Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Civil Discourse on the Criminal Justice System

This blog is being created to encourage thought and discussion about the justice system in the state of North Carolina, which is, unfortunately, one of "selective justice based on Class and Color." Former Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong was, and is, a victim of this system because he followed the principle of "equal justice for all" when prosecuting the Duke Lacrosse Case. North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper and the North Carolina State Bar unjustly, harshly, and excessively prosecuted and persecuted him to set an example for other prosecutors -- that in the state of North Carolina, Class and Color matter.

The State Bar has boasted in the past that it had revoked the law license of 373 attorneys during a ten year period. However, since its inception, only one prosecutor has been disbarred, and that is Mr. Nifong. This despite the fact that other prosecutors have acted far more egregiously, and their defendants (against whom charges were later dropped) suffered greater injustice.

If "equal justice for all" is to be a reality in North Carolina, it needs to begin with Mr. Mike Nifong. Justice for Mike Nifong would include, but not be limited to, the re-instatement of his license to practice law in the state of North Carolina.

Committee on Justice for Mike Nifong


TheTruth said...

Dear Ms. Victoria Peterson,

There have been so many times where I wondered how in God's name you could stand to defend this man, however, it came to me so clearly in reading this. You are a race baiter, plain and simple.

Mike Nifong was not a "martyr" for civil rights or "the color war" you speak of. Mike NIfong exploited African Americans to a point of not only making the Durham population of such look like complete and utter race hogs and morons. Yourself included, if not leading the pack.

While you may think the worst of the three young men who Mike Nifong sought to maliciously jail for 30 years for a crime that they did not commit (nor was ever committed), we who know these men and their families understand the irreparable damage Mr. Nifong and Crystal Mangum inflicted on them. We know their goodness, their kindness, their strength, their loyalty, their family bonds. You know nothing of these young men, I repeat, NOTHING. So how DARE you presume to tell the "blog world" that they suffered little, and that the "true" victim in this case is Mike Nifong. Mike Nifong brought his own demise upon himself. No action by any of these young men warranted such a psychotic, outlandish, racist attack on their lives, let alone a threat of 30+ years in prison for something they never did.

Can you tell me about Collin Finnerty? Tell me about what he's doing with his life? Can you tell me about his relationship with his younger sister, or his hobbies? Can you tell me about his family? What he likes to do on the weekends? Or Reade? Can you tell me about Reade's relationship with his parents and siblings? Can you tell me about his job, his life a his new school, his relationships? What about Dave? Can you tell me about how it hurt him to lose his grandfather before the charges were dropped? Can you tell me about his father (because you have such high opinions of his mother)? Can you tell me about his new life? His girlfriend? Anything at all that isn't Googleable? DO you know about their best friends, their girlfriends, their family friends, their volunteer work, their brothers and sisters, their grandparents?

No. You can't. Because you know NOTHING of these guys other than what you WISH to believe. And how sad is it that you are actually HOPING and WISHING a woman was raped just so you can justify your own racism, your own classism, your own jealousy and hatred.

These guys have families. They have parents who love them so much. They have brothers and sisters who adore them. They have girlfriends who would do anything for them, friends who think the world of them. You seem to completely disregard that.

Continue on with your rambles about how Collin and Reade and Dave lifted Crystal in the air and raped her, despite Reade not even being present. Continue to ignore all the lies Nifong told, the blacks he pandered to and the joke he made of the justice system and hold him up as a "martyr" for "poor black women" everywhere. Continue to overlook the fact that Crystal IDed someone not even in North Carolina as her alleged rapist. Continue to ignore the fact she was back on the pole within a week of her "horrible, horrendous, brutal attack". Continue to ignore the fact that Crystal only picked Seligmann with 70% certainty. That both Collin and Reade had girlfriends at the time. Continue to ignore the evidence and decry people you don't even know. I cannot stop your stupidity, nor am I going to try. But I wanted you to know that while you may think the worst of these guys for no reason whatsoever, and assume everyone else should too, there are so many like myself --- not the news, not the "conservatives", not the media, not even the "blog hooligans" who have never met the guys they so adamently defend -- but who actually know and love them, and know things you would never accept about their goodness, their kindness, and their actual personalities.

Mike Nifong was not disbaarred for "defending a black woman". Mike Nifong was disbarred for the gross misconduct, his viscious attacks on three upstanding college students, his disregard for the law he was sworn to uphold, and his selfish greed of wanting so desperately to win an election propped up by the black vote.

Mike Nifong acknowledged what he did to those families and the severity of what he did. He submitted his own resignation and agreed he should be disbarred. He is realizing, though slowly, the severeity of his disgusting actions. It's about time you do too.

