aug. 23 in the auditorium of the Main Library downtown. Among the topics: illegal immigration; why the accuser in the Duke lacrosse case never was prosecuted; what do attorneys seek in jury members; how will the Federal Racial Judgement Act affect prosecutions; up-to-date information on special problems including drug trafficking; and more. Citizens attending will have time to ask questions as well.

Thank you for this information. I will disseminate it. As you know, I live in Raleigh, have no car, and buses stop running long before 7:30pm, but if possible, I will attend. I will definitely let other members on the Committee know about it. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

With regard to Christianity and North Carolina Justice, the following would apply to the three innocent men falsely accused by Crytal Mangum and wrongfully prosecuted by Mike Nifong:

Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they shall be satisfied.


Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Anonymous said...

Would Jesus gather his disciples,
ply them with cheap holy water,
and leer at naked damsels?

Anonymous said...


You and The Ho are hypocrites to quote the Bible at us.

You are the ones breaking the Ninth Commandment: Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor

Nifong Supporter said...

Anonymous said...
"Would Jesus gather his disciples,
ply them with cheap holy water,
and leer at naked damsels?"

Well put. I couldn't have stated it better myself.

The following blog has to do with "Misprision of felony"... an interesting charge, and its implications in the newly increased reward for information about the 2002 murder of members of the Short family.

guiowen said...

I don't know what you mean by "cheap holy water," but Jesus was known to share wine with his disciples. (Ever hear of the Last Supper?) One of the disciples (John the Apostle) is reputed to have been under age 21.

Anonymous said...

awww, poor wittle crystal... always the victim. Give me a break Sidney.

Anonymous said...

awww, poor wittle crystal... always the victim. Give me a break Sidney.

Anonymous said...

Did the lacrosse boys
ever pay back the $200
they owe the stripper agency?

Anonymous said...

Lest we forget,

Duke students are above the law.

Duke lacrosse players

are above God's law.

Anonymous said...

Well... it appears Crystal Mangum is in more hot water. (Gasp- Say it isn't so!!!)

Parole Violation. New Arrest Order! 8/26!!

Please place her under the jail this time! As a Durham tax payer, I am tired of dealing with her.

Anonymous said...

Sid -- "The purpose of bail is to assure the attendance of the defendant, when his or her presence is required in court, whether before or after conviction. Bail is not a means of punishing a defendant, nor should there be a suggestion of revenue to the government."

I suggest you read the FAQ at the following site before you continue to make a fool of yourself....

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Sydney,

It just seems that with some of the people, they are about getting Crystal any kind of way. There have been raped victims who have lied about rape,but never carried on so badly as they are doing to her.

With people thinking like that, this is why innocent people are in jails,prisons,and even the death which some people have died after the fact they were proven to be innocent.It's scary to know that some people are that dead set against Crystal that they wouldn't violate the law before being thorough and unbiased with it.

It seems that some people want to hang Crystal for supposedly causing those Duke guys to be jailed. I don't think they are innocent .Something has happened and I don't think those guys are telling the truth. Just because there are contradictions in her story, doesn't mean there were none in theirs and god knows there are some like

1) Why didn't her suspects sue her( and I don't want the obvious, no money)along with Mike Nifong and Durham police department?

2) She described 2 stocky guys with mustaches. Mind you that none of them had facial hair,but she described one of them as stocky. David and Reade are stocky like so she wasn't far off the mark and 3) She got pregnant nine months after rape. Too coincidental.

3)If you are supposed to find out the DNA about the 3 accused, why would you get DNA of 3 other guys that wasn't even implicated in the mess?doesn't make sense to me of course unless.....

I'll tell you something else, just because things look obvious, doesn't always mean it's the truth. I knew bad people who were able to pass polygraph tests( as they were so eagerly wanting to take) and honest people that couldn't. I went to school with rich folks kids. Some of them got away with things that poorer students couldn't and I also knew a man who wanted to take a warrant out on his girlfriend for supposedly hitting him the eye. Initially, it sure looked like she did it: the red eye..even had a quack Doctor to write a statement saying she did it. It looked good until,he was confronted,by an opthomologist, and a medical doctor about it. According to both, the guy LIED. How? Well for one , he forgot one little thing, there were no bruise around the eye and he was able to go out in the sun without complaining about it being brothered. BTW, his girl wasn't an animal as he made her out to be.He was a pathological liar.

It is because of things like this is why I will not assume the best in those boys and the worse in Crystal and Mike. Those guys could have paid someone to say that nothing happened. She's not rich, she's a stripper. People will assume the worse if you're both of these. Fighting against the rich is like winning the lottery..your chances of winning it are severely remote. We see this kind of stuff happen in history and in 2011.

How about Reggie Day? While I hate what took place with him, it doesn't make her a liar with the Duke case. Using what she supposedly did to her ex as a scapegoat isn't going to anybody any good.

If I were some of the critics on here , I wouldn't wish ill will on her. The same thing that some of these people are wishing on her could end coming back on them. Just like they're judging her, somebody is also doing the same to them.

I still side with Sydney and I pray that they truth will come out. I have a strange feeling that while people are badmouthing what Crystal has done, I have a strange feeling that we will hear from the Duke LaCrosse players again,but not in the way they would want it( It has been said that one of them owes the IRS 6.5 mil bucks).I may be years before it comes out but what lies in the dark eventually comes into the light. Mark my words on it! That is all I have to say.