Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An Invitation to Responders

I would like to acknowledge and thank the bloggers for your comments, even though your points of view differ vastly from mine. As was stated, I do not know the three Duke LAXers personally, and I have no ill will towards them. It has come to my attention, however, that they each received seven million dollars ($7,000,000.00) from Duke University (for what, I do not know), and that they each have purchased a customized Porsche. Now I do not hold that against them, because at one time, I had one of my own. They're beautiful cars, and fun to drive.

The point I am trying to make is that North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper and the North Carolina State Bar selectively chose to disbar Mr. Nifong when other prosecutors have conducted themselves far more egregiously than Mr. Nifong, and their innocent defendants have suffered far greater injustice, including loss of liberty. These prosecutors were never disciplined, whereas Mr. Nifong is the only prosecutor to be disbarred by the State Bar since its inception.

If you are interested in taking part in a survey by the "Committee on Justice for Mike Nifong," I would be happy to send you a questionnaire of 36 yes/no questions, with a self-addressed stamped envelope. After participating in the survey, you may have a different perspective about the Duke Lacrosse case and Mr. Nifong. To request a questionnaire, just e-mail the "Committee" at justice4nifong@gmail.com with your name and mailing address. I will try to respond with as many questionnaires to interested parties as possible.

Thank you for your interest.


TheTruth said...

7 Million and a Porch?

None of the players drive a porch. I can name at least one that drives a USED SUV.

Get your facts straight before you make horrible attempts at trying to decry someone you, again, don't know.

You don't know these guys yet somehow know how much money they have and the cars they drive...interesting. Why don'tyou tell us about the super models they are dating too?

Stop acting like what they went through wasn't a big deal.

justice58 said...

The duke accused didn't spend any time in jail. They suffered nothing! They brought shame upon themselves for having their disgusting immoral party to buy women for their sick pleasure.

Mike Nifong has been wrongly punished for doing his job as a prosecutor.

Give his law license back!

ChickyGirl said...

Mike Nifong was railroaded by defense attorneys who had connections in high places. Those whinny cry baby hoodlums suffered nothing. Disgusting drunks who started the whole mess with that drunken party and hiring strippers. They got their own coach fired, and brought shame on Duke University. They deserve nothing. Give Mr. Nifong his license back.

TheTruth said...

Porsche* I apologize for my misspelling...

None of the guys bought Porsche's you morons. Justice58, Victoria Peterson does not know ANY of these young men. The most she has ever done was stalk and harass them at Nifong's trial (for which she got kicked out). She doesn't know them or their families, so how in GOD'S name would she know how much money they have and what kind of car they drive?

I can unequivocally state that at least two of the three accused drive SUV's, one of whom drives a USED SUV. There are NO Porsches in their families.

Continue to believe all the BS lies that come out of this woman's (and the other morons') mouth. Nothing she says about any of the victims in this case is true. She has no credibility and no facts/evidence to back up what she says. The fact that she would even post something so ridiculous (the Porsche comment) without fact checking it speaks volumes to her credibility and her case.

She is a liar. Just like Mike Nifong.

Birds of a feather.

justice58 said...

The greediness & arrogance of these guys is astounding. The had an immoral party where they paid women to strip naked, encouraged underage drinking, shamed their University with their disrespectful behavior and now have the audacity to sue Durham? Are you kidding me? They suffered nothing. They are owed nothing. They should go hide their heads in shame for causing all of this mess!

jarms said...

I believe I can help you understand the points you're having difficulty understanding.

First, you state with absolute certainty that justice in North Carolina is race-based, but have difficulty understanding why the DNA evidence in the LAX case was probative of anything. This viewpoint places science (in this case physics and biology - subjects in which absolute, objective proof is available) far behind politics/sociology - subjects which are subjective by nature - in your personal hierarchy of reason. That is an irrational mindset.

In this matter, forensic scientists were able to treat the body of CGM as a crime scene, no differently than if the case had been a burglary and the house had been cordoned off after the break-in was determined to have occurred.

In the burglary analogy, fingerprints would have been discovered to show all people who entered the house prior to the break-in (and did not wear gloves to prevent the leaving of fingerprints). Here, DNA was discovered to show all people who had physical contact with CGM's sexual orifices prior to the SANE exam.

In the burglary analogy, the police reasonably look first for potential suspects at the people whose fingerprints appear. In CGM's case, there was DNA from multiple males evident (some unknown), but NO effort was made to find out whether these could have been the perpetrators. Moreover, unlike in the burglary case, we know (from CGM's testimony) the alleged perpetrators did not "wear gloves," and as a matter of physics (friction) would have left, at a minimum, skin cells at the "crime scene" from which DNA could be extracted.

