Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DAs on board regarding SBI lab shakeup… Hogwash!

According to The News & Observer editorial of August 31, 2010, the state’s district attorneys understand that clouds over the SBI hurt their ability to make cases. What the district attorneys should be concerned about is that the clouds interfere with the administration of justice. As so-called “Ministers of Justice,” prosecutors should have their priority as the goal of justice before that of winning a case. For many, if not most North Carolina prosecutors, that has definitely not been the case. The recent case exposed in an article by N &O investigative reporter J. Andrew Curliss about Derrick Allen is a prime example of a prosecutor, Freda Black, placing a conviction ahead of seeking justice. Ms. Black is also the prosecutor responsible for winning an armed robbery conviction against a 14 year-old Erick Daniels. There was no credible evidence or forensic findings tying the young Daniels boy to the crime… only the robbery witness’s linking the shape of Daniels’s eyebrows in a school yearbook to those of the assailant. He served more than half of a 14 to 20 year sentence before he was finally released on appeal. Tom Ford, Wake prosecutor responsible for unapologetically stealing seventeen years of a man’s life (Greg Taylor) because Taylor did not implicate an innocent man in a murder, is unfortunately representative of many of the prosecutors who have no qualms about unjustly incarcerating innocents who are poor, disenfranchised, and people of color.

Although The News & Observer would have you believe otherwise, it is the prosecutors and not the people in the SBI lab who are driving the show. The lab people are merely backseat passengers in the prosecutor’s vehicle. It is the prosecutors who benefit from winning a conviction, not the lab technicians. Even the SBI agents don’t get the glory of convicting the defendant in a heinous crime. Therefore, when a prosecutor’s case is weak, he/she has the built-in incentive to lean on people in the lab in order to force them to skew, omit, fudge, tweak, or otherwise manipulate lab results in hopes of improving their odds at trial. Not all prosecutors take this devious avenue; just the unscrupulous ones such as Tom Ford, Freda Black, Bill Wolfe, and Michael Parker.

The fact that justice is a secondary or tertiary concern of prosecutors is best illustrated in the Alan Gell case. Prosecutor David Hoke was in possession of 17 eyewitness statements that proved beyond doubt that defendant Alan Gell could not possibly have committed the murder for which he was charged. Hoke withheld this information from the defense counsel, and won a capital conviction against Gell. Now, The News & Observer wants to blame this wrongful conviction on the lead investigator in the case, Dwight Ransome. However, a decade after Gell’s conviction when the existence of these witness statements came to light, and the Attorney General’s Office was aware that there were 17 witness statements that proved Gell could not have committed the murder for which he had languished in jail (half on death row), the Attorney General’s Office went ahead and prosecuted the case in a second trial. Roy Cooper didn’t issue an “innocent promulgation” on Gell’s behalf. He tried to keep an innocent man in jail. However, once the jury got the case, they immediately found Gell not guilty. How does The News & Observer explain that? The Attorney General’s Office used SBI agent Ransome’s work to support their case against Gell at re-trial. Somehow, it is not the prosecutors at fault… it’s Ransome.

Currently, Alan Gell is incarcerated on a convoluted vendetta charge concocted by a Johnston County prosecutor. His unreasonable and lengthy sentence is nothing more than payback for having the audacity to file a complaint for the malicious and blatant injustice he suffered with his death penalty conviction. Although he wrongfully served ten years, he was convicted on technical trifle and is serving a five year sentence. According to my math, even with the ridiculous five year sentence, he had five years credit. He should never have served one day of this most recent vindictive sentence.

What is truly tragic is that the prosecutors with integrity who prosecute in good faith and act as “Ministers of Justice” are the ones that are targeted, mainly by the Powers-That-Be, and the unregulated North Carolina State Bar. Gregory Butler was a prosecutor in Johnston County, who when he became aware that the defense attorney lacked some of the prosecutor’s discovery, immediately notified the defense. This act, publicized in The News & Observer, resulted in a delay in the court proceedings while the defense was granted time to review the information presented. It also prompted the North Carolina State Bar to initiate a complaint against Mr. Butler, which forced him to remove himself from the case, causing a further delay. Fortunately, there was no bounty on Mr. Butler’s head, and F. Lane Williamson and his band on the Bar’s grievance panel, did nothing more than give Mr. Butler a slobbery tongue lashing.

