Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Important announcements and information – a wild ride is ahead

There are important and exciting changes and events coming soon on the Committee on Justice for Mike Nifong’s website: www.justice4nifong.com. First of all, you will notice that there will be much more in the way of audio available. It will be present on various web pages, and not limited to the Multi-media section. Audio will also be presented on videos, especially animated ones such as the second preview trailer for the upcoming educational comic strip, “The MisAdventures of Super-Duper Cooper. A link to it will be provided in this blog.

There will also be more animations and videos added to the website, as time permits. A series of previews with variations announcing the upcoming Episode V of “Super-Duper” are in the works and will be added as well. A complete collection of them will be found on You Tube.

To celebrate the upcoming New Year, Episode V will have its first installment posted online on our website on 2011’s first Sunday, January 2nd. Successive episodes will be posted each following Sunday. This comic strip episode is much larger than previous episodes… larger than the previous four combined. Not only that, but it will be more educational, and, of course, hilarious. Many familiar North Carolina celebs will be featured in cameo guest spots, especially those in the media. The strip will also feature one of this blog’s commenters in an extended role.

Since switching formats for the websites many links are not properly established, and I apologize for that. I will try to get them up and running as soon as possible.

A section of which I am extremely proud is Investigative Reports. Currently, the report about MSNBC’s Senior Legal Analyst Susan Filan’s blatantly libelous online statement is featured. These reports contain documents and other forms of evidence to support premises presented. There are two upcoming reports that are in the pipeline that you will not want to miss. One is an extended report about the discrimination against me by Duke University in April 2010. Discrimination was based solely on the fact that Duke did not approve of my beliefs and thoughts… specifically, after attending an event open to the public, I was kicked off campus because I am a supporter of justice for Mike Nifong. Instead of complying with principles of decency and restorative justice, the university tried to defend its deplorable actions. This Investigative Report will include an audio recording of between the security guard and myself (along with a transcript) that is the crux of this horrendous incident. And there are plenty of supporting documents as well that are creatively displayed on the site.

Another upcoming topic for the Investigative Report, and a case about which much of this website and blog will be devoted to is about the injustice of a man serving time in jail who was wrongly convicted of murder. He was also convicted and received the death penalty for the deaths of two other individuals… deaths which should have never been considered as premeditated or worthy of the death penalty. Deaths in those cases should have been considered as self-defense and manslaughter. It will be very apparent after viewing that Investigative Report why the Tar Heel state has earned its reputation for meting out “selective justice based on Class and Color.”

So, hang on to you i-Pad, laptop, or desktop, because we’re in for a wild ride beginning in the next couple of days.

LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0VEljQPwSI


Anonymous said...

You do realize that Michael Nifong is a criminal, right? And that those 3 young men were victimized by a mental case and a scheming DA, right? And that they didn't commit any crime at all?

Kilgo said...

Michael Nifong is a criminal....hmmmm.

those 3 young men were victimized ....hmmmm.

a mental case ....hmmm.

scheming DA....hmmm.

they didn't commit any crime at all....hmmmm.

Okay. There seems to be a rogue virus
still festering somewhere. Perhaps a good dose
of Sunshine will rid ourselves of it.

Kilgo said...

An education beyond the classroom: excelling in the realm of horizontal academics
Karen F. Owen

Senior Honors Thesis Duke University

Submitted to the Department of Late-Night Entertainment in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Degree in Tempestuous Frolicing (D.T.F.)

May, 2010


Senior year and college in general often bring about certain situatons that result in certain situations that result in the seeking of so-called "sex." Until now, no studies have succeeded in developing a methodology for quantifiying and ranking these so-called horizontal academics. In this study, we used data from four years at Duke University to create evaluation criteria for such encounters and applied these criteria to the evaluated Subjects, hopefully allowing for future maximization of enjoyment of such procedures.

Kilgo said...