Thus, the presence of evidence of "prior visitors" to the CGM crime scene and the lack of LAX DNA from a “subsequent break-in” (the rape) leads to the inescapable, scientific conclusion that no LAX player had intimate contact with CGM, and if CGM were raped, someone else did it.

Thus, after the first Meehan report (and before the indictments), Nifong KNEW that either a crime had NOT OCCURRED at all, or at the very least some person (or persons) OTHER THAN a LAX player was the only potential suspect.

In all the other cases you bring up as analogous, either a crime HAD occurred, or the suspect was not immediately ruled out BEFORE the charges were filed. Granted, all these prosecutors did wrong and should have been punished. However, the aggravating factor in determining the level of prosecutorial wrongdoing is NOT the suffering of the wrongfully-charged person (of which we can have no true knowledge, only speculation), but the culpable knowledge of the prosecutor (which here we knew as a matter of scientific certainty). Nifong was more culpable than the others because he charged persons with a crime he either KNEW had not been committed at all, or if committed must have been committed by someone OTHER THAN the persons charged.

ChickyGirl said...

Wacky posters at Liestoppers say the boys suffered trauma and deserve Porches as well as millions of dollars. I still see no trauma suffered.

What I see is Mr. Nifong being railroaded by the State of NC while other prosecutors got written reprimands for inflicting real trauma on others.

Justice in NC is based on class and race, as far as I can see, and nothing about the accused rapists changes that. They deserve nothing for their drunken party which caused their own distress. They caused their coach to be fired, brought shame on Duke, and worst of all caused a dedicated DA to be crucified for their hooligan, above the law, attitudes.

Now they are buying Porches to celebrate. How greedy and shameful.

gak said...

I believe Nifong was made an example of. I also believe it needed to be done. The Duke accused didn't spend any time in jail, but they went through hell. Could you imagine walking to the office every day being hounded by your face on a "wanted" poster knowing the "crime" never happened. could you imagine being called dead man walking as you walked into court to face a judge for a crime that never happened. As for the other prosecutors, they should have been sent to jail and that amoung other things is a failure of NC. Nifong amoung other lawyers in NC should not have a law license nor should a bunch of others.

Justice4Jack said...

· The North Carolina justice system is founded on the tenet of “selective justice based on Class and Color” rather than “equal justice for all” (a principle championed by Mike Nifong) and
· (most importantly) Mr. Nifong’s license to practice law needs to be reinstated before the state can move towards a justice system based on “equal justice for all.”

That is the most idiotic statement I have heard in quite a long time! "Fong" not only has no principles, he does not have even one moral or ethical bone in his body!

He is a cunning little weasel who used race as a means for his own agenda, even if it meant the very lives of innocent men and their families! It was all an extremely wicked and selfish debacle which cost more than his precious
"license," but cast an enormous spotlight on the dirty deeds of one defiant miscreant who was CAUGHT!

Fong is not alone in the conspiracy, nor is Durham. The difference is that this all happened at a time in which the men, their families, friends, neighbors and community stood behind them, and thanks to a bank video exposed the Fong as the POS politician he truly is!

You say you are outraged that he was singled out, I am enraged he was the lone stranger, and that the FED'S did not come out from under their rocks to do the Federal Investigation that would have sent NUMEROUS people to prison for abuses in office, and THIS is the exact reason they have sat and watched!

This is NOT the nation I so proudly was raised to believe in. My eyes have seen too much, and I cannot look away like blind sheeple and do nothing! NEVER would I have imagined such hitrocities to exist, and my heart aches because we survive only by the grace of God.

I will not salute a flag made in a communist country, and I will not vote again for the "lesser of the 2 evils," or for my "party." My government has denied our family not just the basic rights of family to documents of how their loved one died, but has conspired to cover-up his murder, conceal evidence, tamper with evidence, did nothing to protocol, and have fought us as if WE were the enemy!
My government has betrayed not just my family alone, there are MANY of us out here, and to act as if Fong is a victim just makes me want to vomit!

Wake up people, do not allow yourselves to be spoon-fed the garbage, and PROTEST! NOTHING is ever accomplished by ease, but by blood, sweat, and oceans of tears of every day citizens who are willing to stand up and say ENOUGH!

Remember these things when and if you vote! Until there is JUSTICE for Jack, I cannot and will not! Actions speak louder than words, enough rhetoric already, RISE UP!