Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Little Clarification About the "Committee on Justice for Mike Nifong"

The "Committee on Justice for Mike Nifong" was formed because of what I perceived to be the excessively harsh, injust, and disparate treatment he received from the North Carolina Attorney General (Roy Cooper), and the North Carolina State Bar. It seems that since its inception, Mr. Nifong is the only prosecutor to be disbarred. According to an article by UNC law professor Rich Rosen, no other prosecutor has even been severely disciplined by the State Bar. An organization which has no compunction about disbarring attorneys (according to its own web site, during a ten year period 373 attorneys were disbarred).

The "Committee" was formed without Mr. Nifong's knowledge or consent. It acts independently and without input from the Nifong family. After initiating my crusade for justice on his behalf, I had the honor of meeting this decent, dedicated, family man, and his lovely family.

Let me make it clear that Mr. Nifong does not intend on practicing law again, does not really want his license to practice law in the State of North Carolina reinstated, and did not encourage me to work towards getting it. In other words, he is not going to get on his knees and beg the state, or hop through any hoops for the state's perverse amusement.

I firmly believe that his license was taken from him selectively and unjustly by the state, and that the state should take responsibility for its actions (including its wrongdoings). That is why the state should reinstate Mr. Nifong's license to practice law. It should do the right thing and make amends to him.


justice58 said...

I agree Nifong Supporter!

Thank you for your hard work in helping to restore Mike Nifong's law license.

Keep it up!

jarms said...

"The state" did not take Nifong's law license. His professional colleagues in the State Bar took his license. Your "beef" is with the State Bar.

unbekannte said...
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unbekannte said...

If you were charged with a crime, would you want to be prosecuted the way Mike Nifong tried to prosecute the Lacrosse players. Before any evidence was in, Nifong proclaimed that a crime had been committed and that some Lacrosse players were guilty, he proclaimed that the Lacrosse players availing themselves of counsel was an indication of guilt, he proclaimed that the Lacrosse players remaining silent was an indication of guilt, he threatened to arrest innocent Lacrosse players if they did not give incriminating testimony against the ones who were indicted, he refused to hear evidence of innocence of one of the indicted players, he withheld exculpatory evidence from the indicted lacrosse players, he intimidated witnesses who could provide testimony which exonerated the lacrosse players.

If Mike Nifong did all this to you, would you be trying to get him reinstated to practice law?

unbekannte said...

Followup to 9/8/08 0450 comment.

Nifong not only broke the law and violated legal ethics. He attempted to deny the defendant Lacrosse players basic Constitutionally guaranteed protections, right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, right to trial by a fair and impartial jury, right to be represented by counsel when charged with a crime, right to remain silent when questioned by the authorities and charged with a crime, i.e. the right not to be forced to give testimony against yourself.

I ask again, if charged with a crime, would you want to be prosecuted the way Mike Nifong prosecuted the three Lacrosse players? If so, would you want Mike Nifong reinstated to the practice of law?

Tom said...

Fuck Nifong in his punk ass.

UpplRcrazy said...

Hey, Mike Nifong didn't do anything that any good Nazi fascist wouldn't do in the same circumstances.

I say let the guy have his license back. I'm sure people will be lining up around the block for his expert legal advice.