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The bigger lie: Post-traumatic alleged inconsistencies versus a proven falsified official medical document

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The mainstream media has consistently shoved down the throats of the masses that Crystal Mangum, the Duke Lacrosse victim/accuser, is the liar who fabricated false charges against three Duke student/athlete/partygoers in March 2006. This false-accuser moniker that the media has affixed to Mangum relies only upon the words uttered from the mouth of North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper on April 11, 2007, during his “Promulgation of Innocence” for the Duke Lacrosse defendants. Unprecedented in the history of juris prudence for an attorney general to proclaim “innocence” or “guilt” when in the process of dismissing charges, Mr. Cooper not only stated that the boys (from families of power, prestige, and privilege) were innocent, but that “nothing happened.”

The media, of course, grabbed this tasty morsel and ran with it… just like Magic back in the day directing a full court press. The media went to extremes to mislead the public into believing that Cooper’s pronouncement was as legally binding as if it were handed down from the U.S. Supreme Court. Truth be told, the innocence proclamation was meaningless as the attorney general belongs to the executive branch of government and not judicial. The media is aware of this, but continues to write that the boys were exonerated… playing one of the state’s biggest Jedi mind-tricks on the gullible and trusting Tar Heelians, statewide.

While proclaiming the boys’ innocence, the media was in overdrive demonizing and vilifying Crystal Mangum by characterizing her as a prolific and pathological liar whose sexual assault accusations were made for the purpose of bringing grief to innocent young men from lives of privilege. A.G. Roy Cooper noted that there were inconsistencies in her story, and dismissed the charges and sealed the case forever. (Duke University wasted no time in clandestinely razing the scene of the crime on Buchanan Street, as if by doing so it would erase the disgraceful event that took place there.)

Per its usual methodology in Duke Lacrosse related stories, the media failed to get Crystal Mangum’s side of the story. Interviews with CNN and other news network programs scrubbed them without broadcast because Ms. Mangum presented herself well and credible… this did not fit in with the image of her that they wanted to depict to the world. Soledad O’brien was one of the interviewers of Mangum… an interview which was left on the cutting room floor.

As a result of the biased, selective, skewed, and one-sided reporting by the media, the unenlightened masses have had forced upon them a negative and derogatory image of this single African American mother of three. (The same abhorrent treatment dished out to former Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong who was unceremoniously disbarred and who was forced to resign from the position at which he honorably served with uncommon professional integrity and courage.) Mainstream media assertively discredits Mangum’s sexual assault claims in the Duke case without knowledge to back it up… nothing other than Cooper’s statement that her stories were “inconsistent.”

From an objective view, it is not unrealistic to acknowledge that some statements made after such a traumatic experience could change after sufficient time from the incident to reflect upon what had transpired… clarity borne of the unveiling of painfully suppressed memories. Definitions of “rape” vary legally amongst different states, with North Carolina’s being one of the more restrictively interpreted… and this misconstrued meaning could lend itself to “inconsistencies” by Ms. Mangum. The fact is that it is not all that uncommon for any victim of a traumatic crime to present versions of the event that contain subtle and nonspecific differences. Because absolute consistency in the retelling of an event may be missing, one can not assume that it is an intentional act for the purpose of deception.

Specifically in Ms. Mangum’s 2006 Duke Lacrosse case, I believe misinterpretation of the legal definition of rape was a factor contributing to possible inconsistencies, but other than that, I am not aware of discrepancies referred to by A.G. Cooper during his promulgation.

The bigger lie?

Now lets compare truthfulness of the inconsistencies of Mangum’s 2006 narratives to Dr. Clay Nichols’ Autopsy Examination Report on Reginald Daye, dated April 14, 2011.

Which is the bigger lie? I unequivocally submit that the proven lies contained within the medical examiner’s autopsy report are bigger, more blatant, and far more egregious than any non-consistent misstatement that Ms. Mangum made related to the Duke case.

Dr. Nichols lies about the findings during the autopsy and gives a false and unsupported conclusion about the cause of death with major omissions. First the false findings, and there are many:

1. A laceration (perforation) to the left lower lung. There is no such documentation within the medical records including the autopsy report. There exists no evidence of radiological evidence that the left lung was punctured as the chest x-ray showed no pneumothorax (air in the left thoracic cavity). Also, no mention of any lung lesion or repair, or even a thoracic surgeon consult in the operative report;

2. A laceration to the diaphragm. There is no such mention of a lesion to the diaphragm or any repair in the operative report;

3. A laceration to the fundus of the stomach. This is false as the operative report states, “the stomach pancreas is without injury.” This is in stark contradiction to the report by Dr. Nichols which states, “sutures are identified around the fundus of the stomach.” How is that possible?

