Monday, July 20, 2009

Our sympathies to Rhonda

For those who have not visited the comments portion of our blog, a brief introduction: Rhonda Fleming is a lady in a tremendous amount of grief over the passing of her beloved brother, Jack. He died years ago in Durham, North Carolina, of what was determined to be a suicide, however Rhonda believes that his death was due to homicide, and she cannot find closure until the perpetrator is brought to justice. She has been actively trying to get any possible witnesses to come forward and for authorities to designate the case as a homicide and re-open the investigation. The depth of the love she had for her brother is evidenced by her passion and persistence in pursuing this issue.

On behalf of all members of the Committee on Justice for MikeNifong, I extend to you our deepest sympathies over your loss. Although I do not know the particulars of your brother’s passing, I will put a link to your website on our Links page when we get it up and running. (There is much important information, especially on the Documents page, that has yet to be posted, so it will not be done in the near future, but as soon as possible.)

There are a few misconceptions you and other readers may have that should be clarified:
(1) The Committee on Justice for Mike Nifong took it upon itself to seek the reinstatement of Mr. Nifong’s law license because his license was selectively and unjustly taken from him by the North Carolina State Bar.
(2) Mr. Nifong is the only prosecutor to be disbarred by the State Bar since its inception in 1933. One prosecutor disbarred over a 76 year period, although other prosecutors have conducted themselves far more egregiously than the petty nonsense with which Mr. Nifong has been accused. North Carolina ranks third behind Illinois and Louisiana in the number of death row inmates who have been exconerated, and most, if not all of them were convicted through prosecutorial misconduct.
(3) Mr. Nifong is not seeking to have his law license reinstated by the State Bar, and has stated that he has no intention of practicing law in North Carolina in the future even if his license were reinstated. In pursuing reinstatement of his law license, we are aware of his position regarding the practice of law, but we do not hold him to it.

We are aware that emotionally you are in pain, but we do not understand your animus towards Mr. Nifong. Again, we do not know your brother’s case, but I would like to think that if evidence existed that suggested that he was murdered, that the Durham Police would have thoroughly investigated. Often, a murder is staged to appear as a suicide, so I do not believe that your view regarding the cause of his death is totally unreasonable.

Feel free to share with us any specific evidence or information you might have to support your case. Please be aware that our efforts are focused first and foremost on obtaining justice for Mr. Nifong, which would be the reinstatement of his license. Only after achieving that goal will be able to consider giving our full attention to your brother’s case.

Let us know if there is anything else we may do that may be of help to you.


Justice4Jack said...

Let me say first that I do NOT agree with your efforts to HELP Nifong to get his law license back, the one he valued so much he let his dog CHEW it!

You asked why I am so "animus" to the Fong?!
1 .strong dislike or enmity; hostile attitude; animosity.
Related Words for animus
(animosity, bad blood)

How ironic it is that you chose this word. YES, I have great animosity, and much "BAD BLOOD" to this pathetic waste of oxygen and life!

As I said, you do NOT know the facts, and "HE" does! While the "HOAX" absorbed all of the world's attention, MANY other cases were neglected, and nobody gave a damn!

You DO know about the long history of corruption, and of the cases I have spoken of, so how can you even fathom to try and give this POS anything, and most of all the very tool he used to commit in his prior crimes?!

When I said he wasn't alone, I meant just that! One has only to look at all of the people listed on the LAX "to-sue" list, to see just how deeply entrenched the CONSPIRACY reached!

And HORRIFICALLY my brother's MURDER went without a SINGLE mention, and to quote the officer on the crime scene DVD I was sent, "There's not gonna be no NOTHIN!"

And by God, they kept their word on that one! We STILL to this DAY do not even know which day his suspected murdering wife had his body illegally cremated! It was either the very next day, or day after, WHY SUCH A RUSH TO DISPOSE OF HIS BODY?!

There are scores of questions that WILL be answered, and Nifong & Crew have YET to PAY THE PIPER!




That was the PROMISE I made to them before God, at that most undescribable moment I was told, the very FIRST words I uttered was "That Bitch Killed Him" and this was BEFORE being told of HOW he even died! I KNEW it in my HEART!


PREPOSTEROUS! And, after 13 MONTHS, we receive 1 REPORT, full of such BS, that again I cannot find the words to describe it!

YES I DO have PROOF he was MURDERED, and that his WIFE is GUILTY of FRAUD to get his body, estate, and EVERY piece of his being, down even to his reputation and honor!

It has taken me 4 needless years of AGONY, to wrestle the DEVILS in Durm, and have the ULTIMATE FAITH in GOD to know my brother did NOT die in vain, and the TRUTH SHALL BE TOLD and that there will be JUSTICE FOR JACK!
Rhonda Fleming
Sister Of Allen Jackson Croft Jr
MURDERED in Durham NC, 05/11/05

Justice4Jack said...

