Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Response to Justice4Jack


Blogger Justice4Jack, with her statement "Nifong is but ONE of the MANY unscrupulous knaves," made the point that I have been trying to make." Her statement supports my premise that Mr. Nifong was selectively treated by the state. And he was selectively punished because the defendants he prosecuted in the Duke Lacrosse case came from families of wealth, status, and privilege. The many prosecutors who trample on the rights and deny justice for defendants who are disenfranchised, of color, and/or poor, are not held accountable for their actions and are not disciplined.

Mr. Nifong is the ONLY prosecutor to be disbarred by North Carolina State Bar since its inception, and he was selectively disciplined because he followed the principle of "equal justice for all" instead of the state’s tenet of "selective justice based on Class and Color." Other unscrupulous knave prosecutors who have acted more egregiously than Mr. Nifong, and whose actions have resulted in their defendants suffering greater injustice than Mr. Nifong’s (including incarceration), have been given a pass by the State Bar and the attorney general. If the State Bar was to objectively hold all of the state prosecutors to the same standards as those used to disbar Mr. Nifong (because of his actions in the Duke Lacrosse case), then the number of state prosecutors would be completely depleted.

I commiserate with you regarding the loss of your brother and the inability of the authorities to apprehend his murderer. I would like to encourage you to join me and the "Committee on Justice for Mike Nifong" in fighting for justice, equal justice for all. As opposed to fighting crime, a justice fighter focuses attention on the actions of the state and courts to assure that equal justice for all is meted out. The state of North Carolina has failed many of its innocent citizens (such as James Arthur Johnson, Alan Gell, Lee Wayne Hunt, Dwayne Dail, Darryl Hunt, Erick Daniels, Floyd Brown, to name a few), including former Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong.

One way in which you can proactively work for justice and to help fight crime would be to encourage the state of North Carolina to take responsibility for its deleterious actions against James Arthur Johnson. In 2004, Mr. Johnson, an African American teenager, went against the "no snitch" rule of the streets, and gave Wilson police information that led to the arrest and conviction of the killer/rapist/robber of Wilson teenager Brittany Willis. Although I believe that he was not motivated to come forward to the police in order to receive the twenty thousand dollar ($20,000.00) reward offered by the family and friends of Brittany Willis, he did earn it. Because of mishandling of the case by Wilson prosecutor Bill Wolfe (in which Mr. Wolfe falsely vilified and charged Johnson as the perpetrator of the case), the family and friends of Brittany Willis have reneged on paying the reward (despite the fact that those charges were dropped). I believe that the friends and family of Brittany Willis offered the reward in good faith, but due to misconduct by prosecutors, they decided otherwise.
I believe that an offer of reward money for information about a crime is important to the armament in fighting crime. The state should step up and take responsibility for paying the reward money to Mr. Johnson in the Willis case. If reward offers are to be taken credibly, Mr. Johnson should receive the reward for his service to the police and community. Join us in writing to Attorney General Cooper and other state officials to see that Mr. Johnson is rewarded. Mr. Johnson, a private citizen, came forward and offered information to solve a murder. I hope that in the future someone comes forward with information that will provide a lead to solve the murder of your brother and give you the closure you deserve.


Justice4Jack said...

What?! An invitation to actually shake hands with the devil?! That is an absurd request as I would rather walk on broken glass!

So, as politely as you asked, I will have to pass!
Rhonda Fleming
Still Here Fighting!

Chicky said...

Her brother was not murdered. He committed suicide. The case is closed.

Justice4Jack said...

NO, Jack did NOT kill himself, and I have gleaned enough evidence to prove it! AND put the city of Durham in the WORLD spotlight for the corruption that goes from the top all the way down!

The corruption used to frame the Duke 3 is NOTHING compared to the conspiracy of deceit from LE, the DA, the OCME, and FBI. The government knows damn well about the organized crime, WHO is involved, and have looked away, UNTIL NOW!

I am not going to be intimidated, and am NOT going to go away UNTIL the TRUTH is told and Pandora's box of bloody secrets is blown apart!

I do NOT have to "convince" anybody! THEY know Jack was murdered, his organs WERE stolen, and there WILL be prosecutions!

It will all be exposed SOON!

justice58 said...

Justice4Jack's brother committed suicide. He was not murdered. I feel sympathy for her but the case is closed.

Justice4Jack said...

My brother did NOT kill himself, and was MURDERED, which WILL be PROVEN!

The only "HELP" my family needs is to see a FEDERAL INVESTIGATION into the massive corruption from not just Nifong, but the entire city itself! The LaCrosse case put Durham on the world map as a prime example of "Government Gone Wrong!" Do NOT insult my brother and family by saying "Justice for Nifong, and that he was not responsible for the bungling in his murder case!" I am not here to play games, Jack was found executed May 11, 2005 only 3 weeks from retiring from IBM miles from his home in a ditch, leaking BLUE blood, and NO blood, half his face blown off, and NO INVESTIGATION?! His death was ruled a "suicide" in another one of many Durham's nefariously rotten legal systems corrupted cases, of which is a VERY long list of human rights violations!

