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What really happened in the wee hours of April 3, 2011

The biased mainstream media has unfortunately flooded the newsprint and airwaves with false declarations that the stab wound inflicted by Duke Lacrosse victim/accuser Crystal Mangum during the early morning hours of Sunday, April 3, 2011, resulted in the death of Reginald Daye. This myth has been adequately debunked by the previously posted blog which has gone into depth with medical records about how and why Daye died. The short version is that an intubation tube was misplaced by the staff at Duke University Hospital, resulting in lack of oxygen to the lungs, bloodstream, and eventually the brain cells. The brain cells died and Daye lapsed into a comatose state… and unlike brain damaged inmates Joshua Wrenn and Timothy Helms, who both regained consciousness after months in a coma, Daye was removed from life support after only a week. He died shortly thereafter and as a proximate cause of its removal.

The medical examiner reached the conclusion that Reginald Daye died “secondary to complications of a stab wound to the chest” in order to provide Durham Prosecutor Kelly Gauger with a basis for charging Crystal Mangum with murder. He did so with full knowledge that the stab wound had nothing to do with Daye’s death, and made no attempt to develop a nexus between the stabbing and Daye’s brain death or actual death. The mainstream media, however, attributes Daye’s death to the stabbing, and does its best to keep hidden from the public the fact that a Duke University Hospital staff member is the one who should take the blame for Daye’s demise… not Crystal Mangum.

But, even if the stab wound was directly responsible for Daye’s death, there is plenty within the prosecutor’s discovery to support the fact that Crystal Mangum acted in self defense when she stabbed Daye. The two, who had been in a brief relationship at the time, were living together in Daye’s apartment along with Crystal’s three children. She contributed financially to help pay the rent for the apartment which had fallen into arrears due to a recent layoff at his job. However, he was now back at his job, and Daye purchased a money order on March 25, 2011, and one on April 1, 2011, both totaling $700.00 – rent for the month of April. Daye was scheduled to work on Monday, April 4, 2011, leaving at six in the morning and returning home after five in the afternoon. Because he would not be at home during the office hours of the rental company, he gave both cashier’s checks to Crystal prior to April 3rd with instructions to drop them off at the rental office the following Monday. Mangum placed both checks in her purse for safekeeping.

On Saturday, April 2, 2011, Crystal Mangum had a couple of drinks whereas Reginald Daye imbibed quite a bit of alcohol… enough to the point that he became heavily intoxicated. Daye became upset with Crystal because she was not totally attentive to him, and this led to an argument. Although Daye’s nephew stated that the two were fussing over rent and money, this was definitely not the case according to Ms. Mangum. The argument between the two was strictly due to personal relationship issues.

Early in the morning of Sunday, April 3, 2011, the argument became physical as Reginald Daye started punching Crystal in the face and pulling her by the hair. To escape him, she sought refuge in the bathroom and she locked the door behind her. An out of control Daye proceeded to kick in the bathroom door, then grabbed Crystal by her hair and took her to the bedroom. Sometime during this horrific altercation, Daye brought a bunch of steak knives from the kitchen and started throwing them, using Ms. Mangum as a target. These knives ended up being scattered all over the bedroom, as was noted in a later police report. The struggle came to an end as Daye was astride Mangum with both of his hands on her throat choking her. She managed to grab one of the steak knives that was lying around and stabbed him once in the left torso. No “defensive wounds” were sustained by Daye to his left upper extremity as was stated in the April 14, 2011 Autopsy Examination report.

Prosecution discovery documents scattered knives throughout the house, the damage to the bathroom door, notes clumps of Crystal’s hair by the bathroom door and in the bedroom, in addition to physical signs of injury she sustained which included a cut below her left eye, a swollen lower lip, a lesion to the back of her left hand, torn clothing, and blood on clothing (most likely from Daye when she stabbed him while he was atop her).

After stabbing Daye in self defense, Crystal grabbed her purse, which happened to contain the two cashier’s checks, and made her escape from Daye’s apartment and went to her aunt’s house. There she was later apprehended after calling 9-1-1, and the two cashier’s checks confiscated. The presence of these two cashier’s checks in Crystal Mangum’s possession would be the basis for Prosecutor Kelly Gauger to file two counts (one for each check) of larceny even though Daye gave them to Crystal, she did not take them from him, and she could not convert them to cash for her own personal use because she was not listed as the payee or remitter.