I need to add some more. I would also like to say how disgusted we are that people at IBM, and Duke University Hospital have not come forward with testimony on behalf of my brother and his "suspected murdering wife, June Tuning Croft!"

I have spoken to co-workers at both places, and they were SHOCKED, so WHY have they not offered a testimonial?!

I know 1 reason, and that is because HER brother, and another man who made slanderous and false testimony to the deputies, both work at IBM, and the "company" does not want to be "involved!"

Which is VERY disgusting, considering my brother was MORE than an employee, he was a VERY highly esteemed colleague, extremely devoted, and a great friend to MANY, who also KNEW he would NEVER kill himself! Oh, and the "REASON" for taking his life that was written on the fictitious "note" was that "he had MS, and did not want to be a BURDEN to his "WIFE" and was killing himself now while he still could?!"

Well, he did NOT have MS, was NEVER diagnosed with it, so why did police not do ANY INVESTIGATION, then LIE to us and tell us they had done a "partial autopsy" to which we requested a COMPLETE autopsy, but he had already been CREMATED! And MANY more LIES!

EVIDENCE?! YES, I DO have it! Thank God I have been able to glean enough documentation to PROVE this was a HOMICIDE, and I also have PROOF of tampering with evidence, gross negligence by the Durham's Sheriff's Department, the Durham Police, SBI, the NC Office Of Chief Medical Examiners!

AND I have them on AUDIO tape that I obtained legally after telling them my phone was "bugged!" And what was said on these tapes are not just EXPLOSIVE, they WILL be used as MORE evidence, of which I have EVERY intent of seeing THEM not just held accountable for, but I want to see them CHARGED with CONSPIRACY, and as I have said ALL along, AND have a FEDERAL INVESTIGATION into the MASSIVE CORRUPTION!

It is FAR past due, and just as there is a rainbow after a fierce storm, so shall there be when this all comes to LIGHT!


Rhonda Fleming
Sister Of Allen Jackson Croft Jr

Justice4Jack said...

No reply? Does a pole-cat have your tongue?!

Justice4Jack said...

Some people just CANNOT handle the TRUTH, I stand by my every jot, I have been SCREAMING for help from day ONE!

Had I not obtained the documents, and are public record, check for yourselves!

jus⋅tice  [juhs-tis] Show IPA
1. the quality of being just; righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness: to uphold the justice of a cause.
2. rightfulness or lawfulness, as of a claim or title; justness of ground or reason: to complain with justice.
3. the moral principle determining just conduct.
4. conformity to this principle, as manifested in conduct; just conduct, dealing, or treatment.
5. the administering of deserved punishment or reward.
6. the maintenance or administration of what is just by law, as by judicial or other proceedings: a court of justice.
7. judgment of persons or causes by judicial process: to administer justice in a community.
8. a judicial officer; a judge or magistrate.
9. (initial capital letter) Also called Justice Department. the Department of Justice.
10. bring to justice, to cause to come before a court for trial or to receive punishment for one's misdeeds: The murderer was brought to justice.
11. do justice,
a. to act or treat justly or fairly.
b. to appreciate properly: We must see this play again to do it justice.
c. to acquit in accordance with one's abilities or potentialities: He finally got a role in which he could do himself justice as an actor.

You have said this word wantonly concerning Fong! As I have stated FROM the beginning, HE was the DA on MY BROTHER'S CASE, and HE DID "PASS" on Jack, WHY?!

The "EVIDENCE" was all there, and from the scraps we do have, is MORE than enough to prove it, and I would LOVE to hear what he has to say!

REMEMBER, the SAME BOTCHED & POLLUTED SYSTEM is what CREATED the monsters, and again WHY we are pressing so hard for a FEDERAL INVESTIGATION!

As I have said from the beginning, the STATE has CONSPIRED to keep a HOMICIDE a SECRET, and WE are CALLING THEM OUT!

WHY have they RUN From THIS CASE?!

Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland, Ohio

Justice4Jack said...

As many of you who are indeed my friends know, that my mission and goal here has been to gather support to help solve my brother's murder. It has been an unfathomable tragedy that I promised him, our mother, and God to not end until there is Justice For Jack!

I have been blogging, and begging for help for over 4 years, and have FINALLY found help through Parent's Of Murdered Children. They have professionals thoroughly investigate your case, then from there, the
facts can be used to make the state re-open the deaths.

There has not been a day where I have not tried to make a difference, have written thousands of official requests, along with so many of you, to which I am forever grateful for, but have come to a "dead end," then, thankfully found this program, and is why I am asking for your help!

I must be honest in saying that money has been an issue of how much we can do. The numerous certified letters, and thousands of long distance calls have taken far more than a financial toll.