But what happened to Mr. Butler pales in comparison to the persecution administered to the prosecutor of the Duke Lacrosse case, Mike Nifong. This prosecutor, with 27 years experience as a prosecutor, and who was appointed to the Durham district attorney position by Governor Mike Easley, had a stellar reputation as a fair and hard-working prosecutor. Since he first practiced as a prosecutor, Mike Nifong had always maintained an open file discovery policy… that is, he provided the defense attorneys with all of the evidentiary information he had in his file. (This was decades before such policy became mandated in the state.) Most of the ardent defense attorneys who sparred with Nifong in courtroom, gave him high marks when it came to opening his files for them and prosecuting fairly. As it is with individuals who possess both high ethical standards and courage, Mr. Nifong was not swayed by pressure applied by peers and higher-ups. He followed his conscience… which made him too independent… which made him too dangerous. Therefore, he was brought down by the big power machine, with assistance from the biased media. The state, along with the Carpetbagger families of the Duke Lacrosse defendants and their attorneys set out to make an example of him, and make him pay, every day, for the rest of his life.

When Mike Nifong was taken down, Durham lost the best district attorney it will most likely ever see. He was a prosecutor who prosecuted cases in good faith based on sound evidence and good science. He did not lobby lab technicians for reports or results favorable to his case, and as a result, the lab technicians and agents did not feel the need to help effect the outcome of his cases. Mike Nifong’s priority was to see justice fairly administered, and to see equal justice for all. He did not subscribe to the state’s tenet of “selective justice based on Class and Color.” If he did abide by that principle, he certainly would not have prosecuted the Duke Lacrosse defendants… especially when doing so severely compromised his chances of winning the election for Durham district attorney.

The News & Observer editorial did get it right. The state’s district attorneys understand that clouds over the SBI hurt their ability to make cases… and that’s what they’re interested in; making their cases. Unfortunately, unlike Mike Nifong, they are less interested in seeing that equal justice prevails for all.


Anonymous said...

No matter how hard they tried or how far back they looked,
the whore lawyers and media could never find a speck or blemish
in Nifong's 27 year record in the Durham Courthouse.

Then they had to resort to making up crap about pensions
and elections. Who was the source for that nonsense?

His so-called ex-campaign manager, the gullible half-wit
over at the Liestoppers. It's been a long thick trail of lies
and disinformation these lacrosse people have spun to
bury the truth in the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case.

And yes, those pricks stole Crystal's $400.

Anonymous said...

Another anonymous commenter complains that the Durham Police Department failed to investigate the alleged theft. Was it simply gross incompetence or part of a frame?

Anonymous said...

Nifong Supporter -- Repeated attempts to get you to prove the claims you made against Dillon Tart in "Million dollar bail… a case comparison – Part 11" have failed.

Once can only conclude that you cannot back up the claims that you have made.

Thus you are a liar ( no surprise there), and should not be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Another lacrosse dickwad who slept through class last week:

Search Warrant 610 N. Buchanan - March 16, 2006

Description of items to be seized

11. United States Currency totaling $400.00 or portions of said currency (all twenty dollar bills)

The following items were seized:

29. $160

Search Warrant 2C Edens Dormitory #204 - March 27, 2006

Description of items to be seized

7. United States Currency totaling $340.00 or portions of said currency (all twenty dollar bills)

Anonymous said...

That's right, go run and hide you degenerate cowards.

Anonymous said...

The ignorance here abounds.

Anonymous said...

Please enlighten us.

Who do you think dragged Crystal into the bathroom?

You have 47 choices.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ September 1, 2010 5:52 PM - No matter how hard they tried or how far back they looked, the whore lawyers and media could never find a speck or blemish in Nifong's 27 year record

Why would either have looked? The media might have seen a possible story there, but there's never been any indication that anyone even looked at his '27 year record'. The defense would have no reason to look, none at all.

Then they had to resort to making up crap about pensions and elections.

That would be elections, then pension. Made up crap? Occam's razor sufficed there.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8/27 11:44am/1:23/1:28pm, 8/28 9:48/10:11/11:53am, 8/31 5:16/9:25/9:56pm, 9/1 5:52/9:09pm, 9/2 9:31am/1:18pm:

Your use of "butt-hole," “prick,” “dickwad,” "degenerate cowards" and "ignorance" does not make your comments more informative or persuasive, but makes you appear childish. You owe an apology to Sidney and all readers for lowering the quality of discourse (one would think that not possible, but you have succeeded).

I will summarize your theory because you apparently are either unable or unwilling to do so.

The players paid Crystal $400 in cash for a several minute dance (it was supposed to be a two-hour performance). Crystal claimed someone stole her money. At different times, she accused Kim and players. She also claimed she left $2,000 in Barfield’s patrol car. Crystal may also have said that she deposited cash in an ATM as required by her escort agency. In his written statement, Evans claimed two players had taken money from Crystal’s belongings. He said that he told them to return it, but was not sure whether they had done so. He provided names. In the execution of the search warrant on 610 Buchanan, police seized $160 with Crystal’s cell phone (suggesting that $240 was missing). In a search 10 days later of the dorm room of one of the players named by Evans, police found $340 in cash (which could have included missing cash). As I recall, police did not ask specifically about the alleged theft. Police never searched the other named player’s room. Gottlieb discussed the alleged theft in his deposition, but failed to explain the DPD's inaction.

You view this as proof that players named by Evans stole Crystal’s cash. I agree that your theory is reasonable and is the most likely explanation. I do not have all the facts. For reasons the DPD has not explained, it apparently never investigated this allegation.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8/27 11:44am/1:23/1:28pm, 8/28 9:48/10:11/11:53am, 8/31 5:16/9:25/9:56pm, 9/1 5:52/9:09pm, 9/2 9:31am/1:18pm:

Now that I have responded, I ask you two questions you have avoided.

1. Why did the DPD not investigate this theft allegation?

I see nothing in the files to support the theory that Crystal dropped it or that the DPD investigated. I see two explanations: (1) the DPD is grossly incompetent (they were unable to figure out what to do with the names of two suspects) or (2) the DPD ignored the allegation for other reasons (e.g., not to disrupt a deliberate frame).

2. Why do you treat an alleged misdemeanor as the most horrific crime in history?

I believe allegations of police and prosecutorial misconduct are far more significant than allegations of misdemeanor theft. While I do not excuse “self help” remedies some players may have exercised after the aborted performance, I am not interested in discussing alleged misdemeanors after four years. I find the DPD's failure to investigate more interesting than the alleged crime itself.

I look forward to your apology and answers to my questions. You should also thank me for providing the explanation that you could not provide yourself.

Anonymous said...

The Pricks Did Steal Crystal's Money.

Well now we are making progress.

Take a deep breath and explain to us,

why we now have a Credible Victim.

Anonymous said...

I told you that your use of "pricks" makes you appear childish.

Where is your apology and where are my answers? Are you hiding?

Why do you have a credible victim? You don't.

Where is the DNA when Adam ejaculated in her mouth and she spit it onto the floor?

That accusation has been proven false. False.

Apologize and answer.

Anonymous said...

Sweetheart, we are sorry
you have failed the test.

Now take a lacrosse stick
and jam it up your butt ! !

Anonymous said...

My, my, my. Aren't you clever?

guiowen said...

Really, Sidney, I wish you'd vet the comments.

Anonymous said...

Really gowen, if you don't like the smell of a lacrosse locker room,
maybe you should take up tennis.

guiowen said...

To 6:22 anonymous:
I agree. 6:15/8:14 really is very clever. What witty comments!

Anonymous said...

How long will it take before both sides of this "Hoax" will admit to the TRUTH behind this whole scenario?
CGM was/is a prostitute, the LAX 3 were/are not choirboys, and the state of NC is rife with corruption!
This FIASCO cost far more than millions of dollars for the state and the "3."
The malfeasance reaches from the top levels, all the way down the ladder.
If there is only one good thing to come from all of this, it would be for the citizens to smell the stench of mendacity, and unite in a cause to remove more vermin from political offices.
For as much time that has been wasted, both sides SHOULD see past their own ideologies, and agree that there still needs to be a Federal Investigation.
How much faith does any of us have in our government? What "rights" does any of us have that are being respected?
All of the bickering only allows things to remain status quo, and WE the public are the only ones to suffer.
For once I ask you to consider this, and move forward to make a positive from a negative.
God bless our nation and world, because we are truly living in troubled times.
Rhonda Fleming
Sister of Allen Jackson Croft Jr.
Murdered in Durham in 2005

Nifong Supporter said...

guiowen said...
"Really, Sidney, I wish you'd vet the comments."

When it comes to the comments in my blogs, I believe in publishing them all in full and without editing. The truly disgusting comments are a reflection on the commenters, who oft times hide behind pseudonyms.

But I don't want to censor or omit comments. I have made what I consider to be non-objectionable comments to the Durhamwonderland blog, and they have elected not to publish them. Same with a few other anti-Nifong blog sites. I don't want to be like them.

Please continue to wade through what garbage you come across, as I am sure you will find that some of the comments contain gems.

guiowen said...

This is your blog, of course. I can understand why you are managing it this way, though I myself would do it differently.
I agree that there are some very good comments. Unfortunately, some individuals, using such words as "pricks", "dickhead", and "degenerate", make for painful reading.
I don't mind the fact that they can't even spell my pseudonym correctly.

Anonymous said...

gowen - you are promoted to "dickwad".

Anonymous said...

Anon 8/27 11:44am/1:23/1:28pm, 8/28 9:48/10:11/11:53am, 8/31 5:16/9:25/9:56pm, 9/1 5:52/9:09pm, 9/2 9:31am/1:18/5:09/6:15/8:18pm, 9/3 2:43pm:

What a clever comment! Just like your other comments!

You add so much to any discussion.

Anonymous said...

"Gottlieb discussed the alleged theft in his deposition,
but failed to explain the DPD's inaction."

19 A. Because I do know that in this statement
20 I believe they said something to the effect that money
21 wasn't taken, and I know the Attorney General 's office
22 was able to -- that is one thing that I know about.
23 The Attorney General s office was able to show that
24 money was stolen.

9 A. I came in -- when I returned in October,
10 Investigator Himan again gave me a concern of his and
11 the concern was that they had one player or, actually,
12 two players that were implicated in stealing money from
13 the victim, which my understanding after the case
14 closed is that the players have admitted to doing that.
15 Then Ben was curious, whenever he would
16 talk to Mr. Nifong about charging those people to have
17 some pressure or have something to hold over them
18 because no one was talking to us, Ben wanted me to talk
19 to Mr. Nifong to get his input. So Ben and I went out
20 to the District Attorney's office and basically sat
21 down and talked with him for a short period of time.
22 I again expressed what Ben's concerns
23 were in wanting to be able have additional evidence or
24 whatever, possibly offering immunity to the people.
25 And the bottom line was that Mr. Nifong at that point

PAGE 171
Sgt. M.D. Gottlieb - 4/1 9/0 7
1 did not want anyone else charged.
2 So the possibility of offering immunity
3 was there, but at that point the investigation warrant
4 any charges. But that was kind of the only leverage
5 that we would have if no one wanted to give us
6 information to help or to support the accusations,
7 Q. Who were those other players?
8 A. Ryan McFayden. And the only reason I
9 remember him as he is a unique individual . And I
10 forget the name of the other guy. Investigator Himan
11 can tell you.

Anonymous said...


I am not sure what point you are making. I believe that you would be more effective if you simply stated your point, rather than forcing your readers to guess.

I believe that you are trying to suggest that my phrase "DPD inaction" was incorrect. I may have been insufficiently precise (although those who refuse to state their points are not in a position to be critical of others).

I was focused on the DPD's initial investigation (or lack thereof). The best time to investigate a crime is shortly after it occurs--not six months later.

Let us review. On March 16/17, the DPD had (1) Crystal's allegation that someone may have stolen her money, and, among others, it may have been players who took it, (2) found an apparent cash shortfall when they executed the search warrant and (3) names from Evans of players who had taken money from her belongings and may or may not have replaced it.

I would have applied for search warrants of the named players’ rooms (Himan would not have had to embellish the facts in his affidavit) and interviewed them (with lawyers present, if they insisted). The DPD did nothing. That is what I call inaction.

You focus on Himan's attempts in the fall to press theft charges, but note that Nifong declined to do so. That was far too late to have begun an investigation of the theft allegation.

Himan appears more interested in using theft charges to pressure someone to provide evidence on the sexual assault case. Himan appears to be an unethical moron. He seems to suggest that offering players immunity from misdemeanor theft charges would be sufficient to induce them to commit perjury and send their friends to prison for 30 years for a crime that never occurred. Nifong rejected Himan's suggestion because he knew that it would never work (or, as Sidney suggests, Nifong was too ethical to suborn perjury).

You convince me that the DPD is either grossly incompetent or corrupt. In either case, a court appointed monitor is a necessary protection.

Anonymous said...

Sidney, can you or your nemesis reply to the comment I made? Neither "side" will concede to anything beyond their own ideologies as to every nuance of this case. Can everybody at least agree that there should still be a Federal Investigation into the corruption?
We ALL know this is the LAST thing the city of Durham, and Washington want to see.
Just because Nifong had his law license revoked still does nothing to address the deeper corruption that allowed the "Hoax!"
Instead of this endless waste of time arguing with one another, why not combine forces to earnestly seek the TRUTH and JUSTICE?!
This case is NOT the only one "POLLUTED" with malfeasance, and unless pressure is put upon Washington, this continuous division allows NC to continue on doing their dirty deeds!
Rhonda Fleming
Sister of Allen Jackson Croft Jr.
Murdered May 11, 2005 in Durham, NC
PLEASE sign the petition below to have an investigation by the DOJ & FDA into my brotPLEASE sign the petition below to have an investigation by the DOJ & FDA into my brother's murder! her's murder!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the link did not copy properly.
Thank you,
Rhonda Fleming

Anonymous said...

Rhonda: Neither "side" will concede to anything beyond their own ideologies as to every nuance of this case.


Your statement is false.

Most of those you criticize as lacrosse supporters have agreed with all of your points: (1) CGM was/is a prostitute; (2) the lacrosse players were/are not "choirboys" (but maintain that those who are not choirboys are also entitled to constitutional rights) and (3) NC is rife with corruption.

I have written to the USAG, the NCAG and the Durham mayor asking for an investigation. I received no answer from anyone.

Most of those you criticize as lacrosse supporters actively support the players' civil suits, not because they are anxious that the players cash in, but because discovery in a civil suit is the only way that any investigation will occur.

The federal government will not investigate. The state will not investigate. Durham will not investigate.

Anonymous said...

I signed the petition.

Anonymous said...

The police did search Ryan McFayden's dormroom, two weeks after the stripper party.

Search Warrant 2C Edens Dormitory #204 - March 27, 2006

Anonymous said...

That search was not in response to the theft. It was in response to the spoof e-mail. A two week delay is not appropriate.

As I noted in my earlier response to you, I don't believe that they asked any questions about the alleged theft when they executed this warrant.

What a great investigation! Bring on the monitor.

Now it is your turn to answer questions.

1. Why did the DPD not investigate this theft allegation properly?

2. Why do you treat an alleged misdemeanor as the most horrific crime in history?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for signing, and let me make some of my own personal points clear. To anybody who thinks the "Hoax" was/is the "Most horrific crime in history," are just clueless, and that thought pattern is exactly what has allowed FAR more serious crimes to go without notice!
I am on neither side of the "Hoax." I have my own personal opinions, but this case has been a smokescreen to again, FAR more serious crimes, and these MUST and WILL be addressed!
I have been screaming and pleading for help for 5 years for my most cherished brother that was BRUTALLY MURDERED!
None of you can begin to fathom what my family have gone through! We all have written, and called countless officials, and are NOT going to quit until there IS Justice for Jack!
I also ask you all to look over the information I have made public on a MySpace page that I made for Jack.
I have included documents under the PHOTO section that you can link to by clicking on the link to the right side of his picture.
You will see then just a small sample of REAL evidence of MASSIVE corruption to conceal a MURDER!
You all at least agree on the fact that Durham is a cesspool, and if you will only look, will see for yourselves!
I have openly accused my sister in law, June Tuning-Croft of MURDERING my brother for hire, and highly suspect the Durham Sheriff's Department with invlovement, Philip Guyett, (THE BUTCHER) along with the DPD, SBI, NC OCME, and the list goes on!
The only good thing to come from the "Hoax" was to at least scratch the surface before the world of only a MINUTE sample of such malfeasance and corruption that I am at a loss of words to describe!
If any of you want to truly make a difference, then please sign our petition!
Rhonda Fleming
For the love of God people, come together for a united cause! An EXTREMELY dear, loving, honest, brilliant, respectful, hardworking man was BRUTALLY MURDERED, don't any of you care?!
PLEASE look through all that I have published on Jack's MySpace page.
Take a small glimpse into the face of the man who was the nucleus of my family, a man who was respected and adored by every life that he touched, a man who completely on his own, through very hard work and sacrifice put himself through college, and graduated Magna Cum Laude in Computer Science. A man who was only 46 years old, ready to begin a bright new chapter, and was savagely MURDERED for what he had worked all of his life for, and never lived to see!
Now this is a HORRIFFIC CRIME if there ever was!
THIS is the man I have been begging for help for, doesn't HE deserve to be heard when he has no voice?!
All I know is God WILL see the truth exposed, and we will fight till the end, because just as he made such a difference to so many in his life, so he shall with his death! He did NOT live and die for naught! NOBODY deserves what happened to him, and this is why I promised God and him to endure!
There are too many tragic crimes like these, through these years I have seen what I never wanted to imagine! Until this happens to you, you honestly cannot fathom the pain! If we had believed for one second that Jack had killed himself, we would have accepted it, mourned, and moved on. This is another tragedy that exists each day and our hearts goes out to those families as well!
But the FACTS from the beginning told us he was MURDERED, and it has taken us years to glean the evidence from Durham what we already KNEW!
If only Jack had the support and attention that the "Hoax" has received!
Words will never describe the aguish we all suffer from, nothing will bring his smile and life back to us, but we CAN see that his MURDERER is caught and his memory restored!
Would any of you do less if this was your loved one?!
Rhonda Fleming
Sister of Allen Jackson Croft Jr.
Murdered May 11, 2005 in Durham, NC