Daye’s blood alcohol was 296 mg/dL, a level which would put a non-alcoholic adult into a stupor. No alcohol, toxicology, or blood testing was conducted on Ms. Mangum, most likely due to lack of suspicion of her possibly being intoxicated.

That the stabbing was self defense is a logical conclusion from the evidence and investigation provided by the prosecution alone. Chris Shella, Mangum’s defense attorney, who claims to be working Pro Bono on her behalf, had not conducted any investigation into the incident, and the only thing he did was weaken the self-defense argument by seeking a mental health evaluation for his client.

The link below will connect to a directory of prosecution documents supporting the veracity of events as described above. When taken in conjunction with the previously posted blog and its link to the medical records, one cannot help but come to the following conclusions regarding the incident that occurred in the early morning of April 3, 2011:

(1) Crystal Mangum was the victim of domestic abuse at Reginald Daye’s hands;

(2) Crystal Mangum stabbed Reginald Daye in self-defense;

(3) the stab wound to Daye was non-life threatening;

(4) Duke University Hospital staff’s misplacement of the endotracheal tube was responsible for Daye’s brain death;

(5) Reginald Daye’s death was due to his elective removal from life support by Duke University Hospital staff with the consent of Daye’s family;

(6) the Autopsy Examination Report of April 14, 2011, in listing injuries to Daye that were fabricated and not inflicted by the stab wound, did so to make the stab wound appear more serious than it actually was;

(7) the autopsy reports, in listing “complications due to a stab wound to the chest” as the cause of Daye’s death, did so fraudulently and for the purpose of providing a basis for first degree murder charge against Ms. Mangum;

(8) Daye gave the two cashier’s checks to Mangum with the intention that she would drop them off at the rental office while he was at work on Monday, April 4, 2011;

(9) Mangum could not have converted the checks to cash even if she wanted as she was not listed as the payee or remitter; and

(10) Crystal Mangum is innocent of the murder of Reginald Daye and both counts of larceny, and both charges against her should be dropped and she should be immediately released from custody.

The date of this blog posting, April 22, 2012, is day 385 of Crystal Mangum’s wrongful incarceration. This, more than any colorful language used by former Durham District Attorney Tracey Cline in her public feud with Superior Court Judge Orlando Hudson, is what puts the Durham County and Tar Heel state’s justice system in disrepute. It is apparent to anyone with a modicum of knowledge about recent Durham history that the actions against Ms. Mangum are motivated by her role in the Duke Lacrosse case. Because this African American woman made accusations of sexual abuse against three student/athletes from families of wealth, power, and privilege, destroying her life and keeping her behind bars is the retribution being sought by these Carpetbagger families in their Jihadist agenda against those they deemed to be on the wrong end of the Duke Lacrosse case.

In order to carry out the diabolical plot against Mangum, many individuals had to collude in a grand conspiracy… some of the conspirators being as follows:

(1) Durham prosecutor Kelly Gauger who had Ms. Mangum indicted for murder on a fraudulently false autopsy report;

(2) Medical examiner Clay Nichols, M.D. who provided the April 14, 2011 Autopsy Examination Report that contained erroneous findings and conclusions;

(3) Dr. Andrew W. Buck who authorized the flawed autopsy report of April 14, 2011;

(4) the doctor who authored the April 13, 2011 Autopsy Investigative Report whose name was not typed on the report and whose signature was not legible. The conclusions he/she reached were misleading and in agreement with those of Dr. Nichols in supporting the prosecutor’s bogus murder charge against Mangum;

(5) defense attorney Chris Shella, who volunteered his Pro Bono services to Crystal Mangum, is an enabler who allowed Prosecutor Gauger to proceed with her prosecution of Ms. Mangum. Representation of Mangum by a capable and dedicated defense attorney would have been enough to prevent Gauger from pursuing the murder and larceny indictments, and would’ve brought the prosecution of Mangum to a halt;

(6) Judge Osmond Smith III, who should have recused and disqualified himself from hearing a motion by Shella for a bail reduction from $200,000 to $100,000, was predisposed to maintain Mangum’s bail at a high enough level to prevent her from satisfying bond; and

(7) the media, mainstream and otherwise, by heavily reporting the false conclusions of the autopsy-related documents that attributed Daye’s demise to the stab wound, and by fiercely keeping from the public the fact that the autopsy reports and their conclusions are spurious.