I have been trying for the past 2 months to get the documents copied, but do not own a printer, and just cannot afford to do this, which may seem a meager amount to many, but to me is just impossible, and I have tried numerous places to have this done, and even went today to my Congressman Dennis Kucinich's office, which ironically is also my brother's birthday, and they would not let me!

So, with my hat in my hand, I am so earnestly begging if ONE of you would care to be our "Sponser?"

I have included the contacts to where I would have the documents done, and prices listed, including the links and information about what the SOS program does. It is only $160.00, and would do more good than you could possibly imagine!
Respectfully and with LOVE,
Rhonda Fleming

National POMC
100 East Eighth Street, Suite 202
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
(513) 721-5683 (phone)
(513) 345-4489 (fax)
Toll Free: (888) 818-POMC

Second Opinion Services SM

The purpose of Second Opinion ServicesSM (S.O.S.) is to provide answers to questions and concerns regarding a death and subsequent investigation(s). A board of medical, law enforcement and investigative experts provide an independent objective viewpoint based on existing evidence and/or records submitted for review. Members of the S.O.S. board evaluate materials, looking for evidence that needs to be followed up, findings that may have been misinterpreted, areas that need further investigation and inconsistencies or conflicting information. S.O.S. is not an investigative agency.

S.O.S. Board Members cannot:

Further investigate a case
Serve as an "expert" witness
Identify a suspect
S.O.S. Board members may:
Contact original investigative authorities
Seek additional expert opinions as needed
Provide answers
Provide direction
Offer suggestions regarding further action
Provide information to help re-open a case
Help a family obtain a sense of closure about a loved one's sudden death
Concur with original findings
In most cases, families will receive a written opinion of the case.

The Second Opinion Service ProgramSM does work. Click on the examples below of several cases submitted to POMC's S.O.S. program. These are actual cases submitted for review.

Example One
Example Two
Example Three
For more information about the S.O.S. Program, please contact POMC's National Headquarters.

If you would like to print out a form to request Second Opinion Services SM, click here
Parents Of Murdered Children Cost $50.00
Second Opinion Services
National Office:
(888) 818-POMC (toll free)
(513) 721-5683 (phone)
(513) 345-4489 (fax) (e-mail)

2150 West 117th Cost: Approximately $90.00
Cleveland, Ohio
Supervisor Erin

US Post Office Cost Approximately $20.00
1475 Warren Road
Cleveland ,Ohio

Justice4Jack said...

How odd is it that NC had a 61% suicide rate in 2005, and only a 35% murders?!?

This is the html version of the file

Manner of Death: NC, 2004-2005
UnintentionalFirearm1%Legal Intervention1%•

In 2004-2005, a total of 3,498 violent deaths occurred in NorthCarolina.•
There were 2,065 suicides (61%),
1,271 homicides (35%),
40 unintentional firearm deaths (1%),
38 deaths from legal interventions (1%),
and 86 deaths that the Medical Examiner’s Office found to be ofundetermined intent (2%).•

Suicides have been found to occur in teens, peak at mid-life, decline slightly for a few decades and then increase as the population ages.• 77% of the suicide victims were men and 23% were women.•
Most suicides occurred in white residents (88%); less than 11% of the victims wereAfrican-American.Method of Death For Suicides: NC, 2004-2005611019163010203040506070FirearmSharpInst.Blunt/PersonalPoisonHangingOtherPercentageofdeathsbymethod•
The majority of suicides (61%) werecompleted by the use of firearms.• The second most-used method forsuicides was poisoning/drugs.• The third most common method was hanging/ strangulation and suffocation.

More than half of the suicide victims were in a depressed mood when they died (56% for men, 62%for women).•
Two-thirds of the women who died by suicide had a currentmental health problem (66%),
while less than half of the men did (42%).•
It was more common for women to leave a suicide note than it was for men (71% versus 25%).

More information on suicide prevention efforts can be found at:
State Resource Partners Mental Health Association in North Carolina, Inc.Contact: Romaine E. Riddle

N.C.Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Carolina
Office of the Chief Medical ExaminerContact: Krista Ragan, Child Death Investigator,

The Triangle Consortium for Suicide Prevention Contact: Phil
VA Medical Center Durham, North Carolina Contact: Gary H. Cunha, Suicide Prevention Coordinator, 919-286-0411 ext.7460

Youth Advocacy and Involvement Office, Students Against Destructive Decisions Contact: Harriett Southerland

National ResourcesThe Suicide Prevention Resource
The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
The American Association of Suicidology
The North Carolina Violent Death Reporting System is supported by Cooperative Agreement U17/CE423098-06 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

65%?! How suspicious are these statistics, taking into account that Durham Sheriff's Deputy Michael Owens was caught on tape admitting to "murders for hire," but the STATE never pressed these charges, WHY?!

Now, what I would like to know is, how many of these "suicides" were MURDERS, that were STAGED as suicides?!

I KNOW of at least ONE, MY BROTHER!

Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland, Ohio