Saturday, October 4, 2008

justice4nifong website is now up

The web site, justice4nifong, is now up and running. The web address is: . Although it is online, there is much more that needs to be done, so my efforts have been focused on that. Currently I am working on getting the Nifong Manifesto (Part I and Part II) completed and linked to the site. There will be a page dedicated to Documents, which will include correspondence, e-mail, news articles, and other materials collected while conducting research on the state's justice system. Also, there are installments of the "MisAdventure of Super Duper Cooper" that will be posted on a weekly basis, so keep tabs on the site. Episode I, which is titled "The Best PR/Media Blitz Money Can Buy," is completed and we are currently working on Episode II, titled "To Hell and Back: Travails of the Un-indicted Duke LAXers." The blog site will be connected soon, as well. The Contact Us page has been put on the backburner for now, but the Committee on Justice for Mike Nifong can be reached by e-mail:

Special notice to Mr. Unenbakke... I appreciate your comments, although I do not agree with any of them. Because of my schedule working on the website, which is very labor intensive, I have not been able to respond to the points that you have made. However, you will be pleased to note that the Committee has increased its membership by fifty percent (50%). Joining Victoria Peterson and me (Sidney B. Harr), is Mr. Douglas Register. We are pleased to welcome him in joining us in a cause to which he has been devoted to long before the Committee even came into existence.


unbekannte said...

Does Victoria Peterson still insist that Duke University Medical Center tampered with the DNA evidence? Or, by your comments about Nifong's concealment of and lying to the court about the DNA evidence, are you admitting that the DNA evidence was valid?

unbekannte said...

“...everyone knows of the racial comments Mike Nifong made in his case... the State of North Carolina had DNA - DNA belonging to men of a different race than the 3 students persecuted for over a year, two of which could prove they weren't even there! The DA refused to examine evidence, refused to view photographic and video evidence from the party that would've absolutely proved there was No attack - but no one was interested in investigating Nifong and the Durham Police racially based case against 3 innocent college students.”

The quote is from the Liestoppers' blog, the blogger's screen name being "Tony Sopranop". Go to Liestoppers blog, click on Liestoppers Meeting Forum and click on Tony Soprano's latest post to read the entire entry and the context in which it was made. I would add to his quote that the DA concealed and lied to the court about the DNA evidence.

This is another summary, for the Justice4Nifong racist, vindictive gang of now THREE, of why "decent, honorable" Nifong was charged with ethics violations before Attorney General Roy Cooper ever got involved, was tried, found guilty and disbarred.

As the post indicates, Nifong did take into consideration, issues of race and class when he knowingly charged three innocent Caucasians after a highly unreliable black woman falsely accused them of rape. Nifong wanted the racist black leaders, in my opinion Victoria Peterson was one of the worst, to like him.

unbekannte said...

I should have said Nifong wanted the racist black leaders OF DURHAM to like him.

In my opinion Justice4Nifong gang member Victoria Peterson IS one of the worst. Or does she deny that she tried to incite the burning down of 610 Buchanan, or that she claimed that Duke University Medical Center, even before the false rape claim had gained national attention, falsified the DNA evidence, or that she tried to intimidate the mother of one of the Lacrosse players at the NIfong ethics trial?

If Nifong exemplifies your criteria of decency and honor, Victoria Peterson sure conforms to them.

Justice4Jack said...

The fact that anybody would protect Nifong simply boggles my mind, and yes, it angers me that you have used my brother's name, and churned it into the same man who upheld the lies to conceal his MURDER! So, it is Justice4Jack, NOT Nifong, and this is a point of many I want to make loud and clear!

To babble on about money of taxpayers, and race injustice is just more fodder in the mix. It doesn't! The STATE of NC is guilty in multiple areas of such abject corruption where almost EVERY individual in position of rank and authority in various offices have not just abused their rights, but have personal knowledge of the guilt and innocence of CITIZENS, and used them for their own AGENDAS?!

It is repulsive to compare the very lives of people, to a spit in our face "one day sentence?!" The man turned in his license chewed by his dog as if to make some sort of statement about how he valued his "profession." I found it quite fitting, and cries about his stupid guitars while we cry for the LIVES lost that will NEVER be regained, and to place a price of what our government SHOULD be doing, and are FAILING to do in the same category makes me want to vomit!

Educate yourself Ms Peterson, and the rest of you who read this to the FACT that Nifong was NOT the only "rogue" villain to this charade, the fact is there should have been numerous people prosecuted for serious crimes in office, and Nifong was served as a scapegoat for the coven!

Look into the corruption at every level, it is FAR more nefarious than what has been told, and all of the media have swept worse crimes under the rug, and are only cronies of the "system." IMO, the only TRUE journalism to exist these days is through the Internet, so that people like me can have the freedom of speech to voice our concerns and issues, and not paint a picture!

I AM going to the media here in Cleveland in the next week with the EVIDENCE that has taken me 4 hellish years to accumulate, to expose the entire State of NC with failure to adhere to any protocol, and to conspire to hide a murder, that was staged to look like a suicide of my dearest, beloved brother!

I have not only crime scene photos and video, I have reports from the sheriff, police, medical examiner, all of them full of misconduct, and 4 years and 4 DA's later, FINALLY have enough documentation to insure THIS time, many officials will be held accountable, and look forward to facing each and every one of them in the eye and pray the jury holds them to the highest penalty of law that they took oaths to protect, and not just abused, but used at the cost of LIVES of which no amount of money can replace!

JUSTICE?! I suggest you look at this link ( learn the meaning before you attach it to the likes of a wasted being such as Nifong! You are taking a stand for a man who used your race and people much like the slave owners of not too long ago did, and still do! Even you yourself cannot deny the facts you yourself have stated, yet you brush over each name caring more about the people behind their demise?! You have allowed yourself to be conned as a "sheeple" and Nifong is laughing to his colleagues and self, while comparing himself to be like Martin Luther King?!

To me, he is more like the Pied Piper Of Hamlin, only in this story the rats haven't gone anywhere, and instead rule the city! So, let me say that my next statements will be to the "mass" media, and cannot find proper words to express just how deep the corruption flows, it is a political quicksand of evils that have been avoided far too long!

There have been people who have followed me in my quest heckling my efforts to obtain "JUSTICE" every step of the way, and to you I say be prepared for a very gruesome awakening! My goal is to have laws changed, and lives saved, and you should be ashamed for turning against an innocent victim that truly cares for more than just her family, but for all of us who have not had the money to "buy" our "JUSTICE" for our loved ones?!

If you want to make a stand for somebody Ms Peterson, may I suggest you could better spend your time at PMRC, or MADD, than to join hands with the devil! Not that Nifong is anywhere near as brilliant at hiding his evil as Satan, more like a far lesser demon, with un-natural affiliation with "guitars!" HA!

Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland, Ohio
Sister Of Allen Jackson Croft Jr,
Murdered May 11, 2005 In Durham NC