4. A laceration to the left kidney. Dr. Nichols stated in his report that the left kidney held sutures, whereas the operative report makes no mention of suturing the left kidney. The operative report reads, “The kidney bed was explored, but no evidence of bleeding was found.” Again, there is no mention of a lesion to this organ or any repair with suturing; and

5. “Multiple minor scabbed over lesions and minor contusions which may represent defensive injuries are found running from essentially the left biceps to the left wrist.” This is contrary to the preoperative orthopedic consult report by Steven A. Olson, M.D. who wrote, “There are no appreciable lacerations or skin breaks in the visualized areas of his 4 extremities.” Not only that, but the onsite EMS report on Daye reads with respect to his left upper extremity: “Assessed with not abnormalities.”

These discrepancies (or “inconsistencies”) in Dr. Nichols’ report prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the April 14, 2011 Autopsy Examination Report which was the basis for the first degree murder charge against Crystal Mangum is fraudulent… and it doesn’t require a medical degree or training to figure that out; just a fifth grade reading comprehension level.

The conclusion that Reginald Daye died from complications of a stab wound to the chest is not supported by Dr. Nichols in his report. He provides no nexus showing how the non-fatal stab wound which was successfully treated by a trauma surgical team at Duke University Hospital (with a postoperative prognosis for a full recovery) led to Daye’s demise. Instead, he conveniently omits any mention of the true predisposing factors and incidents that precipitated Daye’s untimely and unexpected death. In particular, there is no mention of the fact that Daye was an alcoholic, in the setting of a stuporous blood alcohol level of 296 mg/dL… groundwork for alcoholic withdrawal. Despite prophylactic treatment with sedatives, Daye lapsed into delirium tremens which required his transfer to the Surgical Intensive Care Unit. No mention by Dr. Nichols. In the SICU, Mr. Daye vomited after introduction of an oral contrast agent via a nasogastric tube. To protect his airway, he was intubated, but tube placement in the esophagus instead of the trachea (confirmed by a negative EtCO2) resulted in a cardiac arrest. No mention by Dr. Nichols. With CPR and replacement of the endotracheal tube, this time with proper placement in the airway, the heart was resuscitated and began beating spontaneously, but the brain cells had been without oxygen for too long and resulted in Daye being in an irreversible comatose state. No mention by the medical examiner. After a week of observation on life support without sign of neurological improvement, Daye was removed from life support and he died. No mention about this in the autopsy report by Dr. Nichols.

The fact that the autopsy report used to charge Ms. Mangum with murder was fraudulent in its findings and unsupported in its conclusion were made evident to the media after the mid-August 2011 release of the report and in early 2012 after Daye’s medical records were reviewed by Sidney B. Harr. Despite the fact that Harr was a retired physician, the mainstream media ignored his claims that the autopsy report tendered by Dr. Nichols contained fabrications and falsehoods. Specifically, he tried unsuccessful to get WRAL-5 News (which professes to have an interest in confronting issues of injustice [i.e., its documentary about the wrongly incarcerated Gregory Flynt Taylor titled, “6,125 Days”]) to at least look into his claim, however the station ignored him… just like other media contacted by Harr. No investigation would be forthcoming that would look into an alleged criminally false medical examiner’s autopsy report used as a basis for a murder charge to put an innocent Crystal Mangum in jail for the rest of her life (as a vendetta for her role in the Duke Lacrosse case).See letter to Jim Goodmon

The media was consumed in trying to get a hold of the personal cell phone records of former University of North Carolina football coach Butch Davis to see what dirt it could dig up on him, his former assistant John Blake, and the Tar Heel football players who had parking tickets excused. When it came to a possible wrongdoing against the media-produced pariah Crystal Mangum, mainstream media lacked incentive to investigate… mainly because they had no desire to have any story that might garner an ounce of sympathy for Mangum to reach the public’s eyes or ears. Mainstream media knew of the wrongdoing against Mangum and it was their intention to keep it hidden from the people. See letter to ABC-11

On September 27, 2012, I reluctantly hand-delivered a letter to the North Carolina Medical Board for Executive Director R. David Henderson. It contained a formal complaint against Dr. Clay Nichols regarding his falsified autopsy report of April 14, 2011, which was the foundation for the murder charge against Ms. Mangum. I was not seeking to have sanctions or punitive measures taken against him as I considered Dr. Nichols to be another victim of the Carpetbagger Jihadist Agenda against everyone considered by the Powers-That-Be to be on the wrong end of the Duke Lacrosse case. No doubt, Dr. Nichols had been aware of the cruel and ruthless actions taken by the state and media against Mr. Nifong when he refused to follow the 2006 game plan and dismiss charges against the Duke Lacrosse defendants. So, I believe that he was forced to concoct the phony autopsy report to enable Durham prosecutor Kelly Gauger to charge her with murder.