However, the media’s role is quite insidious and represents one of Prosecutor Gauger’s most powerful allies in the malicious, vindictive, and unfair war against Crystal Mangum. The media kept quiet for the entire week that Reginald Daye was in a coma, only mentioning it after he had died. The media showed absolutely no curiosity about the unexpected and unusual etiology of Daye’s lapse into a comatose state. The media even kept the fact that Daye was on life support hidden from the public and that it was only after he was electively removed from it that he died. The media has downplayed Reginald Daye’s state of intoxication the morning of the incident and has suppressed informing the masses of the injuries sustained by Mangum at Daye’s hand. The media did not attempt to find the basis for the charge of larceny. Because the case against Mangum was so weak, many of the media-types restricted reporting on the case in order to keep its weaknesses concealed. This accounts for a disproportionately large part of articles about Mangum/Daye being devoted to rehashing the Duke Lacrosse case… and reminding the people of Mangum’s role as the “false” accuser.

Although anti-Mangum media reporting is punitive in large measure to retaliate for her part in the Duke Lacrosse case, another significant motive is likely due to financial reasons. By blaming Daye’s death on Crystal Mangum’s actions, it takes away the real responsibility from Duke University Hospital for malpractice that led to the loss of Daye’s life… and Duke University advertises heavily in state’s media markets (with the exception of African American newspapers).

Politicians and so-called “civil rights organizations” which possess knowledge of the injustice against Ms. Mangum and elect to remain quiet and do nothing out of fear and/or apathy, are culpable in this conspiracy of enormous size and intensity. As long as the conspirators keep rank and their deeds remain secreted away, minorities will continue to suffer throughout North Carolina. As long as those with the knowledge of the injustices stay on the sidelines and apart from the struggle for equal justice for all, the unholy persecution of Crystal Mangum will continue, Erick Daniels and Shawn Massey will be deprived of the pardons they deserve, Duke University will continue to discriminate with impunity against Nifong supporters and African Americans, and the GOP will proceed with its onslaught against the Racial Justice Act.

In the post Duke Lacrosse era, Crystal Mangum has emerged the true victim of a broken North Carolina criminal justice system. Innocent of any crime and a victim of domestic abuse, she approaches 400 days in jail with a bail that is higher than Sanford, Florida’s George Zimmerman, who targeted, stalked, and killed 17 year-old Trayvon Martin. The media is generously providing its contribution by vilifying and demonizing Crystal Mangum while holding this revenge-driven grand conspiracy against her together.



Thursday, April 12, 2012

Conspiracy in the charges against Crystal Mangum

(Link at end of the blog article)

There is no doubt in my mind that the flimsiness of the prosecution’s charges of first degree murder and larceny against Crystal Mangum, the Duke Lacrosse victim/accuser, that are associated with the death of Reginald Daye requires the collusion of both prosecution and defense attorneys in order to move forward. I believe that Chris Shella has allowed his client to sit in jail for more than a year with no end in sight because he is working with prosecutor Kelly Gauger to in effect have Crystal Mangum serve a sentence without even going to trial.

To date she has served one year… and for what? On April 3, 2011, Ms. Mangum was beaten by Reginald Daye, and in self defense she stabbed him with a small knife… once. Daye only sustained internal injuries to the splenic flexure of his colon and a small lesion to his spleen. On the third postoperative day, Daye, who was also fighting delirium tremens, was having respiratory difficulty and a decision was made to make diagnostic tests that required oral contrast. After the contrast was introduced through a naso-gastric tube (a tube that runs from the nose to the stomach), Daye had some emesis. In order to protect his airway and to administer high concentrations of oxygen, the decision was made to intubate Daye. Unfortunately the intubation tube was placed in the pharynx instead of the airway, and as a result oxygen was prevented from entering his lungs, and subsequently his bloodstream became oxygen deficient. The brain cells, which are extremely sensitive to oxygen deprivation, died quickly, whereas the cardiac heart cells responded to the decreased oxygen level by going into cardiac arrest. With the arrest, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was begun and at this time the endotracheal tube which had been mis-positioned was removed, and another one re-inserted… however this tube was properly positioned. With the tube in the airway, oxygen flowed into the lungs once again and the blood received oxygen. The cardiac cells recovered with the fresh flow of oxygenated blood, but the brain cells had already died and could not be revived… accounting for Daye’s comatose state. After a week on life support, Daye’s family consented for the life support measures to be removed, and subsequently and as a proximal result, Daye died.

