Friday, October 17, 2008

Part 3 of the "MisAdventures of Super-Duper Cooper" is now posted.

(Part 3 of 4, of Episode I of "The MisAdventures of Super-Duper Cooper" is now posted on the official "justice4nifong" web site. The web address is: )

In future blogs, we will address issues of prosecutorial misconduct and disparity of discipline of other prosecutors when compared with Mike Nifong. Mr. Scott Huminski is an authority on prosecutorial misconduct, and has been actively working to protect the public from injustice dispensed by these prosecutors. As an expert, we value his insights and comments, such as that quoted below:

"We have prosecutors in this country actively committing felonies in the scope and duty of their work without any outrage or enforcement. The actions taken against Nifong are wildly disproportionate to the alleged conduct and contrary to the standard of conduct other prosecutors are held to." -- scott huminski

Without a doubt, Mr. Huminski's assessment with respect to the justice system in North Carolina is right on target.


Justice4Jack said...

Hold on, what I have to expose concerning the cover-up by LE, OCME, and the State of NC will have heads rolling and there WILL be a Federal Investigation into the politics of corruption that have conspired to conceal a homicide, and a VERY long list of people involved WILL be charged with CONSPIRACY! I have just made the last requests for documents that I am going to make. Even the Governor has implicated himself by trying to "start trouble" for a Marine friend of mine, who simply did as many of my family and friends have done, which was requesting under the FOIA, the FACTS of how my brother was KILLED!

Mr. Sleasley had our requests sent back as Spam, then went to work contacting the DOD to trace this person who is serving over-seas, which resulted in being summoned to 2 "Hearings?!"

I have EVERY intention to see all of this become public, and expose the crimes that have persisted too long, while wasted years, and millions of dollars spent in this "rape farce!"

Yes, there was a rape, but it wasn't CGM, it was Lady Justice!
Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland, Ohio
Sister Of Allen Jackson Croft Jr
Murdered May 11, 2005 In Durham NC

unbekannte said...

I have researched up Scott Huminski on Google. In spite of all his activity for judicial reform, I say he is no expert on Prosecutorial misconduct.

What other prosecutors have done is irrelevant to the Nifong situation. "Decent(?)", "honorable(??)" "minister of justice(???)" Nifong's misconduct is a matter of public record, knowingly prosecuting three innocent men for a non existent crime, making inflammatory statements in order to prejudice the public against the defendants, violating basic constitutional rights of the defendants, concealing exculpatory evidence from the defendants,lying to the court about that evidence, attempting to intimidate witnesses favorable to the defendants, attempting to suborn perjured, incriminating testimony against the defendants, that is how I would summarize the case against Nifong, and all this can be documented. The fact that other prosecutors have committed misconduct does not mitigate the case against Nifong.

Whether or not other prosecutors are worse than Nifong is a matter of opinion. I say Scott Huminski has expressed the wrong opinion.