The reason that I filed the complaint against Dr. Nichols was to inform the Medical Board of the fraud committed by one of their licensed practitioners. Because of the protective reporting by the media, Judie Clark, the Director of Complaints, told me that she was unaware of this controversial issue. In addition, I had hoped that the Board’s director or other official would provide a written document on their stationery stating that the Autopsy Examination Report on Reginald Daye that was submitted by Dr. Nichols contained numerous errors and misstatements, and should not be given legal consideration. I explained that such a statement of facts would go a long ways towards the release from confinement an innocent mother of three. My reasonable humanitarian plea was rebuked by the Medical Board, citing regulations that did not authorize such actions as producing such a letter. In other words, the North Carolina Medical Board would rather see an innocent woman remain locked up in a Durham County jail cell rather than write a simple paragraph stating that factual discrepancies in an autopsy report should be disregarded in any legal process.See letter to R. David Henderson


To recap, the mainstream media repeatedly refers to Crystal Mangum as a “false accuser” based solely upon the word of the state’s attorney general that there were “inconsistencies” in her Duke Lacrosse related story.

Proven discrepancies between Dr. Nichols’ autopsy report and medical records factually discredit his report which is the underpinning of the state’s murder charge against Crystal Mangum and the media turns a blind eye and sticks its head in the sand… no curiosity about the truthfulness and accuracy of Nichols’ autopsy report on Daye… no attempt to investigate this criminally fraudulent document used to trump up the murder charge against Mangum.

Dr. Nichols is not referred to as a liar even though his report is nothing more than prevarication upon which no statement can be considered to be honest.

Prosecutors Kelly Gauger and Charlene Coggins-Franks, who conspired with Dr. Nichols to trump up the murder charge against Mangum, are not scrutinized by the media for their misdeeds and malfeasances.

Crystal’s defense attorney Woody Vann does his best to keep hidden the truth about the autopsy report by instructing the defense expert witness Dr. Christena L. Roberts not to produce a written report about her findings regarding Daye’s death and autopsy report.

Dr. Christena Roberts refuses to accept any correspondence from Crystal Mangum which is seeking to have a report about Daye in writing.See letter from Mangum to Dr. Christena Roberts

And the North Carolina Medical Board goes through the motions in pretending to follow up on the complaint filed by Harr.

Bottom line is that Dr. Nichols produced the fraudulent autopsy report because he lacked Nifong the professional integrity and courage to do the right thing… even in the face of dire and unforeseen consequences. The example the state and media made of Mike Nifong for his independent course in the Duke Lacrosse case which contradicted the one demanded by the Powers-That-Be was not lost on Medical Examiner Nichols… and he towed the line as instructed, even though it included dishonesty and criminal activity. The fact that Dr. Nichols publicly stood by his false autopsy report is highly indicative that the Powers-That-Be are standing behind him with promises that he will not be held liable for his part in the framing of Ms. Mangum for murder in Daye’s death.See news article about Dr. Nichols

So, which is the bigger lie? Alleged inconsistencies by Mangum regarding a possible assault during a bacchanalia hosted by the Duke lacrosse student/athlete/partygoers, or a proven fraudulent autopsy report used as the basis for a murder charge in a vendetta prosecution? I submit that any reasonable person with full knowledge of the facts and an objective mind would agree that the bigger lie is that by the state of North Carolina in its persecution of Crystal Mangum, and the mainstream media for its collusion in the cover-up of the state’s reprehensible acts. 

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Durham prosecutors’ conspiracy on a grand scale against Crystal Mangum

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In the North Carolina State Bar’s regulation, under Advocate, is Rule 3.8, “Special responsibilities of a prosecutor.” It states: “The prosecutor in a criminal case shall refrain from prosecuting a charge that the prosecutor knows is not supported by probable cause.”

Further on, in this same document it reads: “A prosecutor has the responsibility of a minister of justice and not simply that of an advocate, the prosecutor’s duty is to seek justice not merely to convict. This responsibility carries with it specific obligations to see that the defendant is accorded procedural justice and that guilt is decided upon the basis of sufficient evidence.”

These flowery idealistic statements can be comforting to civilians living under the North Carolina justice system, however they are not worth a hill of pinto beans if these tenets are not adhered to, and they represent nothing more than show without substance.

The Durham County prosecutors have not only disregarded these codes of professional conduct, but have violated them to the extreme by acting as criminals themselves in framing an innocent person for crimes that she did not commit… all as payback for a perceived slight against three Duke Lacrosse student/athlete/partygoers in 2006.

Not only that, but the prosecutors are attempting to place this innocent person and single mother of three, Crystal Gail Mangum, in prison for life without the possibility of parole. The harshness of the retribution sought is not only due to the fact that she accused three lacrosse players from families of wealth, power, and prestige, but because she is an African American.

The reason the Durham prosecutors feel at ease bringing such baseless charges to bear against Ms. Mangum is due to the fact they feel that they can count on the cooperation from various other sectors in depriving Mangum of justice and her liberty.

Prosecutors, in seeking a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole against Crystal Mangum heavily relied on the following four conspiratorial consorts: (1) the medical examiner; (2) the defense attorney; (3) the mainstream media; and (4) the enablers.