Daye’s death was due to his removal from life support. Daye’s brain death was due to medical staff error in placement of an endotracheal tube.

Recently I visited with Crystal Mangum at the Durham Detention Center in Durham, NC. She told me the following about the cashier’s check for which she was charged with two counts of larceny:
1. prior to Sunday, April 3, 2011, Reginald Daye purchased two cashier’s checks totaling $700 to pay for the rent of his apartment that he was sharing with Crystal and her children;
2. both cashier’s checks were made out to the apartment rental company and both had Reginald Daye listed as the remitter;
3. prior to Sunday, April 3, 2011, Mr. Daye gave both of the cashier’s checks to Crystal with the understanding that she would drop them off at the rental office on Monday, April 4, 2011… this arrangement necessary because Daye was scheduled to leave for work that day at six in the morning and would be returning home after five in the late afternoon. In other words, he would be at work during the office hours of the rental agency;
4. prior to Sunday, April 3, 2011, Ms. Mangum put both cashier’s checks in her purse for safekeeping;
5. late in the evening of Saturday, April 2, 2011, Daye and Mangum got into an argument about personal relationship issues. At no time was the argument about finances or money;
6. in the early hours of Sunday, April 3, 2011, the argument between Reginald Daye and Crystal Mangum turned physical, with him dragging her by her hair and punching her in the face;
7. in self-defense, she stabbed him once in the torso with a small kitchen knife, grabbed her purse (which contained the cashier’s checks), and quickly left the premises;
8. hours later, when police found Crystal Mangum at her aunt’s residence, she was taken into custody and the two cashier’s checks that were in her purse were confiscated;
9. despite the fact that: (a) both checks were given to Ms. Mangum by Reginald Daye; (b) their argument had nothing to do with money issues; and (c) due to the way the cashier’s checks were filled out, Ms. Mangum could not convert them to money for her own personal use, Durham prosecutor Kelly Gauger proceeded to charge Crystal Mangum with two counts of larceny… one for each cashier’s check.

Both criminal charges against Crystal Mangum are seriously flawed and any attorney worth his salt would have filed a motion immediately to have both charges dismissed. The murder charge should be dismissed because (1) Ms. Mangum acted in self-defense; (2) the autopsy reports were criminally fraudulent themselves; (3) Daye’s brain death was caused by error in endotracheal tube placement by Duke University Hospital staff and not related to the stab wound; and (4) Daye was electively removed from life-support with the consent of his family.

Regarding the larceny charge, it should be dismissed because both cashier’s checks were given to Mangum by Daye, and because they were useless to her as she could not convert them for her own use.

Other than the extreme weakness of the charges against Ms. Mangum, other issues suggestion collusion between the two parties is that no action has taken place on the prosecutor’s side, and there is nothing in play on the Court calendar in the foreseeable future. This reinforces my contention that prosecution’s plan is to have Ms. Mangum serve a sentence of as many years as possible without even being taken to trial (similar to the prosecution strategy used in the James Arthur Johnson case).

That Crystal’s defense attorney Chris Shella has not filed any motions on her behalf also speaks of his culpability in this nefarious scheme. Why has he not filed for the dismissal of these merit-less charges? She’s sat in jail for more than a year, and during that time, Crystal told me, Mr. Shella has been to visit her three or four times, and that the visits last from five to ten minutes. She said that even though she has requested since May 2011 to see all prosecutorial discovery, he has withheld much from her, including photographs.

That is why Ms. Mangum was desperately seeking assistance and asked me to help her with motions to have the charges dropped. In communicating through intermediaries, I asked her to send me the discovery so I could help her draft the motions, as she had no access to a law library, internet or laptop. She sent me the discovery and signed the documents, and because she was being held in jail and could not be allowed to walk to the courthouse to file the motions herself, I filed them on her behalf.

I strongly believe that Chris Shella was furious because the motions were filed, and that went against his agenda to keep Crystal Mangum isolated with no legal activity. Like the prosecutor, Mr. Shella wanted Ms. Mangum to quietly serve out her jail sentence of several years, and when time for trial could no longer be pushed back, force her to accept a stringent plea deal.

