Saturday, January 15, 2011

Part 3 of Super-Duper Cooper is now posted

Due to scheduling problems, Part 3 of "The MisAdventures of Super-Duper Cooper" Episode V has just been posted. It is posted a day earlier than planned. As with the two previous parts, there is commentary, insight, and analysis which follows. It does require audio, and a link will be provided below.

It was decided to add the post-strip commentary to better help educate the viewers, and although it is time-consuming to produce I believe that it is definitely worthwhile. The downside is that time constraints reduce the number of blogs that are posted on this blogsite. I will try to post at least two blogs per week, time permitting.

Also, I am working on other important projects which will be unveiled in the near future, as well as once again re-vamping the main website... changing it from HTML to Flash, to better accommodate animation and interactivity.

Enjoy the comic strip. I welcome any comments here about it.


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Nifong Supporter said...

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Where do you stand on the issue?