The main objective of the Durham prosecutors and their conspirators was to keep the truth about the bogus charges against Ms. Mangum hidden from Durhamians, Tar Heelians, and all Americans. Secreting the true realities from the public allows the injustices to take root and grow. The conspiracy’s purpose is to hide from the people the prosecutors’ crimes being committed against Crystal Mangum.

It is the truth that will set Crystal Mangum free… and that is why the Durham prosecutors and their allies are doing their best to conceal, confuse, mislead, and cover-up the events concerning their malicious prosecution. If Americans knew the truth and extent of the flagrant injustices against Ms. Mangum, they would be enraged and in an uproar to demand swift rectification.


In early 2006, Crystal Mangum, a North Carolina Central University student and mother of two, was making ends meet and supporting her family by working for an escort service and performing as an exotic dancer.

In early 2006, the Duke University lacrosse team had a well-deserved reputation for being obnoxious, irreverent, boisterous, and basically out of control. Nearly a third of the team had a run-in with the law, usually misdemeanor alcohol-related offenses including disorderly conduct, under-aged drinking, driving with open alcoholic containers, and urinating in public. The team’s coach, Mike Pressler, had even been ordered by Duke University President Richard Brodhead to rein in his players.

On March 13, 2006, the Duke Lacrosse team hosted one of its notorious beer-guzzling parties at a rental house on Buchanan Street. The entertainment was to consist of two strippers, for which one of the team members made arrangements. He misled the escort service by using a false name and claiming he wanted the dancers for a small bachelor party of four or five… not for the Duke lacrosse team and their invitees which would number fifty or more.

For reasons unknown, the escort service assigned two African American females for the gig, despite the specific request for Caucasian dancers. One of the dancers was Crystal Mangum.

Misinformation about the number of guests at the event resulted in no body guards being scheduled to accompany the dancers.

Once the two dancers began to perform, the raucous partygoers started shouting degrading and dehumanizing comments, and making obscene gestures. This prompted the scheduled two hour performance to be reduced to several minutes after the dancers abruptly quit because of the unwarranted and humiliating reception. They hurriedly retreated to the bathroom for temporary sanctuary… and what transpired from that point on until a police report was taken hours later, which included accusations of sexual assault by Mangum, is in dispute.

What is not in dispute regarding the party is that there was under-aged drinking involved, and that some of the partygoers shouted the “N-word” epithet at the two African American women.

Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong prosecuted the case against three suspected Duke lacrosse players identified by Mangum as being the ones who sexually assaulted her. These young men came from well-heeled families, were bailed out and never spent a day in jail, and their high-powered defense teams put up a rigorous defense, which included frequent press conferences wherein evidence and information was released to the media.

Not long after the prosecution into the case was launched, the State Bar began its own investigation into D.A. Nifong about questionable prejudicial statements he may have made before the media. A complaint filed by the Bar itself against Nifong forced him to step down as prosecutor before a trial date had even been set.

The prosecution’s case was turned over to the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office and it began its own review. After several month of investigation by the Attorney General’s Office, the attorney general, Roy Cooper, was prepared to make its intentions known as to what course it would take.

Before his announcement, two of his assistant attorney generals, James J. Coman and Mary Winstead, met with Brad Bannon, a defense attorney with the prestigious Joseph B. Cheshire law firm… which represented one of the Duke Lacrosse defendants. During this meeting, Mr. Bannon impressed upon the assistant A.G.s the importance of the attorney general to specifically pronounce the defendants to be “innocent” and to claim that “nothing happened.”

On April 11, 2007, Attorney General Cooper made a promulgation during which he dismissed all criminal charges against the Duke Lacrosse defendants and stopped all criminal investigation into charges related to the party. But, he made the unprecedented move of proclaiming that the Duke Lacrosse defendants were “innocent,” that “nothing happened,” and that Ms. Mangum had made false and unreliable allegations.

Mr. Cooper added that the charges would not be brought against Ms. Mangum for falsely reporting a crime because he believed that she was mentally ill or had mental problems.

Subsequent to the Attorney General’s statement, Mike Nifong was forced from his elected position as Durham district attorney and he was later disbarred, making him the first prosecutor to be disbarred by the North Carolina State Bar since its inception in 1933. He was also sentenced to 24 hours in jail for contempt of court by Judge Osmond Smith III, and A.G. Cooper unsuccessfully sought to have the U.S. Department of Justice criminally investigate Mr. Nifong for depriving the three Duke Lacrosse defendants of their civil rights.

The mainstream media lionized the three defendants and celebrated their proclamations of innocence by the attorney general… all stories related to the Duke Lacrosse case or its participants including the mention that the boys were declared “innocent.” What the media fails to mention is that the proclamation of innocent by the attorney general is irrelevant and meaningless as Roy Cooper is a member of the executive branch and not judicial.

In addition, the Duke Lacrosse defendants and their attorneys were able to shake down Duke University for $20 million for each defendant without a fight. Their attempts to finagle the cash-strapped city of Durham out of $10 million each has met with some unexpected resistance. The greed-driven legal battle goes on as the media continues to coddle these young men who never spent a single day in jail, graduated from college, and have moved on with their lives.