Now Chris Shella is seeking retribution against me by asking the North Carolina State Bar to investigate me for violating laws against practicing law without a license. But which is the bigger crime? Trying to help a young mother who has been vilified by the media and who is being falsely held in jail on bogus charges, or being party to a conspiracy to hold that innocent mother in jail, away from her three children? I submit the North Carolina State Bar should be directing its attention towards Chris Shella and Kelly Gauger, not me.

Click on the link below to access a directory to documents that support the fact that the Autopsy Examination Report, upon which the murder charge against Ms. Mangum is based, is false.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

How Daye died… What the media doesn’t want you to know

Note: At end of blog is link to Mangum’s motions

In the January 29, 2012 issue of The Durham News, I contributed a guest column titled “Autopsy reports don’t add up.” It expressed why I felt that the April 13 and 14, 2011 autopsy reports on Reginald Daye were flawed. Mr. Daye was the man who was stabbed on April 3, 2011 by Duke Lacrosse victim/accuser Crystal Mangum, and who, three days following this incident and emergency surgery, lapsed into an unexplained coma at Duke University Hospital. After an unpublicized week in a deep comatose state, Mr. Daye was electively removed from life support and died. Shortly thereafter Ms. Mangum was charged in his death with first degree murder.

Recently I have had the fortune to examine many of Daye’s medical records, including his operative report, EMS reports, and physical examinations. To support the veracity of the facts presented and conclusions drawn, I have presented redacted and highlighted copies, with notations, of key medical records about Reginald Daye to some of the mainstream media-types.

It should be remembered that the April 13 and 14, 2011 autopsy reports concluded that Reginald Daye’s death was due to “complications secondary to a stab wound to the chest.” Both reports were vague, incomplete, misleading, factually incorrect, and gave no real inkling as to the true cause of Daye’s coma and death. My review of Daye’s hospitalization has removed from my mind the shroud of mystery covering Daye’s demise, and I will forthwith explain with 99.9% certainty the most likely scenario of what led to Reginald Daye’s comatose state and death.

The morning of April 3, 2011, within hours after being stabbed by Ms. Mangum, Mr. Daye had been transported to Duke University Hospital where he was evaluated and found to have a blood alcohol of 296 mg/dL… a stupor causing level in an average non-alcoholic individual. In order to deal with alcohol withdrawal complications, upon admission Daye was immediately begun on a sedative drug regimen to keep delirium tremens at bay. His condition was stable enough to permit the luxury of performing a preoperative radiological examination regarding his wound to the left torso which confirmed a lesion in the colon (large intestine). Daye underwent emergency abdominal surgery during which only a lesion to the splenic flexure of the colon and a minor lesion to the spleen were identified and repaired.

In the evening of April 4, 2011, the third postoperative day, Daye began experiencing respiratory problems and doctors ordered a diagnostic procedure requiring contrast dye. A tube was placed in his stomach through his nose, and the contrast agent was introduced through it. The contrast agent in the stomach most likely induced vomiting, and healthcare staff concern about possible aspiration and need for protecting the airway led to the decision to intubate him. The 8.0 mm diameter endotracheal tube, which was supposed to be inserted into the trachea to allow oxygen to flow into the lungs, was mispositioned, and instead of oxygen-enriched air gushing into his lungs, his lungs were being deprived of oxygen. Lack of oxygen to the lungs meant that the blood was being deprived of oxygen as well. The brain cells, which are extremely oxygen sensitive, die within a relatively short time once being starved of oxygen. Heart muscle cells are hardier than ones in the brain, but they, too, require oxygen. After a critical point, the heart muscles, working without sufficient oxygen, began to dysfunction, which led to a cardiac arrest. CPR was instituted which included the removal of the misplaced endotracheal tube and the reinsertion of a 7.5mm diameter endotracheal tube which was properly positioned and allowed effective ventilation of the lungs. With restoration of oxygen to the lungs, the blood, and eventually the tissues, the heart muscles received much needed oxygen and were able to recover. However, the brain cells had been without oxygen too long and could not be revived... thus accounting for his coma. Daye’s irreversible comatose state, as determined by the neurological specialists, led to the eventual decision to electively remove Daye, with his family’s consent, from life support… the proximate cause of his death.