I evaluated Tony on my 19th birthday, (9/23/08) – We met at Shooters through Ryan McFadyen and he bought me many, many beers. After the final song, he invited me back to his house to "hang out." Needless to say, this was my first introduction into the glorious, alpha-male dominated world of Duke Lacrosse hookups. After some actual "hanging out" (during which I was asked which laxer I found the most attractive, to which I replied Bo Carrington, upon which I was informed of his lack of, um, largesse), it was back to his bedroom, which sported a lovely king sized bed. Memorable moments: standing outside of Shooters, surrounded by Tony and a few friends (Nick O’Hara, Mike Catalino, etc): "She’s so hot; guys, isn’t she so hot?" [nods and murmurs of assent] "Her breasts…they’re just exquisite. So exquisite." Being asked to name the lacrosse player I thought was the hottest to a room of other lacrosse players, including the one I was about to hook up with. Actually replying honestly to the question. Pros: He is enormous. Like…I was actually rendered speechless. After a freshman year of frat star-sizing, I wasn’t really even sure what to do with the situation at hand (erm, mouth?). Additionally, he had just broken up with his girlfriend of three years and was a grad student, so experience was on his side. And he used it. Cons: He does not have all that exciting of a personality. It was over too quickly. I was probably a little awkward, and didn’t really know how to move or what to do. And it was a tad bit painful… Raw Score: 4/10

Anonymous said...

Kilgo's still obsessing about Duke LAX d*cks.

I'm sensing a bit of anger (generally recognized as the 3rd stage of grief)-- perhaps at being spurned by a LAX player (or players)?

You should seek appropriate (mental) healthcare to help advance you through this grieving process. Perhaps Sid can assist with that.

Kilgo said...

Who says Karen Owen's thesis doesn't apply
to the 2006 Duke lacrosse team? Why we have
a class Reunion of Buchanan Ave. rape suspects
here at Shooters.

Anonymous said...

'Who says Karen Owen's thesis doesn't apply to the 2006 Duke lacrosse team?'

Of course it does. Why that matters here is an entirely different question. Neither Karen Owen nor the Duke LAX players raped CGM.

Anonymous said...

In regards to your website. I note that the majority of links (including the "investigative reports" your like so well) are still broken.

I also recommend you check out some tools like http://websitegrader.com/ and follow their recommendations.

Nifong Supporter said...

Anonymous said...
"In regards to your website. I note that the majority of links (including the 'investigative reports' your like so well) are still broken.

I also recommend you check out some tools like http://websitegrader.com/ and follow their recommendations."

Again, I apologize about the broken links on the website. I've been busy with finishing up the comic strip as well as working on the first of two planned "Investigative Reports." I am going to try and make a serious effort to connect all links within the week. Please be patient.

Anonymous said...

Kilgo, you are pathetic.

Kilgo said...

"the glorious, alpha-male dominated world of Duke Lacrosse hookups"--

The drunken Duke lacrosse players dragged the stripper into the bathroom,had their hook-up, stole her money, and thought nothing of it.

Anonymous said...

Do you have proof of this Kilgo? Fo course not...
Sillky Kilgo

Kilgo said...

Shall we examine another glorious alpha-male Duke athlete?

Subject # 2

This tennis star was assessed before junior year spring break in March of 2009. After many long looks exchanged between us on the path to and from Wilson Gymnasium, he finally approached at Shooters II and asked for a dance before suggesting that we exit the premises. It was on the cab ride back that I discovered he was rude, Canadian, and spoke mostly in French. Needless to say, the warning flags were waving furiously, yet, in the interest of my research and out of a perverse curiosity, I decided to continue towards his apartment. Memorable moments: None. He was terrible, did not even bother to kiss me more than a few seconds, and finished in about five minutes, after which he simply walked out of the room and did not return. Pros: He was at least a successful athlete, and was fairly lengthy; he had a good body. Cons: Absolutely everything else about him and the situation as a whole. Also, I accidentally left my favorite pair of earrings from South Africa. When I texted him this fact, he responded with "I will leave them outside of the building for you." Raw Score: 1/10. Seriously.

guiowen said...

I'm glad to see Kilgo can read and transcribe.

Kilgo said...

Here Guiowen, the Youtube version
of the Duke F*ck List
should be about your speed:


Check out the chart of Lacrosse Dick Sizes
and tell us where you rank.

guiowen said...

Heavens, Kilgo is touchy! No doubt he's been measuring himself.

Nifong Supporter said...

MSNBC has a lot of nerve going after Keith Olbermann for giving a measly donation to a couple of politicos. They're the height of hypocrisy by protecting their Senior Legal Analyst Susan Filan for her blatantly false and fabricated libelous statement about Mike Nifong! Check out the next blog.

Also, I've re-worked my website so the broken links should be in working order.

Anonymous said...

I thought that Kilgo was a female?

Anonymous said...

Who cares what kilgo is other than a idiot transcriptionist who must be masturbating whilst thinking of Duke LAX dicks.