The media’s treatment of Crystal Mangum was similar to that given to Mr. Nifong… she was vilified and demonized… labeled as the false accuser.

Over the ensuing years a culture had evolved in the Triangle Area and throughout the state that was hostile and unsympathetic towards Nifong, Mangum, their supporters, and others considered by the Powers-That-Be to be on the wrong end of the Duke Lacrosse case. Amidst this toxic environment, Crystal Mangum tried to move forward with her life, graduating from NC Central University in Durham, and enrolling in its graduate program. A single mother of three in 2010, she was employed, lived in an apartment with her children, helped care for her parents, and was independent.

Then, on February 17, 2010, the city of Durham, which had been targeting Mangum for her role in the Duke Lacrosse case, got its break when the city police received a 9-1-1 call from Crystal’s children. Earlier that evening, Ms. Mangum’s ex-boyfriend repeatedly punched her in the face in response to a disparaging remark she made about him. She retreated and fought back in self-defense as her children, fearing for her well-being and life, made the emergency call.

To summarize the outcome, Ms. Mangum was arrested under a slew of unsubstantiated charges including attempted murder, communicating threats, assault and battery, and identity theft, while her ex-boyfriend was neither charged nor arrested.

Ms. Mangum was held under an unreasonably high bail in the six figures, and after languishing in jail for three months, she was released from the detention center but placed under house arrest when a bail bondsman unexpectedly satisfied the $100,000 bond.

With their prize defendant no longer being held in jail, the prosecution moved forward with the trial against Mangum who was represented by a featherweight defense. She was convicted on three piddly misdemeanor charges and sentenced to time served. The jury deadlocked on the most serious felony arson charge, and Durham prosecutors decided not to retry her on it.


That the Durham prosecutors were not through with Crystal Mangum became plainly evident a year later. On April 3, 2011, in the early morning hours, Crystal Mangum and Reginald Daye, the man with whom she and her children shared his apartment, were embroiled in an argument fomented by his jealousy over the attention she had just given to a police officer acquaintance.

Inside his apartment over approximately the next hour, a highly intoxicated Mr. Daye intermittently punched Crystal Mangum in the face and head approximately ten times. He spit on her, he pulled out her hair, and when she sought refuge in a locked bathroom, he proceeded to kick in the door to get at her. He brought into the bedroom, where the assault was centered, steak knives from the kitchen and proceeded to throw them at her.

Daye was straddling her with his hands around her neck strangling her when she picked up a knife that was lying nearby and stabbed him once in the left torso. Once wounded, Daye got up from atop Mangum. She grabbed her purse and fled from the apartment with Daye quickly giving up pursuit.

Crystal Mangum went to Ms. Liddy Howard’s apartment in a nearby housing complex. A friend, Ms. Howard watched Crystal’s children at times, and she allowed her to get some rest until daybreak.

Hours later, police arrived and without investigative questioning of her, she was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill inflicting serious injury. Then she was told that anything she said could be used against her, so she declined to give an interview.

Despite physical evidence that Ms. Mangum had been beaten – with swelling to the lower lip, a small laceration around he left eye, a lesion to the back of her left hand, and clumps of her hair deposited at two sites – Reginald Daye was not charged or arrested for domestic violence, assault on a female, or false imprisonment.

EMS took Reginald Daye by ambulance to Duke University Hospital where his assessment revealed a blood alcohol level of 296 mg/dL, which induces stupor in a nonalcoholic adult male. His condition was considered stable enough for him to undergo several preoperative diagnostic tests, including x-rays and body scans.

Emergency surgery disclosed a laceration to the colon and a minor lesion to the spleen, both which were repaired. With the operation a success, Daye’s prognosis was for a full recovery.

Despite prophylactic treatment with sedatives to prevent delirium tremens, Mr. Daye began showing significant agitation and other signs of alcoholic withdrawal on the third postoperative day. This development resulted in his transfer to the surgical intensive care unit where a decision was made to intubate Daye in order to protect his airway and better deliver oxygen.

Unfortunately, the endotracheal tube was positioned in the esophagus instead of the trachea which resulted in oxygen being delivered to the stomach instead of the lungs. The lack of oxygen resulted in death of sensitive brain cells and led to cardiac arrest. With cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) begun, the wayward endotracheal tube was removed and another endotracheal tube was introduced… this one properly placed in the trachea. After oxygen flow was reestablished to the lungs, the heart was successfully resuscitated and once again pumped spontaneously. The brain cells would not recover and Daye remained comatose.

Daye’s condition was monitored for a week, and on April 13, 2011, without showing improvement or signs of regaining consciousness, he was electively removed from life support after which he died.

An autopsy was performed on Reginald Daye the following morning of April 14, 2011, and the medical examiner concluded that Daye died of “complications of a stab wound to the chest,” although no nexus was established in the report.