Discrepancies exist between the April 13 and 14 Daye autopsy reports themselves and Daye’s medical records. The operative report specifically stated, “The stomach, pancreas was without injury.” This contradicts the autopsy report of April 14, 2011 that documented a lesion to the “fundus of the stomach.” In addition, no where in the operative report is there mention of any lesion or repair to the left lung or diaphragm which further contravenes the April 14th report. The left kidney and its immediate environs were found to be intact and without lesions according to the operative report. One inch gauze used to pack the incision wound at the time of surgery would help explain its post-mortem appearance of being open. Daye’s operative report coincides and validates in the April 14, 2011 autopsy examination report only the lesions to the splenic flexure of the colon and the spleen. The operative report rules out lesions to the left lung, diaphragm, left kidney, and fundus of the stomach as averred in the April 14th autopsy document.

The 14th report also reads: “.. multiple minor scabbed over lesions and minor contusions which may represent defensive injuries are found running from essentially the left biceps to the left wrist. These measuring up to 5 inches in greatest [length].” A Durham County EMS Patient care report on Daye of April 3, 2011 relates different findings, reading, “Left Arm/Hand: Assessed with No Abnormalities.” Also at odds with the April 14, 2011 autopsy report’s declaration of left upper extremity wounds is the consultation report of April 3, 2011 by orthopedic surgeon Christopher R. Jones which states under physical examination: “There are no appreciable lacerations or skin breaks in the visualized areas of his four extremities.”

Discrepancies in the autopsy reports, in conjunction with the convenient omission in Daye’s discharge summary and the April 13, 2011 autopsy investigative report that entubation followed emesis but preceded cardiac arrest is troublesome and would lead a reasonable person with knowledge of pertinent facts to conclude that the autopsy reports were bogus and used solely to support the prosecutor’s charge.

Medical examiners should be independent and objective in their autopsy examinations and should not be a part of the prosecution team, as it definitely is in the case against Crystal Mangum. Dr. Clayton Nichols, the author of the phony autopsy examination report, should not be held liable for the substandard and false document for two specific reasons. First, he did not take it upon himself to produce a false and misleading document for no reason whatsoever. Undoubtedly he received instructions from higher up to produce a document that would enable the prosecutor to charge Crystal Mangum with murder. Second, Dr. Nichols felt compelled to “go along with the plan” after seeing what happened to Duke Lacrosse prosecutor Mike Nifong. Dr. Nichols learned well from the example the state made of Mr. Nifong, and not wanting to put his personal and professional life at risk, producing the desired deceptive document was a no-brainer.

Unfortunately in the twenty-first century, the mainstream media is not as independent and objective as it should be. But the media’s actions and attitudes are often based on financial incentives. For example, Duke University, which harbors unbounded animosity and misdirected hostility toward Mike Nifong, Crystal Mangum, and Nifong supporters, is one of the state’s largest conglomerations. Duke University and its healthcare system advertise heavily in print and broadcast media… this cannot help but make an influence on how the media covers stories, who it demonizes, and who it places on pedestals. You can bet that when a story involves Duke University, the media, in bringing it before the public treads with the most extreme care.

In short, the media is trying to keep hidden from the public the following facts:
(1) Reginald Daye’s brain death was due to the misplacement of an endotracheal tube by Duke University Hospital staff;
(2) Reginald Daye was electively removed from life support by Duke University Hospital staff with the consent of Daye’s family;
(3) Crystal Mangum had nothing to due with events that transpired in Duke University Hospital and she is therefore not responsible for Daye’s death;
(4) the Autopsy Reports of April 13 and 14, 2011 are totally bogus and purposely reach the false conclusion that Daye’s death was “due to complications of a stab wound to the chest;”
(5) the Autopsy Reports of April 13 and 14, 2011 made their false conclusion for the purpose of making a foundation upon which to build a murder case against Crystal Mangum;
(6) Crystal Mangum sustained physical injuries at the hands of Daye and there is additional evidence to support her self-defense claim in the stabbing; and
(7) prosecutors lack any credible evidence to support the two counts of larceny against Crystal Mangum.

That the authors of the Autopsy Reports are working with the prosecution is evident. However, what is most troubling is that the media is heavily involved in this conspiracy as can be seen by its selective and skewed reporting about Mangum, Daye, and others involved in the case.

LINK to Mangum’s Motions: