Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy Holidays: Official j4n 2013 Christmas card

To kenhyderal, Break, Walt, Kilgo, A Lawyer, Lance, Supreme Poster, guiowen, A doctor, Anonymi, all commenters, fans, all Tar Heelians, and fellow earthlings:

I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas Holiday, get a chance to spend time with family and friends... which is what the season is really about.  Not just things.  I am grateful for all of your contributions to this blog site, even the ones that are nonsensical and unenlightened.  Regardless, varying views make the site worthwhile and provides fodder upon which our brains can ingest.

I plan on having an important flog posted shortly after Christmas... and it is my intention of seeing that justice is achieved regarding Crystal Mangum in the coming year (sooner rather than later which would be the overturning of her conviction and granting her freedom).

So, as we celebrate the birth of the Baby from Bethlehem, may we all try to pattern our lives after the Man from Nazareth... seeking truth and justice, with courage to back it up.

Best wishes to all.  Sid

Note: this year's card contains a little game which you must successfully play before accessing the card.  Also, there are several differing versions of the card.