The fraudulent Autopsy Examination Report of April 14, 2011 was used as the basis of Durham prosecutor Kelly Gauger’s first degree murder charge against Crystal Mangum, and on April 18, 2011 she received a grand jury indictment against Mangum not only for the murder charge, but also two counts of larceny of chose in action. The two count larceny charge being an integral part of the first degree murder charge.


In order for Prosecutor Kelly Gauger to charge Mangum with murder, she needs an autopsy report to falsely state that the knife wound was responsible for Reginald Daye’s death. She gets exactly that in the April 14, 2011 autopsy report by Dr. Clay Nichols with his conclusion that Daye died from “complications from a stab wound to the chest.”

Crystal Mangum was indicted for the murder of Mr. Daye based on a fraudulent autopsy report that not only contained an unsubstantiated and incorrect conclusion, but fabricated physical findings, as well. The Durham prosecution’s case against Ms. Mangum relied solely on a document totally lacking in credibility.

The medical examiner’s role in this conspiracy was crucial, as the murder charge could not have been brought against Mangum without his report.

Ironically, although the conspiratorial bridge between Prosecutor Gauger and the medical examiner was essential for the murder charge against Mangum, the contribution by the doctor represented the weakest link in the criminal case against her.


In order for such a weak case as that against Mangum to even be brought before the court, prosecutors had to rely on significant cooperation from Mangum’s defense attorneys. Collusion by defense attorneys was mandatory if the prosecution of Mangum was to make any headway.

Any competent defense attorney, acting in the best interests of Ms. Mangum, could easily shred the prosecution’s case against her instantaneously. A motion to dismiss the charges, a motion to reduce bail, and a preliminary hearing are actions a defense attorney could have taken to minimize Mangum’s time behind bars following her arrest.

Although Mangum’s attorney Chris Shella did file several motions for bail reduction, he did not aggressively attack the weak case of the prosecution against his client.

Also, Mr. Shella allowed Judge Osmond Smith III to hear a bail reduction in March 2012 even though the black-rober should have recused himself, as he had presided over the pretrial phase of the Duke Lacrosse trial and had issued rulings against Mangum in it.

Durham prosecutors wanted Mangum to suffer, so her incarceration was a prominent part of their plan. They intended to move the case at a snail’s pace, which could be facilitated with cooperation by defense attorneys, while Ms. Mangum languished in jail.

Defense attorney Woody Vann, the court’s initially appointed attorney for Mangum, was reinstated approximately one year after her arrest when Mr. Shella voluntarily removed himself after supporters of Mangum drafted and filed motions for her and called a press conference.

After I met with Mr. Vann on May 24, 2012, and pointed out the discrepancies between the autopsy report and other medical records, he eventually retained the services of a forensic pathologist, Dr. Christena Roberts, to review Daye’s death. The court approved payment for the defense expert, and the report purportedly has been completed.

However, Mr. Vann has not given his client, Ms. Mangum, a copy of the Roberts’ report, and he has not shared all of the prosecution discovery and evidence, with Ms. Mangum… including photographs taken of Mangum’s injuries, of Daye’s injury, and of the evidence at the crime scene.

Because of the unanticipated involvement of Mangum’s supporters in her case, the prosecution-defense strategic objective has changed from an attempt to have Mangum convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole, to having Mangum accept a plea deal in exchange for a sentence of time served.

The defense attorney’s collaboration with prosecutors here is vital, as a lawyer usually holds a position of trust with his client relying on him to give advice and direction in his defendant’s best interests. The defense attorney Mr. Vann is best positioned to deliver to the prosecution the acceptance by Crystal Mangum of a plea deal that would bring a quick end to the out of control prosecution and relieve the state of any civil liability for its grievous wrongs against her. A plea deal would also dispense with the need for an open trial which could expose Duke University Hospital to damaging publicity.

Recently Mr. Vann allegedly told Ms. Mangum that she had a “weak case,” and suggested that she consider taking a plea deal from the prosecution… this without giving his client full access to the evidence and prosecution discovery. Although nothing has been offered in writing by prosecutors, Mr. Vann is testing the waters and shopping the plea deal offer to her. Undoubtedly, the desperation by the prosecutors is evident with Mr. Vann mentioning “time served.”

With Ms. Mangum’s defense essentially consisting of a traitorous mole, it is no wonder that the prosecution would bring such a merit-less case against her with the reasonable expectation of prevailing in putting an innocent person in jail for life without the possibility of parole.


The ultimate goal of the prosecution centered conspiracy is to keep hidden from the public the sinister and illegal actions being taken against Crystal Mangum in an attempt to put her in prison for the rest of her life. If the singularly diabolical nature of the prosecution of Mangum had been revealed to the masses, a great possibility existed that there would have been an uproar to derail the prosecutors’ goals.

Even though the media had demonized Mangum to the point where people had little or no sympathy for her, the flagrant abuse of her within the legal system would elicit revulsion in most and unease in almost all.

What the Durham prosecutors wanted from the media is what the mainstream media has delivered thus far… a misleading fantasy with mischaracterizations of the main actors and total concealment of the truth with a disregard for logic and common sense.

The mainstream media has basically presented the criminal case as follows:

1. Crystal Mangum is a violent and mentally unstable liar who has a penchant for physically abusing her boyfriends.

2. Reginald Daye was portrayed a hardworking man who humanely took in Crystal Mangum and her three children… there being no mention of his alcoholism or past criminal history that included assault on a female.

3. On April 3, 2012, shortly after midnight, the two began arguing over two cashier’s checks which Mangum had no way of converting to her own personal use.

4. As a result of the argument, Mangum stabbed Daye and ran off with the two cashier’s checks, there being no mention of the injuries sustained by Mangum… no mention of clumps of her hair found at the scene… and no mention of the locked bathroom door being kicked in.

5. Reginald Daye died as a result of the stab wound which perforated six organs. There is no mention that Daye’s intubation was botched by Duke University Hospital staff which led to his brain death, and that he was in coma for a week. Neither is there any mention that he died after being electively removed from life support.

The misinformation above is what most unenlightened individuals, the majority of people, believe… courtesy of the mainstream media.

Another attack track taken by the media is to paint Mangum supporters as being troublemakers, interlopers, and self-serving legal obstructionists whose actions unintentionally work to her detriment.

Headlines even state that, with many of them emphasizing the series of feeble investigations against “Mangum supporters.”

The North Carolina State Bar investigation against Sidney B. Harr was even instigated by “more than one journalist.” To protect the journalistic complainants’ identity, the State Bar named itself as the complainant.

Then, once the Bar agreed to consider the complaint, the media was quick to jump on the story… the very one for which they were responsible.

The mainstream media’s biggest contribution to the conspiracy was its large scale cover-up in which it ignored the false findings of the all important autopsy report upon which the murder charge against Mangum was based. It also kept hushed about the cause of Reginald Daye’s death and the events surrounding it, with omissions of the pertinent facts regarding the misplaced endotracheal tube, the resultant brain death, Daye’s weeklong comatose course, and his removal from life-support which was the proximate cause of his death.

By concealment of these facts, the mainstream media purposely tried to shield Orange County Medical Examiner Clay Nichols, hide Duke University Hospital culpability in Daye’s death, mislead the public into believing that the stab wound was responsible for Daye’s death, and that Mangum supporters were interfering with the presentation of justice.

The media was well aware of the truth related to disparities in the autopsy report when compared with other medical documents… in other words, that the autopsy report was false and misleading.

The media was well aware of the truth regarding Reginald Daye’s death and that his demise had absolutely nothing to do with the stab wound he received.

Showing little curiosity about blatantly false statements in an autopsy report, the media exhibited marked apathy about the autopsy report as well as showing no desire to bring to the public’s attention the events surrounding Daye’s death at the Duke University facility.

Instead the media was busy focusing its investigative firepower into obtaining the personal cell phone records of former UNC head football coach Butch Davis, obtaining the collegiate academic record of professional UNC and professional gridiron great Julius Peppers, and learning the identities of Tar Heel football players who had their parking tickets dismissed.

Treachery by the legal profession against Ms. Mangum, Mike Nifong, their supporters, and others considered to be on the wrong end of the Duke Lacrosse case by the Powers-That-Be has been proven to be not newsworthy when it comes to the mainstream media.

In order for the prosecutorial cabal to be able to pull off such a merit-less prosecution against Mangum, it was mandatory that the mainstream media cooperate by obscuring and deceiving the public about what really transpired between Mangum and Daye the morning of the stabbing and about what happened to Daye during his hospitalization at Duke University Hospital.

The media has performed exceptionally in keeping the truth about the prosecution of Mangum buried beneath layers of omissions, diversions, selective and biased reporting, and overtly sloppy and inaccurate reporting.

Durham prosecutors, with their trumped up and fraudulent charges against Mangum, could not have asked for better cooperation from the mainstream media.


My definition of an enabler is a person or organization that has position and standing to have an effect on a situation, but elects to remain silent and idle. In the face of injustice towards Mangum, many politicians, civil rights leaders and their organizations, clergy, and other community leaders have refused to lift a finger to confront the mistreatment of Ms. Mangum by the justice system.

Whether due to a deficiency of courage, a lack of will, or both, the enablers with their bully pulpit have consistently rebuffed my entreaties for them to engage in the matter even in the most minimal or superficial way. Enablers could have raised concerns about Ms. Mangum’s situation with the media or with Durham prosecutors themselves, but all of whom I contacted refused.

None of the many members of the North Carolina General Assembly who I reached out to were willing to get involved. Ms. Mangum’s political Durham representatives, specifically Senator Floyd McKissick Jr., Representatives Larry Hall and Mickey Michaux, and Congressman David Price all refused to help out their constituent.