Nifong Supporter said...

Regarding a re-investigation into the Duke Lacrosse case: I, personally, do not believe that much would be accomplished because of the fact that the North Carolina Attorney General's Office has documents and files regarding the initial investigation which was undertaken my Mike Nifong. The Attorney General's Office is definitely under the influence of the Carpetbagger attorneys because Joe Cheshire's underling, Brad Bannon, specifically demanded of Assistant AGs James J. Coman and Mary Winstead, that Roy Cooper declare the boys "innocent" and to state that "nothing happened." This is both inappropriate and unheard of.

There is a reason that evidence in the case has been sealed, and the media, unfortunately has not acted as an unbiased broker when investigating this case. The media is complicit, in that it continues to maintain that the Duke boys were "cleared" and "exonerated." The reporting has gone to extremes to crucify and vilify Mr. Nifong, who was only performing his duties in prosecuting the Duke Lacrosse case.

For the Federal government to delve into it would not, in my opinion, be productive.

And, the real reason the Carpetbaggers are filing civil suits is GREED. Seven million dollars for each of the defendants from Duke University wasn't enough. They each want an additional ten million more. They filed the suit against Durham hoping that it would fold, like Duke did. The Carpetbaggers don't really want what happened that night to come out.

The blog that I will be posting shortly will deal with discrepancies in the amount of bail set. Another example of selective justice based on Class and Color.

Anonymous said...

It is never too late for the FEDS to do an investigation into the corruption that has/still exists in Durham!

Roy Cooper does not want to touch tis all has been the proverbial thorn in many sides.

And while I am certainly not a fan of the "choirboys" I fully understand their reasoning to sue the city of Durham, as the city IS/WAS at fault.

Plenty of evidence already exists of conspiracy, and to circumvent the entire story from becoming public.

The "choirboys" and their lawyers only care about money, and instead of trying to seek justice through NC's malignant court system, chose to have their silence bought, and CGM wrote a book in hopes of cashing in.

A lot of money has changed hands, but nothng has else has changed! And as for "Nifong's unblemished 27 year Courthouse record" well, let me say that his hands also are stained red with my brother's blood from his MURDER, and is our goal to see him charged with CONSPIRACY to conceal a HOMICIDE, and see his miserable bum behind the same bars he has such disregard for!

I asked to have you all look into what I have published, have you even looked?! You even say, "Another example of selective justice based on Class and Color."
Well, isn't that what both sides of this Hoax are guilty of?!

Nifong saw his chance to win an elected office by using that card! These are not new ideas in polictics or life, we are all supposed to be given our God given, and constitutional rights as human beings, but that has not applied throughout history.

It is up to each of us as individuals to fight for, true JUSTICE cannot be bought!

Why is it you people can go on chasing this story instead of caring to help solve the MURDER of an innocent man?!

I have been screaming for years and named names, WHY have they remained silent if they are innocent?! Because they are GUILTY!

And this man is my ONLY brother that we all ADORED! My family and I have all written and called a multitude of officials, I have been the one to go "public" because hiding accomplishes nothing. "They" do not scare me!

There is no statute of limitations to murder, and God will not allow them to escape judgement!

Mine is a TRUE cause in search of JUSTICE, don't ANY of you care?!

Rhonda Fleming
Sister of Allen Jackson Croft Jr.
Murdered May 11, 2005 in Durham, NC

Petition to have a Federal and FDA Investigation into my brother's murder:

Justice4Jack MySpace

Mark Orgel said...

And who was it that represented Alan
Gell, resulting in the overturning of his conviction and subsequent acquittal? None other than members of the "Carpetbagger Jihad", attorneys Joe Cheshire and Jim