Sunday, July 26, 2009

Victoria Peterson is quest on the Bill LuMaye Show

On Thursday, July 2, 2009, Committee on Justice for Mike Nifong president Victoria Peterson was a guest on the Bill LuMaye Show – a program on the conservative talk radio station WPTF-680 AM. Rick Martinez (the station’s news and programming director), along with his wife Donna, hosted the three hour afternoon program sitting in for the vacationing LuMaye.

The cordial and even questioning by the Martinezes covered a range of issues on the topic of Mike Nifong. Ms. Peterson made comments and fielded queries for an hour before departing. The second hour which followed consisted of calls from listeners who continued the conversation. To kick off the questioning, Mr. Martinez asked how Mike Nifong was doing. Ms. Peterson responded that he was doing well, and mentioned the fact that the Committee on Justice for Mike Nifong was organized and operated without the consent, knowledge, or input from Mr. Nifong.

During the first hour, callers had negative positions related to Mr. Nifong, with one media-misguided caller of African descent incredulously asking Ms. Peterson how she could support a prosecutor who “withheld exculpatory evidence” from the defense (a false allegation). Another caller felt Ms. Peterson’s forceful, “take no prisoners – yield no quarter” manner was too overpowering, and he lamented the fact that there was not an equally vociferous devil’s advocate on the program.

A point repeatedly hammered by Victoria was that Crystal Mangum, the Duke Lacrosse accuser, never had a chance o tell her story, and that she never had her day in court. When Donna Martinez countered that Attorney General Roy Cooper didn’t bring the case to trial because he felt that there wasn’t sufficient evidence, Ms. Peterson had earlier responded that the attorney general overstepped his bounds and instead of deciding not to prosecute, took the extra unprecedented step of declaring the Duke defendants “innocent.” This, she stated, opened the city of Durham an Duke University to a slew of civil suits.

The first hour of the show is on the station’s website podcast. Hopefully the website will soon have the interview posted alng with the second hour (which contains comments by some callers supportive of Mike Nifong).

It is rare that the media affords the Committee on Justice for Mike Nifong a forum wherein it can support and defend Mr. Nifong, and put forth its objective (which is for the North Carolina State Bar to unilaterally and unconditionally reinstate Mike Nifong’s license to practice law in the state, without restrictions). WPTF-680 AM is to be commended for the opportunity to the Committee.

The Committee looks forward to having a full in-house, no holds barred debate about Mr. Nifong’s disbarment with Bill LuMaye, himself, in the near future. Keep tuned to this blog site or the home page of our website,, for information.

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