The Durham City Council, likewise, declined to wade into the issue, even though taxpayer dollars used for the wrongful prosecution and incarceration were being wasted.

The NAACP on a local and national level would not speak out or take action against the injustice toward Mangum, but then again, the NAACP has a record of being extremely selective in whom it chooses to lend its support. Its tendency to shy away from any controversial issue was evidenced by its refusal to intercede on behalf of the wrongly accused Scottsboro Boys.

Although the NAACP did step in and help prevent Wilson prosecutors from railroading James Arthur Johnson more than it did, it is an institution that has proven to be timorous when it comes to getting involved in criminal justice issues in general.

The ACLU locally and nationally did not so much as give a response to letters sent to them seeking assistance for the great injustice against the Duke Lacrosse victim/accuser.

Located in downtown Durham, the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence, kept away from the Mangum fray despite the fact that evidence, common sense, and logic clearly supported her assertion that she was being physically abused and stabbed her assailant in self-defense.

In being rebuffed by the coalition, I was told that getting involved in any manner in Crystal Mangum’s case would be setting a precedent that the organization did not want to follow.

With the offices of the governor and the attorney general bemoaning the unacceptably high death rate in the Tar Heel state resulting from domestic violence, neither of them reacted to my concerns about how this victim of a domestic dispute who acted in self defense was now being unjustly charged with the murder of the abuser.

Had any of the aforementioned enablers taken a stand and raised awareness about the ostacles confronting Mangum in receiving a just and fair hearing within the criminal justice system, the vendetta conspiracy against her would have been brought down.

Since the enablers have remained inactive, the mainstream media has had no obligation to delve into the shenanigans being perpetuated against Mangum by the prosecutors.

Bottom line is that the cover-up by the mainstream media represents the bulwark to preventing the truth about Mangum’s ordeal from reaching the eyes and ears of the public… thereby stifling any outrage or opposition to her mistreatment.

With the public deaf and blind to what’s taking place in the courtroom, the defendant’s right to a fair and impartial trial can be severely compromised. The media has deftly provided the ear plugs and blinders in allowing Crystal Mangum to be ravaged by vindictive prosecutors and their conspiratorial accomplices.


The devious plot of Durham prosecutors Kelly Gauger and Charlene Coggins-Franks to transform Crystal Mangum from the victim of domestic violence that she was into a first degree murderer, all for misguided retribution for her role in the Duke Lacrosse case, required the contribution and cooperation from many sources… in general being the following four groups: (1) the medical examiner; (2) the defense attorneys; (3) the mainstream media; and (4) the enablers.

That the prosecution was prejudiced against Mangum is evidenced by its disregard for the evidence supporting the fact that Mangum was physically abused by an intoxicated Reginald Daye who had a past history of assault on a female, and that Reginald Daye was not arrested or charged with domestic violence, assault of a female, or unlawful imprisonment in this instance.

After Daye’s death due to medical malpractice, the prosecution’s bias was further displayed by its murder charge against Mangum. It went to fanatical extremes to make it a first degree murder charge by concocting a little known/rarely used “larceny of chose in action” charge in conjunction with the “felony-murder rule”… the alleged larceny not even filling the requisites needed for the charge.

Prosecutors then relied upon the medical examiner to provide the foundation upon which to build their murder charge by issuing an autopsy report concluding that Reginald Daye’s death was due to “complications of a stab wound to the chest.” This is totally false.

With such a weak and baseless case against Mangum, the prosecutors needed to have the full cooperation of the defense attorneys who represented her. Her lawyers were to go through the appearances of providing adequate counsel while intentionally accomplishing nothing of substance with their client Mangum languishing in jail under a high bail.

Any halfway competent defense attorney acting in good faith would have immediately challenged the prosecution’s case… the murder charge against Mangum would never have gotten off the ground.

The mainstream media was needed to keep the masses ignorant of the misdeeds and malfeasances of the prosecution in its vendetta case against Crystal Mangum. Media apathy was mandatory to keep from exposing the true cause of Daye’s death, the problems with the autopsy report, and to protect both Duke University Hospital and the Orange County Medical examiner.

Once Mangum supporters started to rally after her case remained in limbo for a year, the media was utilized to beat back their accusations of prosecutorial misconduct by placing these advocates in a bad light… presenting them as unstable, trouble-making interlopers.

With enablers’ muskets muzzled, compliant media-types kept the unscrupulous doings of the conspirators deeply buried, as no one, save Mangum supporters and members of the Committee on Justice for Mike Nifong raised the alarm about the gross injustice taking place.

Corruption, conspiracy, and cover-up, all on a grand scale, are preventing Crystal Mangum from receiving true justice which she is due.

Mangum is not the only one on trial in this case… the bigger defendant is the North Carolina criminal justice system itself, and it is imperative that all Tar Heelians let their voices be heard in order to deliver a verdict that lives up to the promise of equal justice for all… even Crystal Mangum.