Perhaps you OUGHT to educate yourself on these countless cases of egregious violations before you go on about Nifong being "innocent, and a victim?!" Both leave a foul taste in my mouth! He USED the race card to purge 3 white boys into the media for "free" attention to win votes of black citizens! It had NOTHING to do with him being, as you mendaciously quoted as being "A MINISTER OF JUSTICE?!" That, literally makes me sick and want to vomit!

My brother was found executed, dumped miles from his home and there are so many details I cannot even list that I plan on taking to my media here in Cleveland to protest why Jack has been "DENIED JUSTICE!" I KNOW many of the facts, and they add up to MURDER AND CONSPIRACY to conceal it by numerous agencies in NC, PLUS robbing him of his BODY PARTS!

The entire world will soon learn A LOT of things that have been purposely, deliberately, and calculatingly hidden from our knowledge! Crimes committed by our governments far exceed those done by citizens, and are far more sinister AND profitable!

So, to answer your reply, YES Nifong is GUILTY, and so are the numerous people involved to help corroborate his deception to use people for gain, and your defending him is akin to the groupies who follow Charles Manson and believe him to be "innocent, and a minister of justice!"

IMO, it is YOU that needs YOUR head examined, and YOU who should seek help for your delusions! The ONLY help we seek is JUSTICE from GOD, and have FAITH he will see the lid blown off of Pandora's bloody box, and expose our "GOVERNMENT" to be far worse than we EVER imagined! And, it is GLOBAL and far past time as "WE THE PEOPLE," not "WE THE SHEEPLE," to RISE UP and let our voices be heard for those who no longer have voices, for ourselves, children and OUR future!

Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland, Ohio
Justice For Jack
Sister Of Allen Jackson Croft Jr.
Executed May 11, 2005
Durham, NC







gak said...

Mr. Nifong is the ONLY prosecutor to be disbarred by North Carolina State Bar since its inception, and he was selectively disciplined because he followed the principle of "equal justice for all" instead of the state’s tenet of "selective justice based on Class and Color."

Mr Nifong did not follow the principle of equal justice for all. Nifong followed the principle of "what can we do for me". He wanted to get elected and he did. He did so by playing Victoria Peterson and every other black in Durham for as much publicity and support as possible. There was never any evidence. This prosecution was a sham as evidenced by the follow up civil suits for wrongful prosecution. Justice for Nifong is JAIL, not his license back.

Justice4Jack said...

My brother's murder has been a joke to the state of NC, and I do hold Nifong and Wilson responsible!

He was the FIRST DA to "HANDLE" his case, and letters we sent for FOIA to HIM and EASLEY were ALL shredded!

Your "BOARD" does NOT know all of the facts, and after 4 years I have gleaned enough to PROVE he was already DEAD, before he was SHOT! AND that his wife is GUILTY of FRAUD on estate, and court documents, and the Clerk Of Courts have REFUSED to indict her?! WHY NOT?!

As I have said, we suspect his wife had him murdered for hire for his MONEY of nearly $2 million!

We are currently getting "second opinions" from legal and forensic EXPERTS, and once the results are in there is GOING to be a SHOCKWAVE, that will be heard GLOBALLY!

Nifong was also DA during the "La Zona Raid" of OUTLAW deputies, and what happened in that case?




Let me tell you! 3 deputies were caught in a "supposed sting" two officers, one of them being in the Gang Task Force, Keith Dodson, the other deputy Brad King, were simply FIRED, and Michael Owens was only found guilty of cocaine possession, of which was reported as being 5 ounces, to 1 ounce?!

And, what resulted from this extensive investigation? Owens receives 1 year in the jail located right under his former "job" at the Durham's Sheriff's Office!

WHY was he, and the others involved, not CHARGED with the more SERIOUS crimes?!

Let me tell you why!
BECAUSE of CORRUPTION, now done by the state of NC to keep the others charges from being imposed, just IMAGINE the SCANDAL!

Not to mention the MONEY and ATTENTION that would be spent on this case, so he was, like Fong, merely charged a petty sentence, and NOBODY else was convicted?!

We have made countless FOIA requests to obtain the court documents, and numerous requests to the DOJ for a FEDERAL INVESTIGATION into just EXACTLY what was found out during the alleged "sting!"

Who's names did he mention of "MURDERING FOR HIRE!" What about the HUMAN TRAFFICKING?! They ALL should have been charged under the RICO statutes and were not, WHY?!

And, let us not forget Philip Guyett, you know, the "BODY SNATCHER?!" He owned Raleigh Referral Services, and was caught sending STOLEN bodies through the US MAIL, and charged ONLY for MAIL FRAUD?!

For the love of God, Durham has more tales from the crypt, than any fiction writer could possibly imagine!

And I have EVERY intention to make SURE the WORLD finds out! AND, I KNOW I have both shaken, and stirred the pot, and CANNOT wait to BLOW THE LID OFF PANDORA'S BOX!

Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland, Ohio

Read My MySpace blog, "The Watchers" and then you tell me that everything is A-Okay!