Monday, September 8, 2008

Justice4Jack and Mr. Nifong

Ms. Fleming, I am not familiar with your brother's case, but it seems as though there is some uncertainty as to the exact nature of the reason for his passing. Although I do not know the circumstances surrounding his untimely and unfortunate passing, I am certain of two things: 1) you dearly loved him, and 2) you are in a great deal of pain because of your loss. I am concerned about you and your well being, and suggest that you consider joining a victim's support group, or maybe even starting up one of your own. That would be a good, positive way to channel your grief, I believe.

Regardless, your brother's tragedy and the injustice to former D. A. Mike Nifong are in no way related, except for their connection to the city of Durham. Unfortunately, by its very nature, Mr. Nifong, as a state prosecutor in our system of justice, is saddled with the responsibility of trying to deprive individuals of their freedom. That is the responsibility of all prosecutors. However, they are supposed to act as "ministers of justice" and place justice before winning. This is what Mr. Nifong did in the Duke Lacrosse Case. A victim alleged that she was assaulted, and she identified three individuals with a high degree of certainty (80-100%). Maybe some prosecutors would have taken the class and color of the victim and suspects into consideration before deciding whether or not to act, but Mr. Nifong, to his credit, did not.

In most sexual assault cases (I believe, as I'm no expert), suspects are identified by the victim, and it is the basis for charges being leveled and the case prosecuted. Take the Dwayne Dail case for example. A twelve year old victim identified him as her assailant. Mr. Dail was not connected to the crime forensically, but on testimony of the young victim alone was convicted. He served eighteen years wrongfully incarcerated before DNA evidence proved him innocent, and the real perpetrator of the crime was identified and apprehended. Now, the prosecutors who put Mr. Dail behind bars are not publicly reviled. They were not brought before the State Bar. They were not disbarred. They were not fired from their jobs. They were not sentenced to serve time in jail. The attorney general did not ask the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate them for depriving Mr. Dail of his civil rights. Mr. Dail did not file a civil lawsuit against the prosecutors. The names of the prosecutors are even unknown to almost all North Carolinians (I do not even know the names of his prosecutors).

Plain and simply, Mr. Nifong has been unjustly prosecuted and persecuted by the state of North Carolina solely because he brought charges against Duke Lacrosse defendants who came from families of wealth, status, and privilege.

There are problems with the criminal and justice systems. But your anger, Ms. Fleming, against those associated with your brother's death, is misplaced when you direct it toward Mr. Nifong. He is the true victim in the Duke Lacrosse Case.


unbekannte said...

Nifong was justly prosecuted. There never was any crime in the first place to prosecute. Nifong was aware of that. If he was not aware of that, he was guilty of negligence and gross dereliction of his duty as an officer of the court. The id process was severely flawed and deliberately rigged against the Lacrosse players. Under these circumstances, Nifong not only indicted three innocent men at random, he knowingly trampled on their constitutional rights in order to wrongfully convict them. Just because other prosecutors committed similar crimes on a smaller scale does not make the prosecution of Mike Nifong unjust. It makes the failure to prosecute the other prosecutors unjust.

If the defendants had not been from Caucasian families of wealth and privilege, Nifong would never have gone after them, a point KC Johnson has already made. By prosecuting sons of rich white families, Nifong hoped to make himself popular with Durham's black voters, insure his election, and fatten up his retirement. If the accused had been African Americans from poorer families, and if Nifong had prosecuted them, he would not have scored any points with Duke's black electorate.

Nifong DID consider the "class and color of the victim and suspects" before "before deciding whether or not to act" and it is NOT "to his credit" that he did so.

unbekannte said...

Are you really Mike Nifong?

unbekannte said...

Or perhaps you are Cy Gurney?

Justice4Jack said...

The only "HELP" my family needs is to see a FEDERAL INVESTIGATION into the massive corruption from not just Nifong, but the entire city itself! The LaCrosse case put Durham on the world map as a prime example of "Government Gone Wrong!" Do NOT insult my brother and family by saying "Justice for Nifong, and that he was not responsible for the bungling in his murder case!" I am not here to play games, Jack was found executed May 11, 2005 only 3 weeks from retiring from IBM miles from his home in a ditch, leaking BLUE blood, and NO blood, half his face blown off, and NO INVESTIGATION?! His death was ruled a "suicide" in another one of many Durham's nefariously rotten legal systems corrupted cases, of which is a VERY long list of human rights violations!

Perhaps you OUGHT to educate yourself on these countless cases of egregious violations before you go on about Nifong being "innocent, and a victim?!" Both leave a foul taste in my mouth! He USED the race card to purge 3 white boys into the media for "free" attention to win votes of black citizens! It had NOTHING to do with him being, as you mendaciously quoted as being "A MINISTER OF JUSTICE?!" That, literally makes me sick and want to vomit!

My brother was found executed, dumped miles from his home and there are so many details I cannot even list that I plan on taking to my media here in Cleveland to protest why Jack has been "DENIED JUSTICE!" I KNOW many of the facts, and they add up to MURDER AND CONSPIRACY to conceal it by numerous agencies in NC, PLUS robbing him of his BODY PARTS!

The entire world will soon learn A LOT of things that have been purposely, deliberately, and calculatingly hidden from our knowledge! Crimes committed by our governments far exceed those done by citizens, and are far more sinister AND profitable!

So, to answer your reply, YES Nifong is GUILTY, and so are the numerous people involved to help corroborate his deception to use people for gain, and your defending him is akin to the groupies who follow Charles Manson and believe him to be "innocent, and a minister of justice!"

IMO, it is YOU that needs YOUR head examined, and YOU who should seek help for your delusions! The ONLY help we seek is JUSTICE from GOD, and have FAITH he will see the lid blown off of Pandora's bloody box, and expose our "GOVERNMENT" to be far worse than we EVER imagined! And, it is GLOBAL and far past time as "WE THE PEOPLE," not "WE THE SHEEPLE," to RISE UP and let our voices be heard for those who no longer have voices, for ourselves, children and OUR future!

Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland, Ohio
Justice For Jack
Sister Of Allen Jackson Croft Jr.
Executed May 11, 2005
Durham, NC