Sunday, January 2, 2011

Comic strip gets year off to great start

The big day has arrived at last… the unveiling of Episode V of “The MisAdventures of Super-Duper Cooper.” The title of this episode, “Super-Heroes Smackdown – Initial Encounter,” promises to be the most hilarious, action-packed, and educational comic strip ever produced anywhere by anyone. And, I’m not just boasting… it’s the truth, as you will see.

This episode contains seventeen parts, one more than the four previous episodes combined. And unlike the previous episodes, this episode will feature an extra bonus. After the episode is complete, you will have the option of continuing on (if a part has already been posted), or linking up to an audio-visual document in which I will discuss the part that you had just read. Comments and analysis may address cases, legal point, individuals and items within the strip, conceptual origins, facts and tidbits about the strip… any number of things may be addressed.

The commentary for the first part runs a little over five minutes, but I will try to keep this exciting new feature at five minutes or less.

Special features in this episode includes the incorporation of one of the regular blog commenters, guiowen, and I will pay homage to as many of the commenters to the site that I can.

So, sit back, relax, and prepare to roll in the aisles, while at the same time learning about the state’s criminal justice system, in the upcoming seventeen Sundays.

As usual, I welcome any comments about the strip.

A link to the strip is provided here.


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Nifong Supporter said...

The next blog will discuss how a judge helped prosecutors pave the way for a capital conviction in a homicide case that did not exist.