Justice for Mike Nifong means continued disbarment, and the inability to ever hurt families, be they white or black, right or poor, ever again.

krddurham said...

Dear Nifong Supporter,



RN-VC said...
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BeMused said...

I suppose it should come as no surprise that the first comment here would be one of Joan Foster's screeds.

Evidently she takes pride in her pontificating and bloviating prose.

Anyone interested in watching 'Joan' display what an absolute hypocrite she is, need only to ask her about 'tribalism' as it relates to the Duke LAX case. Any response she might have is sure to BeMuse you (and me).

What a self-righteous bore she is.

unbekannte said...

Mike Nifong is a sociopathic narcissistic bully who picked three innocent men at random for a non existent crime because he felt his personal welfare trumped the law, legal ethics and the Constitution of the United States. Unfortunately for him, these men had the resources and determination to fight back.

Justice for Mike Nifong would be a criminal conviction, a seven figure fine and a three figure prison term.

justice58 said...

Ms. Victoria Peterson,

Congrats on your effort to help Mike Nifong get his law license back. I appreciate your loyalty, kindness & hard work that you've shown for Mike Nifong.

Keep it up!

ChickyGirl said...

Dear Ms. Peterson,

Thank you for your efforts to get Mr. Nifong's license back. That really is the least he deserves. He was railroaded by the defense and their connections.

Keep up the good work and may God bless your efforts.

Justice4Jack said...

Are you serious, get his degree BACK?! Justice4Nifong?! You stole that from ME! No, Ms. Peterson, it is Justice4Jack! That is MY brother who was murdered in Durham in 2005, covered up, and abetted also by the Fong, Wilson, and ALL the cronies in the coven known as Durham's Legal Department! JUSTICE is a word missing from his and Durham's vocabulary, and an insult to put his name beside the term! He wouldn't know JUSTICE if it hit him in the face, but he will know it when he faces God!

"Fong" should be tarred and feathered and ran out of rown on a rail, NOT welcomed back with open arms! People like YOU and anybody with enough stupidity to be his followers should also follow suit!

Nifong is typical, the entire county of Durham is typical. Typical being, corrupt to the core! How many more lives should he be given a chance to ruin? NONE!

How you could stand by this dirtbag without remembering how he mocked the system and not just placed 3 innocent lives in jeopardy, he purposely USED them for his own agenda, and has used OTHER innocents as well!

This is NOT a race issue! It is a VIRTUE issue, and the "Fong" has none, nor does he have a conscience! His ONE day in jail was an insult to not just the LaCrosse families, but to the NATION!

Are we to give card blanche to our political leaders who use their administrations to distort JUSTICE?! NO!

Should we protest and shout from the rooftops, YES! What are YOU trying to do Ms. Peterson, start another race war?!

Your bandwagon is running on a broken wheel on the road to perdition, just a few steps shy of Hell. Now, there is a place he is more than welcome, not back in ANY political office!

I think FEMA should check the water in Durham, and people like you should check yourself into a mental ward, surely you do need professional help, PSYCHIATRIC that is!

Rhonda Fleming
Cleveland, Ohio

ChickyGirl said...


Mr. Nifong had nothing to do with your brother having committed suicide. I'm sad to see you haven't healed yet and moved on.

Your brother's death was ruled a suicide. Accept that, it is time after what, 4 years?

Justice4Jack said...

It was ruled a "suicide" by the SAME INSANE and inept deceitful system. YES, Nifong and Wilson were involved! I have the correspondence, I have the phone calls on record, and just as the "system" abetted Fong to railroad 3 innocent men, he also helped railroad numerous cases into oblivion!

This case is FAR from over, and only just beginning! I will be going to the media here in Cleveland very soon to protest to have his case re-opened, and do the investigation that was never done! I will save the specific details, but it is going to be not just shocking, it will be explosive!

And, unlike the frenzy where Fong was given only one day in jail and surrender his chewed up license, there will be other high ranking officials in very deep water without a life saver.

I am not out for blood, but for the blood shed by innocents that have been covered up and ignored by Durham's "finest?!"

Hold onto your hat chicky, it is going to be more than just a bumpy ride, and will open many eyes as to just how wicked and evil politics are!

Justice4Jack said...

Pardon the mendacious pun, but I had to make this statement "CRYSTAL" clear, that Nifong is but ONE of the MANY unscrupulous knaves! And, we all have to question why you would want to see this rotten POS back in political office?

From where I sit, things are still pretty much status quo, only the names have changed, and NOT to protect the innocent!

Shame, shame on you Ms. Peterson, and anybody else who has the nerve to shed a tear over a corrupt and wicked political official!

Rhonda Fleming
Sister of Allen Croft Jr,
murdered and unsolved in Durham
May 11, 2005